Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn Adventure

Hello!  Thanks for dropping in!  Want to hear about our wanderings yesterday?  OK!  If you insist.  We took the boys and headed east up the Columbia River Gorge.  First stop?  Lunch!  I had googled for good places to eat in Hood River in the past and found good reviews for the Riverside restaurant at the Best Western Hotel.  So, we gave it a go.  I loved the view!  

A really nice atmosphere here and excellent house made focaccia bread was served right away.. herby, fresh and delish.

I walked out on the deck and got this photo of the Hood River Bridge that spans the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington.  It was a perfect fall day!

A Vine Maple tree was next to the deck and I admired the Autumn colored leaves.


Next up was a BEAUTIFUL drive up Hwy 35 climbing up towards Mt. Hood - we went straight to Rasmussen Farm to look for a few pumpkins.  This is where my friends Lynn and Dollie Rasmussen live and I was charmed by the decorations on the porch.

They have one whole greenhouse totally decorated for Autumn and Halloween, the boys loved it!

Who doesn't like those things where you can stick your face in for a photo and become a wizard and flying horse?

We walked back to the pumpkin patch and I loved the view of the orchard, mountains and sky in the background.

Our little grandsons looking for JUST the right pumpkin!

The boys spied the Corn Maze and headed to the entrance, grandpa following along.  Isn't the Hood River Valley just beautiful?

The entrance to the corn maze.. I was worried the boys would get lost!

Fresh air, sunshine, a corn field, blue sky.. happy day.

While Dayle waited for the boys to find their way out of the maze, I went into the farm store and looked at the fresh picked fruit.  They had a LOT of different varieties of pears and apples.

See the Hanner Apples?  They are HUGE!  I got 2 of them.

There were plums, peaches, garden veggies, etc.

I love the green farm wagon with the two pumpkin headed stuffed farmers who look surprisingly like the couple who created this farm.

The view of Mt. Adams from the farmyard.  It's in Washington!  We're in Oregon.

My friend Dollie, we had a nice chat!

A flower garden beyond the parking area.. see the big pumpkin?  :-)

When we left the farm, we decided to drive around amongst the farm roads and orchards.  I loved this view of the mountain and the two old red barns.

We ran across this lovely old church.

We drove by a tree of gorgeous red Delicious apples.  After seeing them on the tree, I decided we needed to go to another apple place to buy more.

But first we drove up to Panorama Point to see if we could get a good photo of Mt. Hood.  Well.. not the best as it was hazy.. 

We went to the Gorge White House and got the boys each a Honey Crisp apple and a bottle of ice cold fresh squeezed apple juice - when I took my first sip it was amazing.. like drinking an apple right off a tree.  Poor Hayden has a bit of a time eating his apple with 2 missing teeth.

This is a beautiful spot, with a nice clean store and they sell local wine!

What trip up the Gorge would be complete without a swirly chocolate cone from the East Wind Drive-In and a visit to the beautiful Cascade Locks Marine Park (where the boys can run and play and eat their ice cream w/o dripping in grandma's car).  :-)  I spied the Sternwheeler pulling out, they blew their whistle, so I ambled down through the park in time to get this photo before it disappeared.  I loved how the late sun illuminating the ship.

I turned around and saw the moon.. *snap*

The slanting rays of sun illuminating the mountains behind the park.

We then drove down to the East end of the park and let the boys run on the rocky beach.  Caleb picked up a stick and was "fishing" for something.. and pretty soon he was running excitedly up to me to give me a "wock".  Hayden found a BIG rock that he thought had a fish fossil in it.  :-)

Can you have too many moon shots?

This is my pumpkin I brought home.. I thought is was very interesting.

It's now after noon on Saturday and it's a GORGEOUS day!  We have no plans, however.  I do have a newsletter to publish for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  But it's SO pretty outside.. hmm..  I hope you're making the most of your weekend.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow, it looks so beautiful in your part of the world Teresa. I love all your photos especially the house blue house with the pumpkins on the porch.
    Jacquie x

  2. Loved your post Teresa. Waaay too much to comment in everything but rest assured I enjoyed each and every picture and word. :- ). We're heading to the pumpkin patch this afternoon with Piper and Mandy. Fun times ahead! Your take home pumpkin was really interesting. Don't think ai've ever seen one like that before.

  3. Oh that farm, I'd be in heaven. And the view! Fresh apple juice is delicious isn't it. And your pumpkin looks lovely. All of the best trips start with, "First stop, lunch". Excellent. CJ xx

  4. I loved this post. I have never seen a pumpkin patch like it. I bet you were worried about losing the boys in the maze too! All the produce looks fantastic at this time of year as does the scenery. Those apples looked huge and delicious. I thought all the pumpkins stacked on the porch were great! I can see me with car loads of pumpkins to build me a pumpkin wall. Happy Days. xx

  5. The area you live in is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for taking us with you on your excursion. :) Love all your pics, but I have to say the barn pic is my favorite. Whenever we go on vacation I look for barns to photograph. Usually just have to take "drive by shootings", but it gives me something to do besides just sit there. I'm not a patient traveler. lol Your grandsons are so cute! Have a great weekend! :)

  6. I am back to growing pumpkins next year. I love the double fence of them on the front porch.
    Thanks for the gorgeous fall photos.
    I think this is my favorite season.
    I have to go back to work today; I am stopping at the store afterwards and getting me some fresh Honeycrisp apples.

  7. Teresa, I shall not ever tire of your posts! I get to travel right along with you, as though I could almost be at your side. What beauty. What absolute stunning beauty! Thank you for sharing!!!!
    XO Kris

  8. Oh it looked fabulous Teresa and thoroughly enjoyed this post. So many pumpkins, I could imagine making lots of soup as I love pumpkin soup ☺ That maze was incredible and those boys sure have a lovely time with you both xoxo

  9. Beautiful scenery from Panorama Point; you got a great shot! Lunch looks delicious! Rasmussen Farm reminds me of Apple Ridge Orchard where I work seasonally picking apples; it also reminds me of an orchard in Oregon where I went with my parents as a child to pick strawberries.

  10. I couldn't pick a favorite picture if my life depended on it! They are all beautiful! It was a rainy, drizzly day here. I am hoping to get out tomorrow. With all the rain/wind lately I don't how many colorful trees I will find. Your trips are always facinating.

  11. What a beautiful trip[, such wonderful views. Idyllic.

  12. What a GREAT trip you had Teresa! I LOVE the Hood River Valley and hardly ever get out there anymore :( Loved the church and beautiful views! The fruit looks fabulous--Hanner apples sound yummy! Riverside has always been on our list of places we love to eat at (do they still have their famous pear dumplings?) Love the new pumpkin! Have a great Sunday:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  13. My son (of 25) would just love to go to that pumpkin farm and choose his own...what fun and what a beautiful day you shared with Dayle and your darling boys. Treasure those moments Teresa. Happy Sunday, it's sunny here too..the weather has been so kind for autumn hasn't it x

  14. It seems like you guys had such a wonderful day with the boys. You are making wonderful memories. I admire how you are always doing something fun. :)

  15. I'm behind in reading all your posts Teresa! This is a fun day with the kids. I love apple farms and pumpkin fields. Such fun and this autumn has been so wonderful. Love the way you guys spend your time!!!❤️ xoRobin
    Love the moon shots and "your" pumpkin pick : )

  16. Wow, it looks like such a nice trip, Teresa! It seems like you had beautiful weather for it, is it still hot there? We're finally feeling a lot more like fall in the past few days. I love this time of year. The boys are getting so big, I love that photo of them eating the apples. You reminded me that my daughter keeps complaining that one of her teeth "hurts" but I think it just might be starting to get loose. I think she's right in between the boys in age. Thanks for sharing your great day out!

  17. I Love your images. The pumpkin porch is absolutely adorable.
    I think its amazing that we live in Chicago and our harvest time is so similar.
    Pears, pumpkins, apples....all the same yet so many miles away. What a country of bounty we live in.
    love all your pictures.

  18. I think those boys have the most wonderful grandparents in the world, you love them, take a huge interest in them and take them on wonderful adventures. Your day sounds like bliss, and looked like it too from every angle.

  19. Wow! It's SO gorgeous up there! And, it looks like you had a ton of fun! So many great places to visit! :-D

  20. I love your moon shots Teresa, keep 'em coming! Those apples are bigger than the boys! Lovely pics,as always. CN x

  21. I enjoy Hood River and Rasmussen Farms. We have been there a few times. Last Oct we went there for apples, which are cheaper than here. Dehydrated them. Hoping to find some on the coast this week, as we are going there. love all your photos....been there, there, there! Will try out the restaurant at Best Western next time. We like going to Gracie's China Gorge restaurant, up on the hill, as you to to panorama point. Good food and you can see the river there, during the day. Lovely day out yesterday too. I baked and cooked food. Tired by end of day but a good day. This afternoon, gonna plant my pansies. Have a good week!

  22. Hello Teresa, I so enjoyed tagging along on your perfectly lovely road trip. Your photos are wonderful and I enjoyed my visit. I found your blog from a mutual follower and I'm delighted . . . I love exploring locations that are actually in our reach. My husband and I purchased a small motor-home last year with the intentions of local adventures, not more than 200 miles from home. I had no idea how beautiful the Hood River area was, especially in the fall. You certainly captured my interest . . . thank you.
    I am your newest follwer and very happy to meet you:)

  23. You sure are making the most of your days my friend.....what wonderful times in such lovely autumn weather you are having. Thanks for sharing. xo

  24. Phew .. another busy day. Love all your pictures and am very impressed with the moon ones. The one of the boys with their faces in those holes cracked me up. I can remember doing that many years ago - as I recall, it was my mum and I and we looked like VERY voluptuous bathing beauties LOL. Have a good week. xox

  25. Pumpkins galore! I love the house with the lines of them - too much? No, I don't think so. I can't wait to start scooping mine and getting the front of the house ready. Take care x

  26. Looks like you and the boys really had a fabulous time. I love, love the country and all those fun places to visit. I wish we had a pumpkin farm down here. Its really boring here.
    I bet those apples were very juicy!

  27. I enjoyed your fantastic post, Teresa! I wished I had been with you, but felt like I was because you did such a great job producing your post. Since we moved to Oregon I have sent fruit from Rasmussen Farms as Christmas gifts every year. I have visited the farm several times and posted about it, but did not realize the couple that runs it are your friends. Thanks for another wonderful post! xx


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