Monday, September 29, 2014

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

Hello, how was your weekend?  We attended the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF) in Canby, OR on Saturday.  We took the "quiet and well-behaved" boys with us as we thought they'd like seeing the sheep, goats, alpacas and rabbits.  One of my blog friends Kathy at Running with Rocket blog was planning on attending so I texted her when we were heading to the festival and we met up there for the first time.  She is a very talented seamstress and gifted the boys with a zipper bag to keep their treasures in.  She and her husband have a vintage bi-plane, live on an air park and have their plane in their own hanger!  You'll have to check out her blog.

Kathy jumped right in to help us corral the boys and try to keep them out of trouble.  I think we needed a few more people to help with that.  LOL!  Kathy and I walked among the vendor tents together and I snapped a photo of a basket of colorful wool all ready for spinning.  

We headed straight to the barns so they boys could see the animals.. I just missed a photo of Hayden communing with this white Pygora goat, they were nose to nose, very cute.  Pygoras are a cross between Pygmy and Angora goats.

I loved this one as it was a rusty red with a warm beige coat.  The boys weren't afraid of the animals.. it may have been the other way around.  LOL!

I would love to spin this fiber into yarn!

There were lots of Angora goats as they were showing them to the judges while we were there.They are SO cute with their hair in their eyes.

A photo of the judge checking each animal and then placing them in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

I fell in love with this little one with the grey curly locks of silky fiber.

I'd never seen this breed, called Teeswaters.  The beautiful fluffy long hair looks like a dream to spin.

These two little black sheep were so cute, they looked liked twins.

Next to them was this big black boy who was very curious about my wool bag, nibble nibble.

3 shorn Alpacas - black, white and tan.. they are SO cute!

Dayle stayed with the boys by a big grassy area for them to run and play and Kathy and I headed off to look at the activities.  More braided carded and dyed hanks of ready to spin wool.

There were many stalls of yarn all spun and dyed in addition to the ready-to-spin wool, alpaca, mohair and silk.

The baskets.. oh the baskets.. I fell in love with the pink and green striped one, but my dear long suffering husband informed me.. "You don't need another basket!".  ::sigh::  He's right.. dang.  But I'm still sorry I didn't get it.  :-)

Which one do you like?  The handles are wrapped in leather and they are very well made.. love them!  I do have about 4 of them.. :-)

In years past there would be a large circle of spinners, this year they were here and there.  

Amongst the spinners was a lone man weaving.  Very nice pattern!

I then went into the big building and found more wonderful and colorful things.

My eyes were drawn to these shiny colorful hanks of silk.  Me wantie!

Already spun.. oh drool.. 

At this point they announced that the festival was closing for the day.  I asked another shopper if she'd take a photo of Kathy and I.  I hope to be able to meet Kathy again, she was a lot of fun and I felt like we'd been friends for a long time.  

Kathy and I chatted on a bench out front while I called Dayle and told him where we were - he and the boys joined us and we visited while the "quiet and well-behaved boys" amused themselves.

OK.. must be time to head home.  :-)

As we drove away we passed this wonderful old Railroad Station which is a museum now.  I love old RR station buildings.

And to top it off, a Union Pacific train came by - Dayle was an engineer with this company for over 30 years and spent his last years with the company running trains by this very spot.  

I'm heading off to swim soon -- I miss my swim partner, Gracie.  She's on a wonderful trip to see friends and family - so I have to go all by myself.  :-)  I hope your week ahead brings you joy and happiness.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What beautiful animals and wools Teresa. You obviously had a fun day out with "the well behaved boys" ;0) Enjoy your week x

  2. I love those baskets as well, fantastic. It looks like a great show, I especially like that they had the animals there as well. It sounds as if you had a great time. CJ xx

  3. Excuse me a minnte Teresa. This must be my day for drooling. First I stopped by Pammy Sue's blog where I drooled over her doily and then I see your blog post. Oh goodness me. It sounds disgusting, but here I am again. Drooling. Just look at those hanks of yarn. And the rovings all ready to spin. Makes me wish I hadn't sold my wheel...but maybe a good thing I don't have it anymore. :-) It looks as though you had a wonderful time and such fun to meet up with yet another blogger. Yarn and friends. It doesn't get much better does it? Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  4. More fun for you Teresa! Love those sheep and alpacas. I want to take them home and just pat them and watch them! So many things to buy, I would have had a difficult time taming myself too!
    Have a nice swim, xoRobin

  5. I love the union pacific train, but then again you would know that lol
    Oh and what a great day you had and Dayle is a real gem hanging out with the grandboys xoxo

  6. I love each and every basket. Couldn't pick just one.

    THe grand boys are too dang cute

  7. I am totally in love with all those animals especially those alpacas with the great hairdos! SO adorable! The yarn--SO beautiful! I can see why you would be in paradise there. I continue to smile at your comments about the boys. SO much like my youngest son was. LOL. I know you treasure each and every moment:)
    PS: Great photo of you and fellow blogger Kathy!

  8. I never think to take a photo of the train. (just curse it waiting for it to go by hoping I won't be late for work). It was fun to meet you in person and your husband and grandsons were a delight.

  9. Enjoyed all the photos! The baskets are so colorful! Those are certainly some good looking goats, sheep, and alpacas you have pictured as well!

  10. oh man, I didn't see you. Megan and I were there til about 4:30! Sigh! We had a good time. I bought a set of interchangeable circular needles. No yarn to expand my stash! Maybe next year. Now I just have to tend to my knitting! Megan wants to learn how to drop spindle. I love the baskets as well. I have one and don't really need any more!

  11. OH so many balls of yarn ... the dream .... ! All of these colors !!! All of these sheeps !!! Wonderful ! Lot of fun ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a lovely day ! xx

  12. What a wonderful show, I especially love the animals! And I am sure the "quiet and well behaved" boys had a great time too!


  13. What a wonderful day out, all that wool, all those wonderful colours and those baskets were delightful as were those well behaved boys.

  14. I wish we had met there ... The festival was so much fun. I also posted about and it's so fun to see the different things we noticed and take pictures of. Of course I forgot my camera so I only have )iPhone shots. Hope to see you soon. Maybe when Gracie is back ?

  15. Aren't those goats gorgeous ? It amused me to see them being judged - reminded me of our dog showing days. I would have gone crazy at that place - with all that beautiful wool and such lovely colours, I could have done some serious damage to the mastercard !!! Lovely pic of your and your friend - looks like you both are thoroughly enjoying yourselves. xox

  16. Oh what color of silk did you get? It looks yummy! Those baskets are awesome. I think I would have had to have bought the one in the lower right. I love how the colors change. They are all very nice. What fun to get to meet a fellow blogger and then to get to tour the festival together. I know you two had to have a blast. Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  17. What an amazing festival, Teresa. It looks like they had every kind of wooly animal there. The yarns and baskets are all gorgeous. You must have been drooling! I'm glad you all had a good time and that you were able to meet up with a friend too. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're having a good week. :)

  18. Looks like the perfect day to me! Such lovelies! Great picture of you and your friend!!!
    XO Kris

  19. Ohhh...thanks for taking us along with you! Love all the colorful yarns! :)

  20. That festival looks better and better every year. I am so glad you were able to meet up with a blogging friend and share all of that yarn goodness with her.
    Hugs to you and those very well behaved boys.

  21. So glad you had fun and you met a new friend and you helped me be able to enjoy FFF, too. I wanted to be two places at once. I was glad to be where I was, but I love going to the FFF! I so enjoyed seeing it through your lens and narrative, Teresa. Thanks! :-) xx


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