Monday, February 27, 2017

Blowing the Cobwebs out of my Head

Hello.. thanks for stopping by.  We had a fairly sunny day on Saturday so I kidnapped my husband for an outing.  When I got in the car I saw the sun shining on this patch of Snowdrops up the hill a bit from my carport and pulled out my camera for a snap.  I'd say they are at their peak and will soon start to wane.

So many sweet little flowers!

We have so many patches of these around the farm and every year they get bigger and spread more.  If you don't have some of these, you really should get some.

We drove into Gresham, our nearest town, and had lunch at Bon Teriyaki.  They make incredible tempura shrimp and yakisoba noodles.  Nummers.  Then we went to Coastal Farm store and picked up a bale of grass hay.  It's time to clean the chicken house and put down some fresh hay for bedding.  I also like to spread some grass hay in their run.  Then when we headed home I kept going as after being housebound with our virus.. I needed to see my river gorge.  Here we are at Portland Women's Forum - ahhh.. that's better.  Vista House is approximately 1 mile from where I stand.

A bit of a zoom.. I know you've seen this before.. I hope you're not tired of it.. but how can you tire of this scene?

The shot.  

And a full zoom at Vista House.  Now.. I have an admission to make.  I got a replacement camera for the pocket Lumix I used to use until it got ruined by being splashed with sticky water and the lens wouldn't open and the buttons would stick and not open.  I got the newer version of it, the Lumix DMC-ZS60.  I'm very pleased with it.  How's this for a zoom from a mile away?

Backing out a bit and including Beacon Rock and can you see Bonneville Dam back there?

Looking down over Rooster Rock.  You can see it better in winter when the leaves are off the deciduous trees.

Then we drove on to Vista House, drove around it, then pulled over above it to snap a shot.  I zoomed in across the river to Washington State to catch the snow on the mountains.. kind of fun when you can see farms you can't see with the naked eye.

This is where I was standing when I zoomed across.. right there in front of Vista House.  I sure do love that building.

Our dear feral cat Simba.. waiting for Kristi to feed him.  :-)

And lookie!  Our hen Shelby laid the first two eggs of 2017!  I guess they know it's time for spring?  Did I tell you that we were down to 3 hens and we lost one during the long freeze?  It was Hershey, the Cuckoo Maran.  Shelby is of non-defined heritage.  We were sold an Ameracauna but she was not as she didn't lay aqua eggs.  Betsy Ross is a real Ameracauna and is still with us and has been our best layer.  I expect her to begin laying soon, too.  We've decided to get 6 baby chicks and let the boys help raise them.  

We watched the Academy Award program last night.  I enjoyed it, but at the very end there was quite the kerfluffle!  Warren Beatty was given the wrong envelope for Best Picture of the Year and announced "LaLa Land" as the winner, but it was wrong and it was really "Moonlight".  What a mess!  Did you watch?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gorgeous pictures of one of my favorite places. It's snowing here again today. Four more inches expected tonight. This really is the long, long winter. I can't even begin to imagine flowers in the yard. Simba looks like a sweetie. Fresh eggs sound wonderful. I think I'm going to make some eggs for myself for my lunch. We never watch any of the award shows. Have a lovely week my friend. Blessings, Betsy

  2. You have the best views. I didn't watch the awards, but read all about the crazy happenings this morning. We are looking to get some more chickens this spring.

  3. I didn't watch the academy awards but have certainly heard about the mix-up. Its all over the news here and of course social media too. Well, to say I'm impressed with your photos from the new camera would be an understatement. WOW .. absolutely amazing. I tend to use my iPhone for most pictures these days as its with me most of the time and takes a pretty reasonable photo. Of course the zoom is nowhere as good as yours. Simba is looking good - must be all that good tucker he's getting! Looks like Dayle will be cooking you eggs and bacon for brekky soon. Xox

  4. Beautiful photos Teresa. I think your new camera has an amazing zoom. Good for the boys raising the chicks, that will a wonderful experience for them. I watched the first two hours but then had to go to bed, I work on Monday and can't stay up. What a mess it was, poor Warren Beatty.

  5. What beautiful photos. I don't know about anyone else, but I could never get tired of looking at those views! What a great zoom your new camera has. I watched the Academy Awards, too, that mix-up was awful. I felt bad for everyone, especially Warren Beatty. Simba is so precious; I wish he'd let you bring him inside.

  6. I enjoyed your gorge-ous photos! I enjoy it so much there. I know what you feel like, down and out and need to be out once one feels better again. Been to all those places and love it! Enjoy your new camera! My dau-in-law keeps us up to date on what eggs their hens are laying. So far a couple have been laying a few eggs and soon the other ones will as well. Then we'll get more eggs which we enjoy! I don't watch the awards...rarely watch any movies any more. We did see Hidden Figures which is quite good. Hope you all feel much better now. Take care!

  7. I'm glad you got out and are feeling better Teresa..lovely photos.The Oscars fiasco made the news hilarious! xx

  8. I hope you're all feeling better soon. Those are nice eggs! I haven't had an egg since last summer and I don't expect any now that my good layer has died. I'd like to get a couple more hens soon, maybe three. I don't know what kind, though. I hope you're having a good week so far!

  9. #1. I never tired of your photos
    #2 I love that you got a new camera. WE will reap the benefits! so thanks
    #3 I left my snowdrops in Glenview. I hope the new owners are enjoying them
    #4 I think we set the clocks ahead after one more weekend. ! I cant wait to see the chicks

  10. Beautiful snowdrops and beautiful views...such breath taking scenery where you are! So glad you are better now Teresa. Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  11. I love visiting and seeing the beautiful area that you live, such a delight. You certainly have an impressive camera. We are going to invest in a better camera once we have moved and are settled to capture the beautiful views and wildlife. What a joy to be eating such fresh newly laid eggs. I didn't watch the awards but heard about the mix up on the news. Take care.

  12. The awards sure made the news here in NZ....I do as I tell you love visiting your world as the photos are stunning and WOW to that new camera just using my samsung 5 mobile camera and happy with that for sure xoxoxo and those boys will sure love raising chickens


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