Saturday, December 13, 2014

Making Memories and Holiday Falls

Hello my friends, thanks for popping in for a visit!  My dear husband decided that we should make Christmas cookies and let the boys decorate them.  So, we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and found some bottled frosting, cookie cutters and sprinkles.  Dayle did the baking part and I was the decorating chairman.  Sharing duties is a good thing.  Below is one of my cookies.  :-)

But I digress.. let's start at the beginning, shall we? :-)  Grandpa is a brave soul, he lets the boys "help".  

Grandpa asked for my supervision a few times.. beat til fluffy.. is this fluffy enough?  No.. beat it more.  Is this dough ok?  No.. did you follow the recipe?  OH.. gee.. instead of a cup of flour, I was using the 1/2 measuring cup.. oh my.. but eventually they got to the rolling out and cutting part.  

Then grandpa pulled the cookie sheet out and.. oh dear.. he put them too close together on the pan and they spread and it was one huge pan of connected cookies.  The bakers.

I set up the decorating area - I got an old tablecloth and put it OVER the Christmas cloth, got all the icings, sprinkles and plates ready.  And then we began.

Both boys really enjoyed themselves and did a wonderful job of decorating.  This is Caleb.

Hayden with one of his masterpieces!

I couldn't figure out what this shape was, so I made a spiral design.

Hard at work being creative.

Smile for grandma.. awww.. 

Grandma.. here's my last one.. 

I wanted to share a few things from my volunteer afternoon at Multnomah Falls.  First off there were salmon spawning in Multnomah creek.. they were big, at least 3 feet long.  This year was a huge year for salmon returning to spawn in the Columbia River and it's tributaries, a record breaking run.  :-)

My sister Denise got a camera like mine and took it out to get some shots, she showed me one like this when she came back in, so I grabbed my Lumix and went out and got the same shot.. the bluffs in Washington across the river were illuminated in the late evening sun.

Hmm.. what if I moved closer to the lamp and snap some clouds with it?

LOTS of water coming over with all the rain we've been getting.

When we locked up the visitors center and headed to our cars.. I admired the lodge all lit up for the holidays.

I snapped this from my car as I was heading away.. I was hoping to capture the falls and the lodge in one shot.. with the lights.. love it.

Dayle and our son Travis strung up some lights on our porch for me.. sweet guys... our cozy little farmhouse.

I am heading out soon to visit Gracie at her home.  I'm taking my calligraphy supplies and we will do some lettering together.  This should be fun!  What are you doing for fun this weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Grandpa looks in his element with the boys! Those cookies do look yummy.

    The falls and the lodge look spectacular. And I like the lights on your home too!

    This weekend I am in crochet mode trying to finish the lap blanket for my Darling Mum. And DD is baking up a storm (chocolate spice bundt cake).


  2. I'm coming over to Gracie's with you to do some lettering, it sound like a great idea. Or maybe I'll go and watch some boys playing football. One or the other. We went for a walk today, it was glorious, we had an entire day of sunshine. And the boys decorated the tree, you'd be proud of us. All of the Christmas spirit you're exuding is rubbing off on me at last! I love the cookies, they did an excellent job between them. I especially impressed with Dayle's baking! Have a lovely Sunday Teresa. CJ xx

  3. Brave Grandpa and Grandma making cookies with the boys. Hope you have fun with Gracie and her daughter at your calligraphy class.

  4. What wonderful cookies. My daughter who is 25 was asking today when are we going to make our mince pies and jam tarts. Something we have done since she was small. The old traditions are the best. This year I have brought a stamp for our cookies. It says. 'Made with Love'
    I love the waterfall and lodge. But I think your home wins hands down. It looks so inviting with your Christmas lights. I would love to pop by for a coffee and cookie.

  5. I LOVE all the cookie decorating pictures. Such efforts! Cut out cookies are so labor intensive! hooray for all of you.
    The Falls and Lodge and your home are so beautiful
    So the salmon spawn now in the cold?

  6. So glad you all enjoyed some cookie time together. :) Last Saturday I baked sugar cookies and took them to my daughter's place so the grandkids could decorate them. So much fun! I've done it every year, and hope to continue the tradition for many more to come. Love, love, love the pics of the falls and surrounding areas. Such a beautiful area, and since I highly doubt I'll ever get there in person, I am living vicariously through your gorgeous photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)

  7. It looks like the four of you had Avery good time being and decorating. Memories being made...the most important thing of all. Love the Lodge and Falls shots and I wish I could sit in on the calligraphy lesson. We've had some trials this week here in paradise and honestly, I just can't wait to go home. :-(
    Blessings my friend,

  8. Fun to decorate cookies and include grandpa and grandsons!!! I tasted one that Phil had at his work party last evening. They were pretty but they were dry. I'm sure yours were much better. This afternoon I made banana bread. Can you smell the aroma? Megan likes to put nutella on hers. It is good. Phil is out putting the net lights on our rhody bush. The tree will be up by tomorrow. I am behind. But I have my Christmas pkgs all gone, as of yesterday!!! Lovely photo of the lodge and falls, except it looks like the falls are going right into the chimney! TeeHee! Hugs!

  9. The 3 boys look like they were having a blast! The cookies turned out wonderful! I just can't get over how beautiful your part of the country is!

  10. Your cooking baking and decorating efforts looked like such grand fun :) And the photos of the falls, and the lodge decorated for Christmas are so pretty. We had a great time with you this afternoon, Teresa!
    Thanks :) xx

  11. Hi Teresa, I love your homely photos ...what brilliant grandparents you and Dayle are.
    The lodge looks stunning, but your your farmhouse looks super inviting and festive too.
    Happy Holidays
    Jacquie x

  12. Your boys obviously had such fun baking and decorating with you and Dayle....their creations are super...great work! Everything is looking so festive over at your Teresa...Merry Christmas! We went to the Christmas fair at Winchester catherdral yesterday...a magical day out with Daisy xx

  13. What an amazing time together, baking, decorating and creating some wonderful memories. The falls and the beautiful lodge look amazing especially all lit up, wonderful.

  14. What a great grandpa and grandma those two boys have !! Such fun eh? I love that photo of the lamp with the clouds - very creative indeed. Also the Christmas lights are so pretty. xox

  15. Those Christmas Cookies look better than mine ever do! I'm so AWFUL at it! It makes for a good laugh though. Those boys did a good job! I laughed when you told about Dale making the cookies and using the wrong measuring cup. hahaha

  16. What a happy life you and Dale have provided for your family and those little grandsons. Love Dale in there baking cookies.

  17. Looks like a wonderfully fun family project! I'm sure you all will have some delicious memories! Everything looks lovely with all those lights.

  18. Grandpa looks like he is enjoying his time in the kitchen! Nice to see your grandsons enjoying this Christmas tradition.

  19. Lovely to make cookies with the children like is so nice for them to have fun decorating them! You and Dayle are lovely grandparents, Teresa, and your grandsons will always remember these happy times.
    Helen xox

  20. Hi Teresa, I'm just catching up with your posts. Those cookies look great! Isn't it funny when they cook? I try so hard to stand back and let it happen, but it's hard sometimes. Yesterday we made some tamales, but it was primarily his project and he told me he had everything he needed...then there were two seperate trips to the store during the cooking process. Ahem. :)

  21. Hello Teresa I'm catching up after all y crafting and then being away for the weekend with my girlfriends. Such fun with the cookies- did same last year with my grandsons. The lodge looks so pretty and those falls are awesome. Hugs Anne x


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