Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pendleton Mill Store and Washougal River

If you are a crafter you will understand this story of lust, adventure and greed.. :-)  A few weeks ago I got a Pendleton bag.. to support the Warm Springs Indian Museum.. and it doesn't have a pocket for my glasses so I started looking online for a Pendleton one.. none of them were "it" so I started formulating an idea of making one myself!  But I needed some awesome woven Indian blanket material.  Right?  So, it just happens that across the Mighty Columbia River there is a charming Mill Store where you can get close-out items and fabrics, blankets, bags, clothing, jackets.. you get the idea.  SO... I convinced my long-suffering husband that an adventure was what we needed yesterday.  We also took our quiet, well-behaved grandsons with us.  :-D

When I eyed the rack of woven wool fabric bolts on this rack my eye went ZOING.. right to the turquoise and fire colored one.  None other would do.  I asked the nice young salesgirl to show me how much I'd need to get one whole design section.  To learn more about the Pendleton company, click HERE.

I also loved this sage green, red and gold-brown design.

Which design SPEAKS to you?

I showed great.. massive even.. restraint in the blanket and bag area.  They also are making a whole line of thick cotton beach towels.. yum.. no, Teresa, no!

The unassuming store front.  While I was getting my fabric, Dayle was trying to keep an eye on the quiet, well-behaved grandsons who were hiding in the clothes racks and touching the antique carding machine.. much to the chagrin of the nice salesgirl.. I gave him the keys to the car and sent them outside.  :-)

Then we took a drive UP memory lane.  When the kids were VERY small I used to take them up the Washougal River to a special swimming hole, called Dougan Falls.  There is a bridge over the area, this is looking downriver.

This is looking straight down at the big swimming hole where I would float my 1 year old baby.. Travis.. in a floating baby ring and I would swim and dive down in the water.  The older kids would play in the shallower water.

This is the view from the other side of the bridge.. the boys were amazed and excited by the waterfall.. it sounded awesome, too.

Isn't it gorgeous?

You can see the forested mountains beyond and the blue sky and clouds reflected in the water.  Joy.

Before we left the sun came out and made the forest glow.. did I tell you that we are in Washington State, directly across the Columbia River from where we live up on the cliffs of Corbett, Oregon.

I walked a ways down the trail and was amazed that I used to haul 3 kids, floaties and picnic stuff down that steep descent - in my young mother years.  

We then headed down the river towards home.. this was another scene from a bridge lower on the river.  We were amazed at how many homes were built up this river gorge from when we were young.

Further down the river.

So we made our way down the river and then headed East up the Columbia Gorge and came around a corner and I pulled off the road.. here is our gorge from the other side bathed in a warm golden evening light.

We pulled into Beacon Rock State Park to get a gander at this fabulous 840 foot high basalt volcanic plug.  

The golden evening glow on one gigantic rock.

Members of the Portland Yacht Club were there for a cruise-in.. we chatted with a few of the members for a bit.  There were some serious partying going on in the cockpits of those boats.  :-)

We let the boys run out some of their energy, up and down the boat dock ramp and around this big grassy area.  On Caleb's first run DOWN the steep ramp, he hit the dock and tripped and rolled.. he stood up and shouted, "I'm fine!".  But he brought home a bit of a scraped knee.

We finally pulled in at the farm at 7 pm.  A big day!  This morning I laid out my wonderful fabric to admire it.  Also, I forgot to show you this delightful trio of velvet pumpkins I acquired from Etsy.  I love them!  Want some?  Click HERE.

Now I need to get my other pumpkins out and do a bit of gourd overload.. lol!  

And now.. time to get ready to go to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.. better known as OFFF.  We are taking the boys along to see the sheep, Angora goats and rabbits, Llamas and Alpacas.. and me?  I will be looking at yarn and the ladies spinning.  Shall I take my camera?  Ya think?  Okay.. if you insist.  I hope you're having a spectacular weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I am liking your choice of Pendleton design, and that river and waterfalls are gorgeous, and the rock / volcanic outcroppings.

  2. I've seen the Pendleton beach towels and want them too. Maybe for my birthday next year.

  3. Wow, another beautiful spot Teresa. I love the Pendleton fabrics, my favourite is the one you picked as well. Enjoy your Sunday. CJ xx

  4. That swimmin' hole looks like my kind of place. No people, water, and lots of beauty all around! What wonderful memories you have there. How I would love to go there right now and feel the air and the peace. All the trees in the background are beautiful. What are you gonna do with that fabric? The pumpkins are FAB. I made a big white one, that is really more of a gourde, but it's all lumpy and I just CANNOT get it to be smooth. I think it's for the trash heap. I need a stiffer yarn like Red Heart SS maybe. Ah well. Live and learn.

  5. First you go to that wonderful Mill, (I would have taken the fabric in the lower left hand corner) and see the beautiful sites and now off to the wool festival? Really I cannot even stand it I am so jealous.

  6. Oh I would have chosen the same fabric Teresa it is wonderful!! and love those pumpkins too.
    Such cute grandboys you have xoxo

  7. I think the fabric you chose looks great and will make a beautiful bag. I'm still in awe of the beauty all around where you live and that swimming spot is perfect. I'm taking time out from my CWA treasurer's duties this weekend to work on a little jacket my daughter wants for her baby boy's 'coming home from hospital' outfit. He's due in about 7-8 weeks time and I still have a shawl to finish for him too. Must get a move on. Enjoy your day at OFFF. xox

  8. I think I mentioned before that my parents both retired from Pendleton Woollen Mills and all of us kids worked there too at one time or another. I "cut my teeth" on all of those fabrics and most of my school clothes were made with remnants from the Mill. Ah...the memories. I would have loved to visit this weekend for the flock & fiber festival. Can't wait to see your pictures. ( Washington is looking pretty dapper in those pictures you posted today.)

  9. what a wonderful day out Teresa....that shop has some awesome stuff...I looked at the bags on line...such lovely colours. Your fabric is stunning but I personally would have chosen the sage green one. It must have been a real trip down memory lane to visit your old watering hole and perfect to have the boys with you to see it. Happy Sunday x

  10. Beautiful colors and patterns! Pendleton has always made amazing stuff:) What a gorgeous waterfall--love it! So nice to have autumn colors again isn't it? And days that don't make you feel like you are living in a furnace:)
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Loved your grandsons comment--I think my granddaughter would LOVE spending time with them:)

  11. Wow, impressive fabric I wanted all of it. A wonderful adventure with the boys you took us on a such a pretty stroll. Have a great time at the festival., sounds like fun.

  12. I need to visit your neck of the woods. Such beauty all around! Love these photos!

  13. The fabric you chose is definitely the one for me. :) But all of the fabric was very nice. I do like those sorts of designs. You truly live in a gorgeous area. Beauty everywhere you look. I love that Caleb fell and picked himself right back up again. I'm sure you had a great time at the fiber festival. And got lots of great photos to share, too. Best wishes, Tammy

  14. Thanks for taking me along on your trip! Fantastic, gorgeous photos, as always! Those nature pictures are soooo beautiful! Glad you had a great day, and found the fabric you were looking for, too! :)

  15. Oh I love the fabric! It's so pretty. The pictures of the river and trees are so lovely. :) ((hugs)) to you sweet friend. :)

  16. You always have so much going on. I'd love to visit a Pendleton Mill store. We have a Pendleton shop here but I've never even been inside, I just know it will be too expensive. I hope you have a great time at the fiber festival, it sounds like a lot of fun.

  17. Beautiful photographs of such stunning scenery, and I loved hearing about you taking your little ones swimming there. Your fabric is bright and such a classic. I rather liked the top stripey one with the red and white checks too. Hope you have a great time at the fibre festival, Teresa, and wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen xox

  18. It does look like a fabulous day out. And that fabric you bought is eye popping. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it :)

  19. I love that store! I went there years ago and loved it. Looks even better now. Those fabrics are GORGEOUS!!!! First the Pendleton store and then a fiber fest?! You are one lucky lady! Gorgeous photos too!

  20. Wonderful pictures, I love the fabric and the pumpkins. I have been to the mill several times and they have just absolutely gorgeous fabric. What are u making with yours?

  21. More interesting places I have not seen personally, but loved seeing thanks to you, Teresa! I love the memory of you with your kids when they were little and can remember similar times with my crew :-)
    Precious tiimes. xx

  22. I work on Standing Rock in a highschool maker space and was wonder if in your research you ever found line drawings of pendeltons. I wanted to save templates for diy sessions for sublimation and silk screening.


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