Friday, February 20, 2015

New Blanket, Sweet Susan and New Yarn

Hello my friends!  Since finishing up 10 baby hats for Brazil, I shopped around in my home "LYS - Little Yarn Shop" and found a project I started that was sidelined when I made the "little boy blanket" for Caleb.  I am using KnitPicks 100% cotton "Billow" yarn and Lucy from Attic24 blog's neat ripple pattern with the interlocking colors she created.  Thanks, Lucy, for inspiring me once again!  Her free patterns are on her sidebar.

This yarn is unique, feels like handspun, is soft and thick and thin.  Making a very rustic blanket.  

I wish you could feel this.. just yummy!

Now.. the postman brought me the prettiest package the other day.. imagine my delight when I saw this pink polka dotted package from across the pond in jolly old England!  Dear Susan - from Mary Jane's Tea Room blog sent me this amazingly generous gift.  I had sent Susan one of my Valentines and crocheted heart and she sent this to me.  Please do visit Susan's blog - she makes the most amazing knitted creatures and sells kits and patterns.  I am not sure I have the skills to make one of her delightful dolls, but I am going to order a kit and give it a go.  Thank you SO much, Susan!!

The yarn she sent are all cotton blends and sumptuous Rowan yarns.  Perfect for one of her little creatures!

A Cath Kidston travel sewing kit and a card of fabric covered buttons all tied up in a pretty pink cotton lace ribbon.  JOY!

I am going to treasure this forever!  And of course, will use it a lot!  I don't have a measuring tape, now I do! :-)

A handwritten note... I love seeing Susan's handwriting.. so pretty.  Blogging has certainly enriched my life, the new friends around the world just thrills me.

I can't wait to use some of these on a project.  Thanks again, Susan, you are just a darling!

In other news.. I kind of went overboard when I put in an order for some new cotton yarn.  A rather large box arrived.. seems I had to spend a certain amount to get free shipping.. seems as if that might have been kind of folly.. next time I might buy less and pay the shipping.  LOL!  But.. this will not go to waste, as you know.  I think I got a dozen each of the 2 natural colors to make classy wash cloths as gifts.. yeh, that's the ticket.. for gifts!  How nice of me!  :-)  Just to show you how thrifty I am, these skeins only cost $1.49 each.  ::grin::

And I had to show you the adorable Valentine's card that my daughter and 2 granddaughters sent to me.  Isn't this cute?  Do you see the Teddy Bear face made of flowers?  LOVE!  Oh, and I found this Jadeite salt shaker at the antique mall in Troutdale last week.  

Dayle and I went out to Red Lobster for lunch yesterday and then headed to Costco to pick up some new glasses I'd ordered there plus some groceries.. and on the drive home up the Sandy River I saw a wild cherry tree in bloom along the banks of the rushing cold river.  

I told Dayle.. I'm turning around and going back.. and he goes.. you're not.. and I go.. yes I am!  :-D  I'd taken my LUMIX camera with me and so I was able to get these images.  I've never in my long life seen Spring come this early.  And the happy news is although we had a few cloudy days and some rain yesterday, the sunny warm weather is expected to return tomorrow!

I just walked out to the end of our driveway to capture these images of my Star Magnolia which is covered with buds and opening flowers.  Isn't it pretty?

I adore the big fuzzy pods from which the blooms emerge.  

Even the koi and pond fish are enjoying the fair weather.

Buddy asked me to tell you all hello.  :-)

My darling younger sister Denise is on vacation in New Zealand with her husband and a travel buddy of theirs.  She sent this cute selfie of her in front of a big bay (which I can't remember the name of).  

I will be off on an adventure next week.  I will tell you more about it soon.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  We don't really, but that doesn't mean that we won't find some mischief to get into.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh dear sweet Buddy. I sure have missed seeing him!
    Wow, what a wonderful and thoughtful gift from Mary Jane. The buttons are too precious. I would frame them as they are on the card. I visited her blog, oh I do love her adorable dollies. Such detail right down to the shoes. Lovely!
    It sure seems Spring has come very early to our part of the country. My spring bulbs are bursting all over my yard. Just love it - but wished we had a bit of snow this winter. Just seems we were past over as far as winter weather goes. Oh well, there's always next winter (fingers crossed).
    Have a blast on your adventure. Can't wait to see what you & Dayle have planned.

  2. I sure enjoyed your post today Teresa. I hadn't noticed the teddy bear face on the card until you said something. That is also a wonderful gift from Mary Jane. I haven't seen her blog before, and think I'll have to go visit. I always enjoy the Cath Kidston goodies that I see on peoples blogs. Those little buttons are adorable. Cherry Blossoms? In February? Oh my goodness this is some strange weather we're having. We had the rain this morning that you had yesterday, but it has passed on for the most part and now the sun is trying to come out again.
    We have an adventure planned for tomorrow too! I wonder if our plane will be able to land in DC? We may be spending the night in Portland tomorrow night if we can't take off. If so, I'll call you and maybe we can have an adventure, the four of us!!!! Fun! We have a two hour layover at PDX if our flight from Spokane is on time. Just long enough to grab some breakfast. :-)
    Blessings always Teresa,

  3. That cherry blossom is gorgeous, and you have a magnolia already, lovely. I planted one of those in my front garden last year, but it died for some reason. Such a shame, I really like them. The blanket is wonderful, no doubt it will be treasured. And I like the look of your new yarn, I shall look forward to seeing what it turns into. I hope you have a fantastic adventure next week. CJ xx

  4. Fun post! Look at all the fun stuff you got! That's always nice and exciting too. Love all your cotton colors! I really like the ripple blanket you're working on again. It should be a relaxing one to work on. I need something relaxing after the knit stuff lately. I picked up a doily I started weeks ago, and I started a crochet scarf too. I could use a boost of confidence after the knitting. It's just not ever going to be my thing! I'm looking at your pretty red heart hanging on my vanity mirror in the bedroom. Thank you again for that sweet gesture.

  5. Always a joy to read your blog, Teresa! Feeling under the weather, and your post is such a day brightener. Hello to Buddy as well. Love your beautiful, early spring pics! Rick said it was 24 below zero this morning when he got to work...around 4:30 AM. BRRR!! Your cotton colors are delicious! :D What a nice surprise you received from Susan. Love everything, but especially those gorgeous buttons! :) Oh, also wanted to say thanks for the heads up on a link to my Etsy shop via my blog. I got one on there right away. Not sure why I hadn't already!

  6. Oh Buddy, what a gorgeous pic of him ☺ You have some wonderful yarn there and what a lovely gift to receive from a bloggy you know I have just been on a quick fun trip myself ☺☺ and it is HOT still here and some areas (not near me) having terrible cyclones....

  7. More bad weather for us, so no plans! Buddy looks awfully sweet.

  8. What a fun package you Rees Ed from across the pond! Beautiful yarn too! Live all the colors I. Your other yarn order!!
    spring has come early to the entire West Coast. I feel for all of those digging out of the snow!!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful photos of our early Spring, Teresa! I love the colors and pattern of your latest blanket, and can imagine you enjoying using the beautiful gifts Susan sent you, as well as the new stash of yarn you ordered :-) It's good to see Denise having fun on her trip, and seeing the nice card your Ohio family sent you. I hope you and yours have a Happy Weekend! Please give Buddy some love pats from me. xx

  10. I don't know what part of your post I like the most!!! So many interesting thigs to read about and look at! If I had to pick something out, it would be....I can't!

  11. Spring really has arrived over at yours Teresa beautfiful photos. How kind of Susan to send you such a wonderful gift. Enjoy the weekend, it's sleeting here today! Xx

  12. Such a lovely happy post Teresa, you always make me smile :) I'm glad you went back for the blossom pictures, the contrast in the pink against the blue water is beautiful. What a gorgeous sewing kit, and the buttons are so sweet :) Looking forward to seeing what you make with the yarn :) xxx

  13. So many lovely things in this post Teresa!

    We got back from Spain last night so taking things a little easy this morning :-)

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!


  14. What a treat for the eyes this post is! What a fab gift from the lovely Susan, she's great! Suzy x

  15. I love the new blanket, those colors are beautiful! What a nice gift from Susan. I enjoy her blog as well. I liked your flowery pics in this post, it's really looking like spring up there! Hope you have a good weekend. :)

  16. Hi Buddy! Hi Teresa! What sweet gifts from Susan. And all that scrummy yarn. So much possibility. My son in Colorado has had a mild winter compared to last year. With Boston and other parts getting slammed, maybe everybody else will have an early spring. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift from your friend. The yarn looks so saft and wonderful, and that little kit is so cute. You are blessed and so many people love you. Love the photo of your sister, what an amazing adventure.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  18. Great post. I am glad you went back and got the photos of the lovely cherry tree in bloom. It's a true sight for my snow covered eyes to see. Love it. Oh Rowan has some of the most yummiest of yarns on the planet. I look forward to seeing what you make with it. Let me know what you think about the cotton yarn you ordered, too. I have been wondering what it's like to work with, if it would be ok to knit with, too. Looking forward to hearing all about your up coming adventure. ((hugs))

  19. What/? Fireman got Costco prescription glasses this week too and we love them!
    I LOVE Your gift package. ALL OF IT!!!!
    I am so happy to see blossoms by you. They are beautiful and a very welcome sight as we are covered in snow

  20. It does look very soft, I bet it will be very cosy.

    LOVE the new cotton you got and such a bargain! Even though you spent more to get free postage you got yarn for it so it's probably better that way :-) x

  21. I like all your yarn you bought. I tend to do the same thing when I order books on another one to get free shipping. It is usually one I want anyway...I did that when I ordered a book for Phil near Christmas! Sigh! We were at a marriage enrichment seminar today and was blessed by it. Normal day tomorrow which is nice since this month has been busy, but fun....celebrating birthday is fun!!! I am enjoying the flowers all around. Seems like bushes are budding over night!! I bought a Lenten Rose hellebore at Costco jumped into our basket. Have a good week!

  22. Any day the postman brings a package is like Christmas. I love the yarn and all the pretty colors. Your package from England had a lot of fun goodies in it and such a cute little sewing kit, but most of all love those buttons. I even have a board on my Pinterest for only buttons. I'm sure your sister will have all sorts of fun and interesting things to tell you about her trip to NZ. I want to go there too some day to go to a Little Jenny Wren doll workshop. I should really start smoking a pipe because that is just another pipe dream of mine. No outside flowers here. That wild cherry looks a lot like the red bud trees I have in my yard. Have a good week.....
    Susanne :)

  23. The blanket turned out so nice! What a fun surprise to receive that package full of wonderful goodies! Wow! I LOVE the colors of yarn you got! And, $1.49 each?!! What a great deal! What catalog or online shop did you get it from? I'd love to check it out!

  24. Gosh what a wonderful gift you received Teresa and i love the yarns you got yourself. We have had a sunnier more Spring like day today. There are signs it is just around the corner - I hope :-) Hugs Anne x

  25. Thank you so much for your kind comments dear's always a treat to visit your corner of Blogland! My gorgeous little crochet heart now has a special place on my shelves ♥
    Your blanket looks beautiful...I love the colours you have chosen too x
    Susan x


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