Friday, October 10, 2014

Treasured Friends

My longtime friend Sally was honored at a retirement and birthday party on Wednesday.  I was hired as the Executive Director for the Friends of Vista House in 1982.  We built a team of volunteers to staff the information counter and Sally joined right in volunteering and helping out with the clean up.  Then the woman who was coordinating the volunteers decided to give that duty up and so I asked Sally if she'd like to take on that volunteer position.  She didn't think she had the skills and I said.. sure you do.. you can do it!  So she said, I'll try.  Here it is 30+ years later and she was the PERFECT person for the job.  She was so nice to everyone, supported everyone and was loved by all.  

Sally was such a presence at the Vista House and started helping me with organizing the shop we opened the 2nd year, so I asked the board of directors if I could hire her as the Assistant Manager, it was approved.  Sally is on the left, then Mitzie, me and Diane.  Mitzie was the next one hired to help with the Consignment shop merchandise, then Diane as our Lead Sales Clerk in the shop.  And here we are, now all retired after years of dedication to Vista House.  

Here is a part of of the 125 people that came to honor Sally!

On the left is Susan, she had all my children in her class in grade school!  On the right is Dallas, Sally's honorary granddaughter that she raised from a baby.  Dallas did all the planning for the party and did a great job!

Sally's beloved brother, Kip, was there too.

The volunteers all collected up some funds so Sally can go on a nice relaxing trip to the beach, and asked me if I would take her, of course I said yes.  Now we have to figure out where Sally would love to go.  The event was held in Blackberry Hall on the McMenamin's Edgefield property.  The gardens there are crammed with all manner of interesting plantings.  I love this bush with purple berries!  I just googled it and it's called "Purple Beautyberry".  

Dayle snapped this photo of the front of the main building on our way out.

Edgefield has a vineyard in the front part of the property and make their own wine and beer.  Quite a place.

The next day I volunteered with at Multnomah Falls with my BEST friend from 7th grade and still is to this day.. Shirley.  We celebrated her birthday, I said she should pick the spot and she wanted to go to.. Edgefield.  LOL!  So we had lunch at the Power Station, a pub restaurant on the property.  I gave her a fun card, a little crocheted rock and the very first glasses case I made, especially for her.  She was pleased.  Shirley is a super wonderful person, she listens and understands and supports and gives great advice.  I try to be as good a friend to her as she has been to me.  She's a good example to follow.

When I was in 7th grade, my mother took us to visit our aunt and we spent the night, she decided that evening to leave my dad and went there in the night to tell him and packed some of our clothes - in the morning she told us abruptly that we would be starting a new school that morning.  WHAT!!!???!!! and I burst into tears.  She had us get dressed and took us to the school, enrolled us and left us there.. and frankly, I was in shock.  As I stood there in the hall of this new school, not knowing anyone.. I heard a voice, "Hello.. what is your name?".  I numbly turned and said, "Teresa".  It was Shirley who rescued me that day.. she said.. can I call you "Terri"?  I didn't know what to say, but said "OK".  She introduced me as Terri to everyone that day and I had that name all through middle and high school and years after (8, I counted) and when I got married I changed it back to Teresa.  :-)  At any rate, I grasped on to Shirley and didn't let go and we were great friends for the 2 years we lived there.  Mom moved us to Portland, Oregon after those 2 years but Shirley and I managed to keep our friendship alive all these years.  Shirley is my biggest crocheted rock fan so I gave her one of mine.

Driving out of Edgefield I stopped to get a photo of these pretty red berries.  Do you know what they are?

We headed on to Multnomah Falls and had a nice long afternoon chatting with visitors from around the world.  I particularly enjoyed a couple, she from Wales and he from Bath, England.  I LOVED hearing them speak.  We also had fun with a couple who lived full-time in their RV, he and I sharing camera stories and then I told them about Waldo Lake and how to get there.  This is the tunnel of trees we drive through after leaving the Falls.

And now.. in 45 minutes, Gracie will arrive and Dayle, the boys, and us two girls are heading off for another adventure!  Shall I tell you where.. or tease you?  We will be driving to Hood River, having lunch in the historic downtown area, then we're driving UP.. to a "Lost" place.. :-)  This is supposed to be the LAST pretty day before an endless rainy time.. so I want to take advantage of it.  Stay tuned!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Like I always say, Teresa, you are always busy doing something. Congrats to Sally. Gosh, you all have given such long time service to Vista House. What a beautiful place for a party. And how funny that you went right back there again with Shirley. Your mom was a brave woman back then to up and leave your father like that. What a shock that must have been. So glad you found a friend in your new school so quickly. It was truly meant to be. Have fun with Gracie. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. What a great party and celebration. I really enjoyed reading all your recent happenings Teresa. Your dear friend Shirley sounds such a sweetheart, how frightened you must have been when you started that new school. Enjoy your last sunny day..autumn has certainly arrived here x

  3. What wonderful people you surround yourself with Teresa. Sally had a nice party it looks like. How thoughtful of Dallas!! And Shirly, what a gal!! I know she will cherish her glass case and pretty crochet rock!
    When my family moved to the home I grew up in since 5th grade, my Mom had written "Kris" on my sak lunch, instead of the name I was commonly called, Kristy. Although my full name is Kristin, I was called Kristy. Only my Daddy called me Kristin. So, the teacher introduced me to the class as Kris. The girl I met that day became a best friend too. Anita and I have been friends since. When I was a young Mom, there were a couple little girls in my daughters classes named Kristy, so I decided to go by Kris. My family still, and always will call me Kristy. My husband calls me Bunny. But I do so love Kristin.
    Can't wait to hear about your adventure!!!!!!!
    Kris, Kristy, or Kristin

  4. SO eager to see photos of your Hood River adventure and upcoming trip to the beach with Sally! If you go this weekend there's a warning for high surf and sneaker waves so be careful:) Congrats to your friend--she surely deserved this honor.
    BTW, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award because I love your photos and crafts. Knowing everyone is busy these days, I made the rules easy and flexible, but if you can't fulfill them the award is still yours :)

  5. Congrats to Sally--sounds like she's done great work at the Vista House. The purple berry bush is beautiful! Shirley sounds like an awesome friend; so great that you both have stayed friends for so long!

  6. Big congratulations to Sally. The cake look delicious. I admire your mother. I wish my mom could have redefined her own life but she was a slave to my father....
    Love the images. Purple beauty berry is just amazing!

  7. Wow loved reading all of this Teresa and is wonderful what you all have done for Vista house and
    a fun holiday for Sally ahead ☺ It is lovely to have such a long time friend with Shirley, I have 1 who I have known since birth and in kindergarten and primary and still friend over 50yrs later ☺☺ Beautiful pictures too in this post, I love that purple bush too xoxoxo

  8. Gracie's back!!! I was going to text her today to see if she was home but the day flew by. I'm glad to read this here. My goodness girl! You are so, so busy!!!!! I can't keep up with all of your shenanigans. Your social calendar must be quite something to see. :-). Your adventures were so much fun to read. All the dedicated volunteers, the falls where you met such interesting people and on it goes. But my favorite by far is about Shirley. That girl is for sure a keeper. I miss you all.

  9. What a wonderful party to celebrate your friends long and dedicated service to Vista House. You are blessed with such wonderful friends.

  10. Hello Teresa the party looks/sounds wonderful. Such service you have all given! I met my very best friend when she joined our school part way through the school year. That was 56 years ago and despite her moving on to a new school in a different area we have remained friends. We have spent many enjoyable times together. Enjoy your next adventure ! Hugs Anne x

  11. You are blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people in your life. Sally, Shirley and of course Gracie, Betsy and Taci. I love your story about Shirley, she is indeed amazing, but to have wonderful friends you need to be one, and you are.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  12. Such great times with great friends. You are all so amazing, giving your time to volunteering.

    I love that you love our UK accents!!

    Have a lovely weekend, Helenxx

  13. Times with good friends are days to be cherished aren't they. And you guys live in such a beautiful place.

    There are so many variations to the UK accent, just as there are to the North American ... accents fascinate me too.

  14. You've been so blessed to have these wonderful friends from all different phases of your life. Shirley sounds amazing, I'm so glad you have her. The party at Vista House looks really nice. It's great to see people so committed to a cause for such a long time. You are all to be admired. I hope you're having a good weekend!

  15. I live not too far from Bath, it's somewhere I visit a lot. And I'm just over the river from Wales as well. Thank you for identifying those purple berries for me, I saw some a while back and wondered what they were. How lovely that you still have your best friend from 7th grade, that is so sweet. And well done to Sally, I do hope she has the most wonderful retirement. CJ xx

  16. What a full and wonderful life you lead! Wow, Seventh Grade would have to be the toughest time to be dropped into a new school. Your friend Shirley is worth her weight in gold...but you already know that. Enjoy the rest of the weekend...and the last of this beautiful weather.

  17. A truly lovely post. I was inspired by your encouragement to Sally all those years ago and now what a wonderful celebration for her.
    Shirley sounds like a true gem of a friend. We should all be lucky enough to have someone like her in our lives.
    I have recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed my visit very much. Your positive outlook on life is so refreshing.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  18. Happy retirement to Sally. What a wonderful turn-out to her farewell party. I loved the little gift you gave Shirley - so simple and so thoughtful. I hope she enjoys it. Nice pic of the tunnel of trees - beautiful colours. xox

  19. I am so glad you were able to honor Sally in such a lovely way, and I love knowing how you have befriended others and been befriended by them, especially Shirley, Teresa. Edgefield looks like an interesting and beautiful place and I hope to succeed in finding my way there someday :-) I wonder what those red berries are called, too. I saw a similar bush in Maine with Tim and keep meaning to Google search the image. xx

  20. How lovely a sad little story to end on a positive note that developed in a cherished friendship. Wonderful that you could celebrate her birthday and how special she is to you. Every little girl needs a friend to help make her feel wanted, especially when she has been uprooted from her comfort zone. I love the scenery pictures you share of your beautiful state. I can only imagine the nice crisp air of fall, with the mountains in the back drop of lush fall colors and sparking streams. Right now we are looking at farm land, combines harvesting the fields.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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