Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Daffodils, Hat #10 and Gorge Shots

Hello!  I'm a happy Daffodil!  I am blooming in the middle of February, in Oregon.. in the NORTHWEST.. aren't I just the prettiest thing ever?  Of course I am!  :-)

We had another warm and beautiful day yesterday - I had a meeting at 1 pm at my friend Sally's house in Bridal Veil, Oregon - in between Vista House and Multnomah Falls.  Yes, I do live in a fairyland, really.  When I arrived home my daffodils had begun to open.  It was so pleasant yesterday that I only had to wear my Spring shawl, no coat.  

These two daffies were the first to open, day before yesterday.  

A half open flower.. 

My 10th and last (for now) baby hat for Taci's Hats for Babies in Brazil project.  It may be my favorite!  If you have some to send and need her address, email me and I'll send it on to Taci to answer you.

Here are my ten together.  :-)  It was a fun project as each is so different.

One of our other hens has begun to lay, Dayle brought in two speckled light brown eggs.  I laid them on my knitted wash cloth I was working on.  It's done now.  I'm crocheting on a new blanket which I will show you in the next post.

On my way home from Sally's house I snapped this image of Latourell Falls - it's so different in winter, less green for sure.  I love the neon lime green of the lichen by the falls.


Then I wound my way up along the Historic Columbia River Highway to Vista House.  There was a big brown UPS truck smack in the front of it, but I was patient and enjoyed the view until he pulled away.  :-)  The land you see behind it is Washington State!

The river winds 733 feet below. 

See Beacon Rock in the distance?  Bonneville Dam is to the right of it.  The little rock island in the river is called Phoca Rock.  It was named by Lewis & Clark as they went past and Pho Ca is the name for seals.

Then I drove on and pulled into Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint.  What a view!

Vista House, Beacon Rock and Bonneville Dam.


I'm off soon to meet my twin siblings, Robert and Roberta, for a lunch meeting to work on plans for our family reunions in Oklahoma this summer.  Then to the pool for my 1 hour swim workout.  Busy busy.  How is your week going?   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa! Love, love, love your sweet little hats and I just know Taci will adore them too. So sweet of you to make so many. We've had wonderful weather here too although it's a bit more overcast today it's still warm. Oh goodness we'll be in for a shock Saturday on the east coast! I'm packing my snow boots! Those views are so beautiful. We've been to Vista House many times and I never tire of it. Have fun swimming.

  2. The yellow daffodils are so pretty. We have lots if Paperwhites bloomed out in the backyard. Beautiful hats and pics!

  3. Nice to see a hen has started laying again! Fresh eggs are the best!

  4. What a lovely sunshine day to take photo's of Vista House.
    The tiny hats are so cheerful.
    Isn't that washcloth pattern fun. It's so easy & fast to knit up!
    Yeah the hens are laying again! Yum fresh!

  5. I always enjoy seeing photos of where you live, thanks for sharing. That's another really pretty hat, you made a nice assortment of them. I can't get over those daffodils blooming already. I just noticed a bud coming up on one of mine but it will probably be a couple of weeks before it blooms.

  6. I learn something every time I read your posts! Love the story of how the rock was named! What gorgeous photos!!! And those daffy's.......oh my! So early! They are beautiful! And your hats! They are all so cute! I know they will be well used and loved!
    Now, I need to go see if my comment appeared in your previous post. I have trouble posting from my ipad! Grrrr

  7. Aren't spring daffodils the greatest? And spring-in-winter daffodils are even better:) I think all of our PNW gardens are waking up and I LOVE it! Hope you had a great swim.
    Blessings, Aimee

  8. LOVE your lichen pictures. Amazing. Daffodils.. Thank God someone is having some sunny spring! it is nearly zero here in Chicago today. When I arrived at the shelter to help with surgeries it was well below zero!

  9. Your weather is amazing Teresa, lovely scenic photos of the gorge and river. Daffs are my favourites, so good to see them smiling in the sunshine x

  10. Love the photos...and the very pretty. I could almost feel that warmth of that sunshine. What a beautiful place you live are so very blessed sweet friend. :)

  11. Oh, what absolutely gorgeous photos of the scenery!! You live in such a beautiful area, and I thank you for sharing with us. :) Your hats are so cute, and them! So nice to see the daffodil smiling, too. It's around 1 degree here, with a wind chill of much lower. Brrrr!!! lol

  12. Gosh, you did get up close and personal with that daffodil didn't you? Great picture !! You surely do live in Gods own country Teresa - beautiful part of the world. I think I'd be terrified driving around those high cliffs - Vista House perched up there looks so scary. I think I have a bit of a 'thing' for heights. You did a great job on those baby hats - so cheery looking too. Did you get my email thanking you SO much for the lovely valentine you sent in the mail? It was a gorgeous card and heart - something I'll treasure from a dear blog mate. Hope to do a post some time over the weekend. xox

  13. Beautiful sunny views, Teresa! Loved seeing the bright flowers too, and the collection of colourful little hats. Wishing you all a happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  14. Can I have the link for the pattern of your dishcloth...thanks

  15. WOW!!! So many neat photos, and I too learned something new about the Columbia view. In the one shot of the daffies what is the purple bloom? Do you know, Teresa? Pretty hats and dishcloth...and am looking forward to seeing the new blanket you have started. Yay for the new eggs! I was wondering if you were planning for the family are going to be doing lots of traveling this year! xx

  16. Gorgeous things to see today. I sure hope Taci got my box of hats, I will be so sad of they got lost in the mail.

  17. Sorry Teresa I seem to have missed another post. Beautiful photos. Your hats are gorgeous. Hugs Anne x


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