Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Acorns, Chestnuts, Beans and Ham

Seasons change, there is no holding back Father Time.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get some coconut to make some muffins that my blog friend Kathy gave me at the Fiber Festival -- and 3 pumpkins jumped into my cart.  Don't they look luverly with my chrysanthemum?  And YES, I simply had to get that pink one.. and a white one.. and a normal orange one.  OK, so I'm a rebel.

Isn't it the prettiest shade of baby pink?

My little grandson Caleb picked up some oak acorns and proudly brought them in to show his grandma.  Awww.

Dayle made beans for dinner with the last of our delicious ham - he used pinto beans, a chopped onion and a few carrots.. it turned out PERFECT.. just like the "ham hock and beans" that my mom made all through my growing up years. 

He used dried pinto beans, 2 lbs., did a quick soak then simmered them for hours, adding the onion, carrot, some garlic, a bit of salt and pepper and a few shakes of Worcestershire.  YUM!

He also made the cornbread recipe that my sister Denise used - Grandmother's Buttermilk Cornbread - it's delish!  For the recipe, click HERE.

I did a walkabout outside this morning and was hoping the chestnuts would be on the ground and open but they are all tightly closed and still on the tree.

We're having a bumper crop, though!

I'm actually not fond of the Hawthorne trees, however they do have pretty red berries in the Autumn.

Looking back at our cozy little farmhouse - the trees dwarf the house, though.

Walking up on the deck I admire the grape color of the hydrangeas as they age gracefully.  We should all look so pretty in our golden years. :-)

The fish have had a rough time lately.  Something, and I blame raccoons, have tried more than once to capture, kill and EAT my precious koi and pond fish!  One Koi is scraped up really bad, but is still alive and well at this time.

My DIL took her family to a Halloween store to get their outfit yesterday, aren't they scary?

Well, I better get cracking and head to the pool.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  We have in mind some pumpkin patch visiting.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What wonderful pumpkins Teresa and that meal has made my mouth water as I am heading to bed here! x

  2. The beans and cornbread look delicious! Very nice fall photos!

  3. I love that pink pumpkin! Very cool! Of course, I like the other ones too. ;-) Those beans and cornbread look yummy! And, the Chestnuts on the tree look like pompoms....although, I know they aren't soft. I still haven't tried Chestnuts. It's on my list though! It sure is beautiful where you live! Happy October!

  4. Love your pumpkins and the grandboys in their wonderful outfits! Beautiful pictures and oh my your house is dwarfed by the forest around, love it xoox

  5. I've seen white pumpkins but never a pink one! It looks as though Cinderella ought to be riding in it....

    You are lucky to have so many nuts this year - we have almost none. I especially like the two Nuts wearing black! ;)

  6. A pink pumpkin!!!! Amazing! I've never heard of one, let alone seen one before. And the flowers too. What an absolutely beautiful arrangement. I adore your little farmhouse and would like one just like it. Mmmmmm. Bean soup and cornbread. I think we'll be making that soon.
    Blessings my friend,

  7. Hi Teresa! That pink pumpkin is to die for! I love the vintage pumpkins. I hope to grow some next year! I had a friend give me seeds from theirs.
    Your surroundings, particularly that shot of your house with all of the lovely trees towering overhead, is just beautiful! I could so easily live in Oregon! And that chestnut tree! I love it! There are a lot of them where we go apple picking and I think they are so pretty!!!
    Happy Fall Teresa!!
    xo Kris

  8. Love your pink pumpkin ... I knew you were going to go back and get it ... Love your farm pictures and I'm going to try the corn bread recipe... I'm making chili this weekend . The boys look very handsome ... Oh I'm sorry ... The look very scary :) getting ready for fall around here also.

  9. I love the pumpkins ... one of my projects for next year is to grow some ! The pink one is awesome !! thanks for sharing it !!!! have a lovely day !

  10. Those chestnuts look like hairy spiders. Complete with legs! I had to laugh when I saw those. The food looks delishous! ( can't spell today). Poor fishes! It looks like the boys are ready for Halloween.

  11. The pumpkins looks delightful on your deck. Your meal looks stunning I must try the cornbread recipe. What a wonderful place that you live the farm is beautiful and such a great setting.

  12. That was a lovely walk around the garden thanks Teresa. I don't think I've ever seen a pink pumpkin - we get blue ones, yellow ones and green/white spotty ones but that pink one of yours is something else !! Aren't you lucky to have a Dayle to look after you - wish I could try some of that cornbread - it looks so yummy. The photo of your house looks gorgeous - so homely and inviting. I'm still in awe of your spectacular photography. With my new grandson due mid November I've been thinking of upgrading and have been looking at a Panasonic Lumix FZ70 - mainly because of the great zoom and the real catcher for me, an optical viewfinder. I always find outdoor photos a real challenge because of the glare. xox

  13. Death looks particularly spooky! I totally love your your house, it belongs in a picture in a magazine, I can't believe you actually live there :)

  14. Your pumpkins are so pretty. I especially like the white one!

  15. Your house looks so pretty so warm so alive.
    The kids getting ready for Halloween is such a fun thing this time of year

  16. I love your pumpkins, Teresa. I only have an orange one so far, but I was looking at the white ones in the store yesterday. Maybe I'll get one next week. The beans look really good. One of the first meals my husband cooked for me when we were dating was ham and beans. He cooked them way too long in the slowcooker and it was like a paste, but I was proud of him for trying. :)

  17. Like soup and bread, beans and cornbread are a perfect meal. I love black eyed peas with banana peppers. Yum! Your mum is so big and beautiful. And chestnuts on the tree ... have never seen them in that stage before. Awesome. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  18. I've never seen a pink or white pumpkin Teresa. Yummy food there and great outfits your grandsons have. Poor fish! Your farm is looking lovely! Hugs Anne x

  19. Love your Autumn themed post today Teresa. Little Buddy is stnading next to me commenting on the pictures, a pumpkin, a fish, it is sweet.

  20. Hi! I' m a new follower ! Beautiful pictures

  21. Oh does that ham hock and bean soup look fabulous! YUM. Sorry about your koi. Ours have aquatic plants they can hide under when raccoons and heron are around, but I am not sure if you could do that in yours. I am glad to hear that the one koi that got injured will be OK and hope that calm returns to your pond soon! LOVE your chestnuts:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  22. I have missed so much while I was gone, but am loving catching up with your news through your beautiful posts, Teresa. I watched Disney's movie Bears on my flight home from Minneapolis yesterday. It helped me appreciate some of the wonders around us in nature, but also respect the threats inherent as one creature attacks another.... I am so glad your Koi survived! Dayle's ham and beans and corn bread look soooooo good!!! xx


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