Thursday, October 16, 2014


My dear husband and I went out to lunch, the bank and then on up to Jonsrud Point in Sandy, Oregon to get a photo of the fresh new snow cover on Mt. Hood.  I walk up to the viewpoint, pull out my camera, click the "On" button and nothing happens.  Battery is dead.  Sheesh!  So, this pixelated image below done with my iPhone zoom with clouds in front of it is it.  The battery is on the charger now!

I'm having a funky week.  Both of us have a cold and luckily I had no appointments that I had to keep, and I've had to give up swimming.. ::sniffle:: ::whine::   Yesterday I put my little collection of pumpkin candle holders across the TV cabinet and Dayle lit them last night and the boys were fascinated by them.  

They're all smallish.. big enough for tea lights.  I need to buy some more tea light candles!

We picked up some fall toned flowers and I filled this ceramic pumpkin with water (it had green foam stuff in there from last year) and I stuck the flowers in.. and I got a new fall candle to light on the table.  My son thinks that I have too much stuff on the table.. ::shrug::  But our mantel is in the living room which I can't see much of and we never use it so I don't decorate it for fall.  So, all of my pumpkin stuff ends up here.  :-)

My huge paper lantern pumpkin actually photographs better during the day.

I think I need to snip those flowers down a bit.. 

A walk outside, the hydrangeas continue to be a pleasing purple-y gray.

Yes, that is more blue sky today.  But tomorrow the rain is supposed to return.

I turned and noticed the sun illuminating my creepy ghost bride... eek!


Don't tell the begonias.. that it's fall.. they don't know yet.

Oh, I'm so pink!

The back deck and a corner of the garden shed.  That is going to be a project of mine someday.  :-)

Our son, whose family lives with us, informed us last night that his wife's family has rented a room at a beach hotel for them all for Tuesday through Friday - over Christmas.  :-(  They are also going to her family's house for Thanksgiving.  So, our traditional family dinner would be small, then our older son asked us to go to their new house for Thanksgiving.. a gluten free dinner.  :-)  Hmmm.. ok.. I guess we'll try something new!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I am sorry to hear you're both not feeling well. Hopefully you'll be able to throw off that nasty cold virus soon. Ah---batteries. One time, on a beach trip, I charged my camera battery and then left it home. Another time, when we were all the way up at Port Townsend (Olympic Peninsula, WA), I brought my battery but left the battery charger at home and had to have it shipped to me. LOL--it happens:) Sorry about your holiday plans, but you'll have a good time with your older son's family and there's some very nice gluten free food out there (I know from experience). Cheer up Teresa -- things will get better.
    PS: I LOVE Jonsrud Viewpoint--so pretty there!

  2. Enjoyed the photos! Too bad you don't live closer; we'd love to have you over for an old-fashioned Thanksgiving (and maybe New Year's Eve too)! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time with your older son though, even if the dinner is gluten free! :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're both sick. I feel something coming on over here too and my husband said the same thing tonight. And I went out to a school meeting and he put the kids to bed and said our daughter was complaining her legs hurt when he tucked her in. Yikes...I hope it's nothing. I hope you both feel better soon! Teresa, if you want to come to NM, we'll have Christmas and/or Thanksgiving dinner all ready for you. I'm serious.

  4. Hope you are feeling a lot better Teresa and again do love all of your halloween ornaments and especially the ghost bride lol xoxoxo

  5. I guess in addition to Fall. It is the season for colds. Eri and Noah have them, and tonight I have a scratchy throat. I hope you and Dayle get over yours soon!
    The snow must be so magnificent on that mountain! I love your seasonal displays on the table. I say do what pleases you!!
    My Mama will be on a cruise over Thanksgiving. I was thinking of just cooking a couple breasts and doing hot turkey sandwiches and mashed potatoes.
    That photo of the sun on your spooky lady was, well. Spooky!
    Much love and healing wishes

  6. Your house looks lovely for fall my dear friend. Hope you are feeling better from your cold and I'm looking forward to seeing you next week. It will be lovely to do something different for thanksgiving :)🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃

  7. Oh dear, hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!!!! Both little Miss J and I are still down with the flu- it's been 2 weeks now!!!!!! It seems to boomerang and just when you start feeling a little better, it comes straight back and you down again!!!!! Love all your fall decorations and my opinion, there can never be enough pumpkins!!!!!!! It looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a sniffle free weekend!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Teresa, I always love your photos.
    Mount hood looks wonderful , how I would love to be able to see a snowy mountain where I live. Your begonias and decking look beautiful too.
    Hope you are feeling better soon
    Jacquie x

  9. Oh to cheer you up...hmmmm....Did you and Dayle try some chicken noodle soup? I took a photo of MH from the credit union parking lot today with my iPhone, because I was so excited to see MH's new white coat! I don't know what I am doing for the holidays this year, but it is neat that you are loved and invited to enjoy dinner with some of your blogging friends, and/or gluten free with your son's family might not be too horrible...honest! Sending you hugs and praying you are well soon!!! xx

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon. Your garden although changing seasons is still looking beautiful, love the hydrangea. Some delightful Halloween ornaments.

  11. Times are changing when your family starts making their own, separate plans. I guess gluten-free will change the stuffing, for sure! At least potatoes don't have gluten.

  12. I love Thanksgiving. With all my food allergies, there is usually food I can eat. I always bring food I can eat - just in case.
    Now my sister, who lives in Minnesota, sometimes has to go to her SIL's place, who serves Indian food at Thanksgiving - curry anyone?

    Hope you guys feel better soon.

  13. I love that shot of your hanging ghost bride! So cool!

  14. You Teresa are a good and flexible parent. We have to embrace our children's families wishes!
    I LOVE your lantern pumpkin...must. find. one.

  15. Sorry to hear you have been poorly, hope you are on the mend soon. I am loving your autumn decorating!


  16. Hi Teresa. Hope you and Dayle are both feeling better today. It's the time of year for sniffles. Our holiday plans are changing now too. Mandy & Brad were the ones we were with most years. Now we know Thanksgiving will be just the two of us and we're waiting to hear about our sons Christmas plans with his family. We just have had to learn to "roll with the punches"! Have a great day and stay warm and dry.

  17. Love the pink begonia. The array of pumpkins are so cute.
    Sounds like your cooking duties will be less this holiday season. I think that's a good thing. Time for the younger ones to take over.
    Keep hydrated and get well soonest.
    On a sad note - our little Carin Gus (the one in my avatar) past away on the 13th. We miss him so very much. He was a rescue & lived for over 14 yrs.

  18. Get well soon Teresa. Gluten free hey? But I guess most important thing is you are having family time? X

  19. Loved seeing all your Halloween ornaments....such cute pumpkins! I'm sorry you are both unwell this week and hope you feel better very soon.....keep cosy and have lots of rest. Wishing you a week ahead filled with only nice things :)
    Helen xox

  20. First of all you need to rest. Rest, rest and more rest for you this weekend. It will be nice for the boys to spend some time at the beach, Ikno wyou will be sad and you will miss them. So nice you can go to your other son's house, and just think you won't have to cook as much!
    Hugs to you,

  21. Super, since August we also eat gluten-free with my husband Bernard.
    It's delicious and easier than we thougt. And so good for health !
    I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
    In France it's not a party, so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we appreciate the spirit and meeting relatives you do (with good food too)
    xxxx Julie

  22. Hope you both get to feeling better very soon. :) Lovely pictures. I am looking forward to hearing about the Thanksgiving meal. I don't think I've had anything gluten free, so I am interested in what you think it taste like. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend.

  23. I'm a bit late with my blog reading - hope you're feeling a bit better now. I love your autumn decorations, except for the bride which I think is creepy LOL. Perhaps she's meant to look that way ?? Have a great week. xox

  24. Hope you feel better soon Teresa. Your ghost bride is fabulously spooky - nightmare-inducing surely!
    Take care, hugs from me


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