Sunday, December 28, 2014

Quiet Crafting by the Fire

Hi my friends.. are you enjoying that week between Christmas and New Years?  I've always loved this week as we leave the decorations up for the color and sparkle and take them down on New Years day.  I try to never make appointments during this week and like to rest and recuperate from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  What do you do with this week?  I got my self designed crochet beret done.. and although I had to do a fair bit of ripping out and redoing.. I called it good and cut the yarn and tied it off and have worn it out in public.  :-)  I'm not fully happy with it.. as it probably should of been more lacy to match the shawl.  But to be honest, this works, is warm and it is what it is.  The color in this photo is way off.. it's deep ruby red.

This is a photo of the shawl which I had on a previous post.. this is the true color.  

So.. yesterday my husband and I went out for lunch at Red Lobster and then went to Craft Warehouse to see if I could find some yarn for the baby guinea pigs that my granddaughters have asked me to make for them.  They want them to look similar to their GPs which are black and white and have long hair.  I found this perfect yarn which is a one ply that is 61% baby alpaca, 24% nylon and 15% merino wool.  The pattern for the baby GPs is there.

The black didn't photograph well, and this shows it as dark grey, but it's coal black.

These are the "models" of which I will be making babies to match.  :-)

At the grocery store yesterday I found this glass hurricane with 4 Hyacinth bulbs started.. the the bargain price of $5!  Home it came with us.  It's a pink one.  It will help me transition into 2015!

4 bulbs in this!

When I was making my cotton crochet ornaments I was sadly lacking in colorful cotton, so I found this at a very good price.. $2.19 a skein!  I found them at Herrschners.

I read recently on another blog that a fellow blogger named Vanessa Cabban was hit by a train and killed.  She produced the popular blog - "Do You Mind if I Knit?".  She and I corresponded regarding a design she came up with - a stripy scarf using the diagonal stitch.  I am very sad at the world's loss of her - she was beautiful and a prolific knitter and crocheter - she also was a paper mache artist of some note and sold her sculptures in galleries and in her Etsy shop.  Sadly, she and her husband divorced and she no longer posted on her blog. Goodbye Vanessa!  I think I started this project in her honor.. 

The Amaryllis that my son and DIL gave me is blooming on it's second stem.. what an amazing plant!

We had a 2nd Christmas on Friday when my son and his family returned home from their beach trip.  The boys were beside themselves with happiness when they received these kid cameras from us.  We also got them a radio-controlled truck, some Legos, etc.  They've been playing with their toys happily for days now. 

Well, I guess I need to get started on some baby guinea pigs.  :-)

What are you up to?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It's bedtime here Teresa but we had a lovely day and now the house is quiet. Enjoy having your family back. Those guinea pigs look amazing I can't wait to see them finished x

  2. It sounds so cozy! I love the beret and shawl! And the girls will be over the moon for their gp's!!! I am sure the boys went nuts over having their own cameras too!!! Lovely flower!!! I have never grown one. I am so sorry to read about the death of your friend. I didn't know her, but what a tragedy.
    Enjoy your down time. We are moving pretty slowly around here today!!!
    xo Kris

  3. Can't wait to see those completed baby guinea pigs. They look so sweet!

  4. I'm so very sad to hear of Vanessa Cabban's passing. She was a wonderful sculptress. I loved her whimsy & playfulness. She was a bright light in this world.

    The Hyacinth is one of my fragrant favorites. There are some fantastic bargains to be had in grocery stores after the holidays. Love the GP's with polka dot bows- can't wait to see how the crocheted GP's turn out.

    All the best to you & yours this New Year. May you be blessed beyond measure!

  5. The shawl and Amaryllis are beautiful!

  6. Hi Teresa- Such a lovely post.... minus reading about the passing of Vanessa. She will be surely missed in this world.
    If you're interested in crocheting long haired Guinea's, when completed, gently brush them with a pet slicker brush. It brings the fibers out and makes them look very realistic. Just be sure to brush the same way as fur grows.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  7. I love how your Christmas keeps going and going...... I think your beret looks fabulous, you will show us a picture of you modeling won't you? I read about Vanessa, such a tragedy for an amazing woman, I read her blog for years and was so sad when she and her husband divorced, she was not the same afterword. She was so talented and inspirational. Very sad. Glad you are having a lovely week. I am working the next three days so no rest for me!

  8. Hi Teresa! The boys look thrilled with their cameras. It was obviously a great gift choice by you and Dayle. I've begun gathering Christmas things together and will pack it all away tomorrow. I like the house to be back to normal by New Years. I have lots of errands to run tomorrow too. It was sad to read about your blogging friends passing. That pillow cover is beautiful. I'm anxiously awaiting pictures of the GP's. The picture of the real ones is priceless. So cute. And need to post a picture of you in your beautiful shawl and beret.
    Blessings my friend,

  9. Teresa! I feel so silly and sorry. I thought I sent you a text on Friday after I got up just before noon to tell you I was not going to make it swimming, and hoping that if you went you had a good swim. Now I find out I sent the text to my friend Terrel! Mercy!

    Your beret looks beautiful, and I too am looking forward to seeing you modeling it along with your shawl. You have me thinking about getting cameras for my grandsons ...a great idea! Your model guinea pigs are so cute, and I hope the yarn you found will be just right for your project.

    I am so sorry to learn of Vanessa's death. I enjoyed her blog and her art and I purchased two of the children's books she illustrated. I am grateful for the beauty she left us.

    For me, this in-between week this year is a time to reflect, and recharge as we launch into 2015. I want to increase my artistic creativity and my ability to love others this coming year. xx

  10. We had a fun time with son and family. Much happier day than Christmas. Loving the sweet littles and their parents. Back to work for three days this week, off Jan 1st. Cleaning, getting rid of STUFF that is in my way. Baked a triple berry crisp for today's get together. It was so good. Have a goid week and enjoy your new hat. Xxx

  11. Boys with cameras! Now you will never have any privacy! LOL. They look so happy with them. It should be interesting to see what they find interesting enough to take a picture of. Of course that is probably EVERYTHING! That shawl is gorgeous! I am so sorry to hear about Vanessa's death. What a way to die! I didn't know her. But her blog sounded interesting. My niece has a guinee pig. But he has lots of cowlicks so he never looks well groomed. Not dirty, just always has a bad hairday. The girl's pigs are cute. They are going to love the mini pigs! Have a great week. I hope you get a lot of rest and have time to crochet a lot.

  12. Love the hyacinth bulbs. That will be so cute when they bloom. The boys look like they really had a good Christmas. I, too, take this time to rest because I'm usually worn down after being with all the grandbabies. I'm nursing a swollen left hand and hope to be able to do minimal things this week. Enjoy your week of relaxation and recuperation. Hugs, Sharon

  13. I love your shawl and would also like to see you modelling it along with your new hat. Such a lovely colour red. Those guinea pigs sure are cute - what a challenge to have to crochet some - look forward to seeing what you come up with. I didn't know Vanessa but was saddened when I read of her death, particularly under such tragic circumstances. Very sad to lose a fellow crocheter and blogger and nice of you to be making a scarf in her memory. Oh those hyacinth bulbs look gorgeous. They're probably my favourite flower and the smell is just divine. I always check to see if there are any available when I'm in the supermarket but haven't seen any for ages now. Maybe I should ring a garden centre !

  14. Hello Teresa. We had family here until yesterday- a quiet day today! Love the shawl and beret. My GD's have guinea pigs - your project has set me thinking :-) How sad that someone so young and talented has had life cut short in such a tragic way. I looked at her blog after your news and she was so creative - so sad. My decorations stay up for the whole 12 days- love them and hate taking them down. Am going to have a good sort through them though. Hugs Anne x

  15. Hello Teresa,
    A little belated, but may I wish you and all your family a very Merry Christmas. It certainly looks like you have been keeping busy. I love your red shawl, just beautiful.
    Hen xxx

  16. I love all of your crochet Teresa, and cant wait to see the completed Guinea Pigs - what a cute idea!

    Hope you are continuing to enjoy these blissful in-between days!


  17. Very sad about Vanessa. When someone's blog goes quiet without explanation, I always wonder why. The guinea pigs are gonna be so cute. And the hyacinth bulbs lovely. I've never forced bulbs indoors but would like to give it a try. Young kids certainly do make Christmas fun and festive. Happy holidays, Tammy

  18. I adore your shawl and the hat looks lovely, too. So glad you all had a lovely Christmas. I agree, the week after Christmas is a great time to just relax and regroup. Sorry about your friend's passing. It is always so sad to me when a fellow blogger/crafter/artist are right, it is always a great loss to the world. Thank you for her blog link. :) Wishing you and yours a most Happy New Year sweet friend. :)

  19. Your beret is very nice! Love the bulbs you got, and all the yarn goodness as well. How said about Vanessa Cabban though. I followed her blog when she was doing it. Was sad to see her quit blogging. What I seem to be doing in this week between Christmas and New Years is coming down with another virus. Hacky cough and blowing my nose. Always something with me. Here's hoping this one is mild and goes away quickly!

  20. It sounds really nice and relaxing at yours. Knitting and flowering bulbs and cosy indoor things - wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the festive season. CJ xx

  21. Terribly sad news about Vanessa. Sudden deaths are always horrible, but seem especially sad at this time of year.
    I love your beret, the colour (true colour!) is beautiful :)

  22. Such a sad story. I hope she is at Peace now.

    I too am welcoming the new year with BULBS. Zach gave me narcissus. Im trying to just get them to bloom in water. Will that work? I think so? Maybe I should put liquid food in the water??? help help Teresa.

    I love this week between as well. I wish we had a bit of snow though. I crave the ordinary days sometimes when my routines get out of whack. We took the tree down today just because. The cats needed their cat tree back, as we found out when we were taking down the tree and found Miss Pie in it

  23. Teresa...we are resting and recharging too. I am working on a chevron baby blanket for a new great niece or nephew due early in 2015 ...... Oh! And eating too many sweets!!!!

  24. Hi Teresa, thank you for visiting my blog - I've enjoyed looking at yours very much :) It looks like you've had a lovely Christmas with your family, and I love the beautiful shawl that you made. I also like the colourful cotton yarns you bought. I can't resist buying cotton, as it's my favourite yarn to work with. I was very sorry to hear of the loss of Vanessa and think that your scarf is a lovely tribute to her :)
    Cathy x

  25. I love the week between Christmas and New Year to virtually hibernate. Unfortunately, this year, I've had to work!! My own fault as I worked out my holiday entitlement incorrectly. I'm making a rag rug - first time. I think I prefer to knit or crochet! Love your new hat. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.

  26. If Christmas is already wonderful how fun would it be to have it doubled ... The kids look soooo happy it is all worth it isn't ?
    I love the colorful scarf and I'm excited to see the guinea pigs :)
    Hope you had a wonderful New Years my dear friend.

  27. I forgot to say I'm so sorry for the loss of Vanessa. I also read her blog and really liked her illustrations and sculptures. That is so sad... Where did you read that she passed away ? So, so very sad.


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