Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Crochet, Gorge, Kristi's Castle and Swans

I've been working on my shawl while recuperating from that nasty virus.  Buddy helps me.  He naps on my left thigh while I work.  When I brought him home 13 years ago he was tiny, and so I tucked him on my leg next to my laptop computer and there he stayed.  It's his "safe place".  

Now that Dayle is the treasurer for the Friends of Multnomah Falls we make more trips there.  I never mind going there.  He snapped these for me on my phone.

A lot of water was coming over the falls.. it was a chilly day and the smoke from the fire in the great hall was snaking up into the air.

Dayle suggested we drive on east and get an ice cream in Cascade Locks.. so we did.. this is Horsetail Falls.. see how it looks like a horse's tail?

Kristi put together a Disney Castle in Legos and brought it downstairs to show me.  Wow!  Want to see more photos of it?  When I was taking the image I said.. "You're in the picture."  and she goes.. "Good!".  :-)

That was the front, this is the back, all the rooms open to see.

The rooms have little touches from all the different Disney stories, it's fun to try to figure out which ones.  Below is the bedroom.

This is the cleaning room I guess.. mops and buckets and a trunk with a book inside.  And that magic hat!

See the big candelabra and the rose under glass?  I'm sure these are from one of the stories but not sure which one.

There is even a spinning wheel that turns.. I think this is from Sleeping Beauty.

The kitchen, with a knife rack, bottles and glasses, a stone oven, pots, pans and veggies.

Here's the grand entryway.

And the cast of characters.  8:-)

My friend Shirley went with her brother Mike Miles to see some Tundra Swans which were wintering over at their friend's pond.  I asked if he would share with me and I'd put them on my blog.  Just a bit ago he texted me these two images.  Aren't they great?

I love this one of a pair flying over.  Thanks, Mike!

Our son and his family are heading to Disneyland on Friday - I'm excited for them all.  Kristi has never been and it will be the boy's first visit.  Travis only went once when he was quite young, so this will be quite the event for them.  Plus, they will be visiting LegoLand!  I hope you're having a wonderful week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. So sorry you've been under the weather, I do hope you're all better soon. Dear little Buddy, he's such a sweetie. The Lego castle is absolutely amazing, it really is. Lovely to see those tundra swans. The Bewick's swans we have near here have started to leave on their journey back to Siberia. I'm always a bit sad to see them go, but it's as it should be. Hopefully they will return in October/November with their cygnets. Look after yourself Teresa, and get well soon. CJ xx

  2. Oh Teresa Kristi's castle is fantastic and I love the added little things like a Halloween pumpkin and cauldron too lol beautiful swans and of course I love all of your waterfalls....enjoying quite a few here in NZ xoxo and they will all sure have fun at disneyland....i went with my 4 many many years ago xo

  3. While I intended to keep up at least reading posts while I have been traveling and having company I failed to read most and those I read I left no comments, so I have a lot to type to you and other blogging friends 😊 Your Snowdrops make a gorgeous natural carpet...a promise of Spring and I love the pretty flower Dayle brought you. I never tire of your photos of the Falls and the Gorge and have not driven over that way this winter, so especially enjoyed seeing what you have seen. The swans are amazing, too. I enjoyed seeing your latest knitting and crochet projects, too, and am having fun crocheting a preemie blanket with your sister thinks the pattern is beautiful and is in awe because she does not crochet and thinks the pattern looks really difficult. I so admire your beadwork, too! This morning my bracelet fell off my wrist onto my bed. All the parts are there and nothing looks stretched, it just managed to jiggle apart where one of the rings hooks into the strand of beads...I hope to coax it back together this afternoon. Kristi's castle is grand, and I am excited to hear they are headed to Disneyland! I am headed back to Burbank from the 8-14...not to Disneyland this time though. Please give Buddy some love pats from me and wave to Simba for me. Yay for the first eggs of the new year, and plans to increase your flock of hens. Wishing you and yours well, xoxoxoxo

  4. Kristi just must be the coolest daughter-in-law. I cannot even imagine putting together that castle!

  5. Teresa - Those falls are magnificent! So pretty. That castle is just amazing! How long did it take her to make it? Unbelievable.


  6. Your friends' photos of the swans are amazing. We just get Canadian geese over here. They've been a bit disgruntled with the winter pond that keeps expanding this year. Glad you're feeling better!

  7. I'm glad Kristi and castle made it downstairs all in one piece. That's quite the project! I wish them a safe trip to Disneyland. I've never been there either. I've been to CA once. The tundra swans are nice. Not photographed any, yet. This week has been good, with not alot of rain and feeling better. Now Megan has a cold bug and I hope I don't get it. Lysol spray it away! Get to feeling better every day!

  8. As old as I am I never tire of my visits to Florida and Disneyworld, the magical experience always stays with you. I hope they have a wonderful time. I love the castle my Grandchildren would love it. I also never tire of seeing the falls, always a delight. Hope you are feeling better.

  9. Wow! impressive castle...that must have taken sometime to build! Awesome photographs of the swans. At present all we get here are seagulls far too many of them.
    What yarn are you using for your shawl? It looks lovely and silky and I do like the combination of colours,great pattern too.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. Oh that Lego castle is amazing! She is very talented to be able to make such an intricate design. Thanks for the photos of the swans - I've never seen one in real life and they are so beautiful.

  11. Kristi will just love it. Her lego castle is amazing. Im so glad you all were sick BEFORE their vacation. Now they will surely enjoy it and be well. Love Multnomah...always. The geese images are really crisp and beautiful Teresa~

  12. I'm so happy to hear you've felt well to be out and about a bit. Thanks always a good sign. That castle is amazing. I just know the kids will all enjoy Disneyland. We've always wanted to go back with the grandkids someday. I hope you continue to improve. That stuff out there is nasty this year isn't it?

  13. Your crochet is looking lovely Teresa and how gorgeous is your Buddy x...Love the pics of the beautiful...and well done Kristi building the castle...ooh, so much work and patience!
    Happy weekend,
    Susan x

  14. That castle is amazing. How exciting they are off to visit that magical place. Hope you are resting up and feel better.


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