Sunday, October 19, 2014

Glowing Windows in the Dark

I've been a bit missing.. trying to get over this cold before it goes into bronchitis - but it might be too late as I've got quite a cough making itself at home in my lungs.  But enough of that.  Do you like to drive through a neighborhood at dusk and see the houses all lit from within.. glowing golden.. and you wonder about all the different people in the world and how their lives are.. is it happier or sadder than mine?  Are they nice or not?  Imagine all the different life stories of all the people in the world.  It boggles the mind.  I was outside for a breath of fresh air last night and snapped this image of our house lit from within.

I tried to capture the light from the Chinese lantern reflecting in the waterfall of the pond.  

I lit the candles in the tiny pumpkins for the boys to see last night.

Do you have some little ceramic pumpkin lights?  They are inexpensive and fun.

We had a bit of a trauma a few days ago.. the boys were playing in their room and wrestling around and I heard a yowl that didn't stop.. Caleb accidentally kicked his brother in the mouth and the two front teeth on the top were loose and bleeding.  Poor guy - the next morning they were both gone.  He'd pulled one out and his mom the 2nd.  The saving grace is that both of them were starting to wiggle and would have come out soon, anyway.  

What are you up to this weekend?  We're just hanging out, it's another gorgeous day.. the front door is wide open and I have bare feet.. and here I thought it was going to be coolish and fall-ish.  I hope you have a great week ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Get well soon Teresa. Poor Caleb I hope the tooth fairy was extremely generous. It's already bedtime here in the UK and work tomorrow. .Night night x

  2. Yes! Yes I do! I love drives at dusk for just this reason. My hubby thinks I'm a bit strange for it

    Your pumpkins are great and I love the way you have them all displayed. I always struggle with mine, trying to scatter them all over the house, but not having many "surfaces" to display them on. Maybe I'll try the collective approach that you use!

  3. In the 50's here this weekend. I like it though! A bit of catching up on chores around the house and farm and getting ready for another week of work/ballgames. Do take care!

  4. I hope you and Dayle start to feel better soon. It's a gorgeous day here too. Windows wide open and I'm also barefoot. Poor little guy, although he doesn't seem too bothered by the missing teeth now. As for looking in windows, Yep. I do it too. I love to look at the decorations me wonder about the people. Maybe I shouldn't admit that? :-)

  5. I like the lights glowing in and around your home, Teresa. I am so sorry you are not feeling well! Now we both have a grand in residence who is missing their top two front teeth! I have the front door open, too...but socks on my feet and I think I am going to close the door, light some candles, and turn on my pretend fire in the fireplace. I want to knit more on Aron's bunny. I am practicing continental knitting and am enjoying it. Hope you will be well soon!!! xx

  6. Love the evening shots.
    I think I can safely say the people in that house are kind, generous, outgoing, creative and are darn good cooks, too!

    Boy, that's one painful way for a boy to lose his front teeth. But It does make for a neat story when he grows up and it's a distant memory. (smile)

    Hope you're soon back to your healthy self. Take care and drink plenty of liquids.

  7. Praying you feel better soon! The photo of the waterfall is beautiful!

  8. Glad his teeth were getting loose ☺
    Lovely lovely pictures Teresa xo

  9. I love to see house lit warm and golden, from the outside! One winter, I worked full time for Nordstrom. I had a girlfriend who managed the jewelry department and she talked me into it. I HATED it. I hated coming home at night to see the shutters still open, and it dark on the inside! So cold and sterile. When I was done, the kids all said how glad that they were! They have grown up with me at home. Dinner ready when they got home from practice at night. House lit, and smelling yummy. I am so happy that I could be home for them.
    Love your lit home from the outside looking in. Always warms my heart!
    Poor little guy. Losing teeth can be painful enough without getting a little help from brother!!
    xo Kris

  10. I hope you feel better soon. Things are really going around here. My sister has a bad cold and I don't know what I have. Extremely tired and light headed. But I think I am turning the corner now. Finally as I won't go to mom's sick. Cancer is bad enough without one of us getting her sicker.
    I love the look of your house lit up. I am too paranoid though to have everyone looking in. I know I am just weird! Not so the neighbor behind us. We can see the top half of his body in his bathroom. lol. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the one of the waterfall! Hopefully Caleb will get his new teeth soon. I bet after he calmed down he thought it was pretty cool! lol.

  11. That is the most beautiful smile!!!!!!!! Love the glowing lights from in and outside of your home!!! Look after yourself and get well soon!!!!!!!!! Have a fab happy week!!!!!

  12. The evening photos are delightful. Hope you feel better soon and it doesn't develop into anything serious. Great picture of Caleb with such a beautiful smile despite the missing teeth.

  13. Awww what a cute gappy smile. I hope you feel better as soon as possible. You need some Chicken Soup! I like having a drive when people have their Christmas decorations up, some people go a little crazy with it. xx

  14. Now he can sing "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth"! Our son has two front teeth missing for a while. The dog knocked him down on a concrete porch. The teeth weren't knocked out, but both died and had to be removed. Kids and dogs -- never a dull moment.

    Hope you feel better soon. Your house looks cozy and inviting!

  15. I lost my two front teeth in a similar way. They took a long time to come in because they weren't ready to fall out when they did, I think. I love to walk past houses in the evening too. Actually, that's one thing I like about Halloween, seeing into people's foyers when we're trick-or-treating. :)

  16. I too, love to look into homes in the fall evenings when the warm glow of light shines out in the night.
    Poor toothless one!

  17. Your glowing house looks very welcoming Teresa. Sorry about the teeth!

    CN x

  18. Poor boy, I bet that was painful. Your house looks beautiful from the outside, all lit up like that. I do hope you feel better soon, look after yourself Teresa. CJ xx

  19. I do hope that you are doing better -- bronchitis is not good at all!
    Blessings, Aimee

  20. Hoping you feel better very soon Teresa.
    I love the photo of your home lit from looks so cosy.
    Jacquie x

  21. Wow, that poor grandson of yours really has been in the wars - but his experience will give him a good story to tell!

    I loved looking into your home through the window, it looks so cozy, and I am quite jealous of your pumpkin collection :)

    Hope you are much better soon, bronchitis really is horrid.


  22. I can't imagine anyone driving up to your house, with the golden glow coming from the windows, and not think they are the luckiest people in the world to visit your home. Oh boy look at those teeth! It makes for a good story and yes boys will be boys. Thank goodness they were not permanent ones!
    Hugs to you and Dayle,

  23. Help my dear friend. I always love to see your pictures. Poor baby ... He lost his teeth. But the good news is that they were not his permanent ones. I love your cute little lanterns all lit up and your sons house is gorgeous. Hope u r feeling better.

  24. Ouch on the teeth! Good job they wee baby ones not adult ones though. My
    Little Miss managed to drop an iPad on her face ( I know! How?! Lying down on your back and holding iPad above your face, that's how ). She chipped a tooth, an adult one, and has a built up filling in it which won't last forever and she'll have to get action. Silly girl!
    Hope cold starts improving son,
    Jill xxx


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