Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alpaca Farm, Sweet Wendy and Black Moon

I do love an adventure.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day, sunny and warm, that I talked my husband into a drive up the gorge to find a place for lunch and enjoy the day.  We even saw a Bald Eagle flying over the river, big white head and white tail.. what a joyful sight!  We cruised up the Columbia River to Hood River and had lunch at the Riverside Restaurant.  I then thought of an alpaca farm I'd heard about and my husband (dear man that he is) agreed to go visit.  I think I had alpacas in my mind as my blog friend Meredith visited an alpaca farm recently.  :-)  I called the place and the owner said he'd look for us.  We followed the signs 10 miles from the restaurant and wound up the side of a hill and eventually found the place.  Oh my goodness.. look at this darling face!  I'm in love!

Here is Jonathan, the owner of Foothills Yarn & Fiber.  What a nice man!  He showed us his favorite spinning wheel, showed us his wools and one whole side of all alpaca yarns, bags of alpaca prepared for spinning, etc.  

A very pretty and tidy shop with so many enticements!

There were several sweaters all knitted up to see.  I love the swift all set up to use.  They offer classes too!

I thought all of you who have been knitting and crocheting cowls would get a kick out of this book and it's name.  Sorry the image is a bit blurred.

Dyed roving ready to spin.  

This whole wall was alpaca yarn from bulky to fine lace and sock weights.

I bought two skeins of yarn.. will show you in a bit.. then we went outside to meet the herd.  

One of the youngest of the herd.. ohhh.. wot a tweetie pie!  How cute are these darlings?  Another thing I noticed, they are very quiet creatures and very sweet.

The herd down the road were all white.

We assumed that this regal creature was the "Herdsire, stud or macho".  (ETA - this is a guard llama watching over the herd of alpaca - thanks, Meredith!)

On down the road I rolled my window down and chatted with these two nice ladies who were out riding their horses.  I asked them if I could share this photo with people all over the world and they said yes.  :-)

I snapped this sweet little farm further on down the road.

By the time we headed home, it was time for an ice cream.. :-)  The East Wind Drive-In at Cascade Locks.

Dayle held both ice creams while I drove down to our new little photo spot under the Bridge of the Gods.  There we watched the changing colors of the clouds while we enjoyed our chocolate ice cream.

I like a waffle cone and he likes a sugar cone.  Can you believe that he ordered a "baby" size and I got a "small"?  :-)

Lick, lick.. ohhh look at that cloud.. lick, lick.. mmmmm.

I love how the sun glows on the cliffs.

Turning to the right of where we were enjoying the view from our car, you can see the bridge and the interesting paintings down the support column, a Bald Eagle, Wolf, Bear, Cougar and a man.  

This morning I took some photos of the yarn I got.  I *LOVE* the colors in this skein!  Wouldn't this make a lovely scarf?  Or hat?  What would YOU make with this?

The name of this skein is "Marionberry".  :-)

I also got a HUGE skein of natural white spun up so beautifully.  I can make a whole shawl out of this.. which is what I plan to do.  Now I need to find a suitably lacy pattern to use.  I will crochet it.  

Luscious, isn't it?

And I am excited to show you the aMAYzing gift I received from Wendy in Australia from the blog called Ruff's Adventures.  I've gotten to know Wendy over the last year or so by reading her blog and corresponding with her.  She's a great adventurer, devoted partner, mother, grandmother and daughter.  She is a crocheter and sock knitter.  She loves trains, too!  So, I was full of joy and appreciation when I opened the package and she had sent me this fabulous pair of wrist warmers that she crocheted herself and they JINGLE with cute little bells on them.  Isn't that the nicest thing ever?  I love them!

And then.. I was beyond touched when she was given these knitting needles from her very own mum.. and she sent them to ME!  What a dear and wonderful thing to do!  I adore them and will treasure them forever!  Thank you, Wendy!  

I continue to love love love these faux tortoise shell knitting needles, the colors are so beautiful.  I can't wait to knit up something pretty on these!

Oh.. and I had to show you the beautiful iced tea we were served at the restaurant for lunch.. and the wonderful server gave me these two tea bags when I raved about the flavor of the tea.  He also told me that the tea maker is in Portland and makes the very finest tea - so I am going to check out his website and see what I can see.  And I am going to have myself a hot cup of tea today.  :-)

My day just kept being fabulous when I got a text from Pammy Sue, my blog friend from Scotty's Place blog, who lives in Texas, and she reminded me to check out the "Black Moon" last night.  SO, I put my shoes on and went out with my camera and captured this image.  Isn't it fun?

I also asked my son Travis to try getting a photo of it and was super pleased with this image he captured.  I knew his camera had a better zoom than mine and just love his shot.  Mine has a 30 zoom and his has a 50 zoom.  A black moon is when the moon is mostly in shadow but just a sliver of the moon shows on the edge.  

Well.. I had a lot to share, didn't I?  LOL!  We are having another brilliantly sunny day, I don't see a cloud.  I'm trying to talk hubby into another outing.. do you think I'll be successful?  We'll soon find out!  I hope your day is a wonderful one.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love those teas. So smooth and tasty. What a great day for adventuring. I think it continues until Wednesday when we resume our usual rainy/wet/windy spring

  2. Fantastic moon shots, and the chocolate ice-cream looks pretty good too. Next time you'll have to get a large one just to show us. The alpaca place looks great, and you're right, they are sweet aren't they, with their dear little smiling faces. I'd definitely make a scarf with the pink yarn, I have one that isn't too dissimilar, made from pink silk. Wishing you a good week Teresa. CJ xx

  3. What sweet creatures they are. Ice cream in February sounds brilliant. ..enjoy your gorgeous weather x

  4. I saw Meredith's post on the alpacas. There is a farm (Star Gazer Alpacas) not far from here and I have passed it many times always with the intention to stop someday. I love those creatures and who would not love those darling faces! I keep saying I want to stop and see them up close and personal and since being inspired by both of you gals day trips I might just have to do that. I don't know if they have a shop though, guess I will be finding out. Maybe we even take my little grandson to visit too. Wonderful gifts for you in the mail. These things do make a person feel liked & loved. Blogger friends are good people, and free-hearted. God Bless Them All!
    Susanne :)

  5. I have been to Foothills Yarn and Fiber three times and just enjoy it so much when we have been there. Jonathan actually helped us with alpaca fiber for Phil's sox I am working on. He is very knowledgable. I could spend lots of money there too. I bought 2 skeins of yarn last time, both for sox/slippers. I love the alpacas, the babies are sweet. I enjoy their big dog too. Lovely day out for sure. I'm at home, blogging this afternoon!!! There is always room for ice cream. I had a waffle cone last weekend, with homemade chocolate...of course. It was delish! Have a good week!!!

  6. It looks like a fabulous day Teresa! I love the alpaca and the yarn you got. And oh that view is stunning!!
    We saw the moon, I didn't know it was called a black moon.
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I enjoyed the story about your little black lamb.
    Jacquie x

  7. Teresa how lovely of you to say such nice things about me and I was over the moon with happiness sending you those mittens and needles, 1 lot I don't think are a pair but the others sure are ☺ What a great post you did on the Alpaca's and beautiful wool and of course I loved seeing the moon xoxoxo love to you and Dayle ☺

  8. Cowgirl..I've got to get that book! Love this post. IM working on buttoned mitts too

  9. Golly, you had a much nicer day yesterday than I did. :-). Although at the end of it we did see Piper so it was all worth it. I adore alpacas. I want one, or two, or more, but they aren't allowed in city limits. I would love to visit the farm with you someday. Baby alpaca is the best to knit/crochet with. Love your sweet gifts from Wendy. I love blogs for exactly this reason. Making new friends around the world. Enjoy your warm weather!

  10. What a wonderful outing! Aren't alpacas wonderful! I went to a farm last year. I think I posted it on my blog. You just have the most wonderful scenery! I never heard of a black moon. That yarn is scrumptious! I enjoyed traveling with you.

  11. Hi Teresa, aren't they gorgeous, we went walking with Alpacas a month ago beautiful animals and the fleece/ yarn is hypoallergenic too...a plus for me doesn't make me itch like them love the yarn
    Love you alpaca yarn too hugs x

  12. what an amazing weekend. The alpacas are so gorgeous, I am glad you bought yarn, the natural yarn is very much like the yarn I used to make my knitted cowl in the beginning of the year. I loved that yarn so much I am thinking of unraveling the whole project just to use it again. I believe the "stud" is a llama, he is probably there to protect the herd for intruders. So glad you had a fun time and that I might have encouraged our field trip.


  13. Wow! What a fun day! That alpaca ranch looks like a ton of fun! The alpaca are always so cute! What a nice shop they have! You got some beautiful yarn too! It'll be fun to see what you create with it. That book looks like fun too. What a great day you had! :-D

  14. Really fun post, Teresa! Those alpacas are so CUTE!! They just have doll faces, don't they? I looked online for alpaca farms around here, and there are a few. None of them look like they have a shop with yarns and plentiful and nice as the ones you showed. Your friend was so sweet to send you those needles that belonged to her mother and those pretty green gloves! I love the moon shots. So glad you were able to capture it.

  15. Teresa, do you remember you typed to me that you were planning to stay home and crochet on your blanket this weekend :-) Your spontaneous adventures you went on instead were so fun to read about! How wonderful of Wendy to send you the mitts and special knitting needles! And yours and Travis's photos of the moon are out of this world! Thanks so much for adventuring with Teresa, Dayle, and for supporting her wonderful posts. xxxx

  16. Oh wow that place is dangerous for the bank balance!! The yarn just looks amazing and as for those lovely alpacas!! Your pictures of the moon are outstanding too. A fabulous post! J9 x

  17. The alpacas are beautiful creatures, with such cute faces.... what a great time you had seeing them! Love the colourful yarn and the ice creams look delicious! The moon photos are amazing :)
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  18. I happened upon your blog via Helen Phillips' blog in England! Is such a small world when we are blogging and following others' blogs! You were in the Columbia River Gorge, which was my home for many many years! I LOVE the Gorge! I miss it... there is such gorgeous scenery there, and you took me down memory lane at the Bridge of the Gods (used to cross it many many times, and still do when I visit my son in Washougal!); the East Wind Drive-in (where I stopped tons of times with my young son as we drove back and forth from The Dalles to Washougal) and which he called the Penguin Drive-in!; and the ice cream there! oh yummy and their hamburgers are to die for also;;; your visit to the alpaca farm was awesome and brought back memories of when me and my husband raised them in Washougal. We had our own little farm called Silver Spur Alpacas for 5 years and worked up to 13 sweet animals from the original 3 that we bought. They ARE such sweet creatures, quiet and a little standoffish, but so fun to play with!

    Oh the memories.... I saved hundreds of bags of their beautiful soft fleece, with the plan that I would "someday" too spin it,,, but never did. We gave most away to other spinners when we moved to Central Oregon. The baby alpacas were like little lambs and that's when you can cuddle them. When I lived in Portland in my twenties, I would visit Corbett now and then - what a magical area! the mountains there draw you in, and the old Columbia River Highway, taken from there to Hood River is enchanting. Oh... you should visit Sophie's Enchanted Alpaca, a retail store in Hood River! I think they do carry items made by Foothill Alpacas. The owner, Carol, is a dear friend of mine and she has the most unique and wonderful alpaca clothing and other items for your pleasure!

    Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane. I have probably a thousand pictures of the Columbia River Gorge, taken at all times of the day.... I think it's probably the most photographed place in the world! I am definitely going to subscribe to your blog and take my time (with a cup of tea of course) browsing all of your wonderful posts! Marilyn

  19. What a fabulous pictorial. Great shots. Love the bridge paintings & that sunset cloud is beautiful. Nice camera work indeed!
    I love going on your little adventures. I feel like I'm along for the ride. I can almost taste the lovely ice cream.
    Don't you just love Foothills Yarns & Fibers. My DH and I always visit during Fruit Loop harvest time. I love how it's so tucked away. You think you've lost your way and then all of a sudden you're there.

  20. I've just read "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed who hiked 1000 ish miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. She talks about Mount Hood, and the Bridge of the Gods. How surreal then for you have mentioned it too!
    Love that name "Cowlgirls" :) V funny :)

  21. Haven't you had a lot going on! The alpaca farm and shop look wonderful. I love alpacas, they do have the prettiest faces. They remind me a little of cows. Your whole day looked like fun. I'm so glad you and Dayle take these little trips, it's good for you!

  22. Love your alpaca photos!! I am totally in love with alpacas so it was great to see some on your blog today:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  23. Hi Teresa, i came upon your blog after you made a comment on Lucy's Attic 24 blog. I sometimes click on the links of those who sign off with their blog tag. Some are interesting and some less so but yours made me smile. Your cheery voice spoke fresh and clear as i sit here on a train in sunny Melbourne Australia. Great photos too! I'm looking forward to reading more of your entertaining posts and seeing your crafting projects (avid crochet queen that i am!) Xox

  24. Oh, that first pic does it for me - what a cute little face on that gorgeous alpaca. Gosh, Teresa, you really do have some exciting places near where you live. I'd go broke if let loose in that shop - aren't those yarns beautiful? You made me hungry for ice cream with your cones !!!! Just when I should be trying to give it up and lose a bit of weight ! Very pretty fingerless gloves your friend sent - so sweet of her. I want an alpaca !!!! xox

  25. As soon as I saw your alpaca picture, I thought of Meredith's recent post about her alpaca farm visit. You girls are having all the fun. I'll need to find a farm in my area!

    I adore the penguin ice cream/hamburger sign. Those vintage neon signs are the best.

  26. Okay, I am drooling, positively drooling, over that yarn! Alpaca is the softest yarn and so very lovely. There's an alpaca farm not far from us and I'm waiting for decent weather to go visit it.

    I saw the moon out the kitchen window Sunday night and thought it looked particularly bright and lovely - had no idea it was anything out of the ordinary.

    The tea looks very tempting ... I am a sucker for high-end teas but don't very often indulge the taste. And your photos are gorgeous. Everything looks better with a river and firry hills in the background, doesn't it?

    I would make something very simple with that lovely hand-dyed yarn - a complicated stitch pattern would fight with the colour changes. Probably knitted rather than crocheted....


  27. Oh what a fun adventure. Thank you so much for letting us tag along. One day, I hope to get to tag along with you in person! I love those cute little Alpacas...oh how sweet. I haven't used their fiber before, but I have touched it in the shops and it feels devine. So soft and yummy. I would make a cowl with the lovely yarn...and I can't wait to see your beautiful shawl out of the white fiber, too. Oh what fun. That was super sweet of the nice lady to send you her Moms needles. They are very lovely. I always love seeing the awesome views of where you live. Such a most heavenly place. You are truly blessed sweet friend. Looking forward to your next adventure. :)

  28. OH my GOODNESS! Looking at the pictures with the yarns is such a treat! And it gives me an idea to build my mom a shelf to store her yarns they make a beautiful display.
    Looks like you had an amazing week-end ..

  29. hello Teresa and what a wonderful day you had and then that wonderful moon shot. The alpacas are so sweet. Love the yarn and those ice creams looked very yummy. I wonder if you have persuaded Dayle to go out again ? :-) Hugs Anne x

  30. What amazing yarn the shop had! So many lovely things. You had a great day out! xx

  31. Wow what an amazing post my dear friend. I haven't been able to look or comment much this week as I was helping my son get ready for a retreat and my husband has been sick. Amazing trip to the alpaca farm. It looks like you got a few mor yarns for your collection and what an amazing gift from yr Australian friend. I will try to go visit her. Have a wonderful weekend.


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