Monday, April 3, 2017

Anniversary Celebration

Dayle and I celebrated our 47 years on Saturday.  We returned to the Columbia Gorge Hotel for our anniversary dinner.  We drove east in clouds and rain but were happy to see lots of blue sky and sunshine when we neared in Hood River.  :-)

My knee was acting up so Dayle dropped me off at the lobby and took my camera to get some photos for me.  Sweet man.  I waited for our table in the lobby on the round settee while looking into the Valentino Lounge.

The daffodils were in bloom!

The grounds of the hotel are wonderful.. there is a creek running through that flows to the edge of the cliff and becomes Wah Gwin Gwin Falls.  I love this stone bridge over the creek.

Here is the creek rushing to the edge.. 

Dayle walked over the wooden bridge to photograph the other side of the creek rushing to the edge.

And here is the falls tumbling down the cliff and under the railroad bridge to the Columbia River.

How cool is it that the waterfall is right behind the hotel?  See the multi-paned windows in the hotel?  That's where the dining room is, a wonderful view.

He made the whole loop around the hotel and snapped this garden sculpture which is in front of the lobby entrance in the garden area.

I snapped a shot of the Forsythia through the old wavy glass window.. I thought the image turned out kind of neat.

Our waiter in the restaurant remembered us from last year and showed us his darling daughter that was born since we last were there.  :-)

He offered to take a snap of us.

We both had Chicken Chardonnay - Chicken breast with mushrooms, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes in a Chardonnay cream sauce.  It was delish!

The view is wonderful, and they brought us a complimentary dessert as it was our anniversary.  

It was nummy!

As we left I snapped a photo of this lovely oil painting in the entrance of the lobby.. it sets such a mood as you enjoy this vintage hotel.

A final look back.. we had a lovely time.

As we pulled out I got this last shot of the entrance, the gardens, the sign and the hotel.  What a wonderful place.

As we enjoyed the drive home a lovely sunset was beginning, so when we took the Corbett exit I drove us on up to Vista House to snap some photos.  This is what we found when we got there.. perfect!

It's kind of amazing how the sunset changes by the second as the sun descends below the horizon.  The lights came on in the beautiful lamp posts that circle Vista House.

I raised my arms high to get a shot of the sunset reflected in the windows of Vista House.  :-)  I'm happy with this one!

Day is done.. gone the sun.. 

This was us 47 years ago.  My how time flies.  

Thanks for sharing our day with us.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I have never been inside the Columbia Gorge Hotel. Definitely a place I need to put on top of my priority list. Happy Anniversary!

  2. WOW!!! Thanks for another post that is my "favorite" 😊 I am so glad you had a lovely time celebrating your 47 years together, and appreciate you sharing the beauty around you. Love with hugs 🤗 to you and Dayle.

  3. Congrats to you funny that I share my birthday with your special day! Lovely photos especially the sunset...what a great day you had xx

  4. What a gorgeous place to spend your anniversary evening. And that sunset, wow, stunning. Glad you had a nice time, and how lovely to have a photo of you both together. That dessert, oh my, it looks divine. Sorry your knee is giving you problems, I hope it improves soon. Happy anniversary to you both, lovely to see that beautiful wedding picture again, love that you wore flowers in your hair. CJ xx

  5. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a lovely time. Wonderful pictures. In August my husband and I will be married 46 years. You are right - time does fly.

  6. That was a beautiful post and looks like a fabulous anniversary celebration. Happy 47 years together. That dessert looks amazing and the sunset photos are stunning. Thank you for sharing with us. So pretty.

  7. Mega congratulations Teresa and Dayle!!! Beautiful pictures and I sure enjoyed visiting along with you xoxoxo

  8. Happy Anniversary Teresa & Dayle. What a wonderful way to celebrate. DH and I will celebrate 46 years in August. His Anne x

  9. Happy Anniversary, Teresa and Dayle! I'm glad you had a nice celebration at the Columbia Gorge Hotel. Maybe that will be a good spot for us this coming Oct when we celebrate our 40th anniversary. The sunset photos are lovely. I enjoyed your wedding portrait. So serious looking but what a lovely couple you are, now and then. God bless you with many more years together! Hugs!! {}

  10. What a beautiful couple you and Dayle are, then and now! Congratulations on being married for 47 years. This will be exactly my age in four weeks time. I really love your wedding photograph. I hope your knee will stop bothering you. Wishing you a lovely week. x

  11. Happy Anniversary! And thanks for the photos - all gorgeous.

  12. Thank YOU for sharing another amazing photographic joyful post. The images are crisp and clear and I so want to visit. !!!! We are in the very early planning stages. God Bless you with many more happy years. .

  13. I wanted to pop in quickly and wish you and Dayle the very best Anniversary. It is not easy this marriage thing so I am even more impressed that you have made it this far with love still in your heart. Love to you both Teresa.

  14. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful post. You and Dayle took some amazing photos of the hotel, the gardens and oh my goodness! The Sunset!! Absolutely stunning. You make a gorgeous couple then and now!

  15. Happy Anniversary. I love that wedding photo of you and Dayle - absolutely gorgeous and you were a stunning couple. The Columbia Gorge Hotel looks amazing. You got some nice photos and what a perfect ending for a perfect day - those sunset shots - wow. Love from 'downunder' xox

  16. Happy Anniversary to you and Dayle! What a wonderful accomplishment, and testament to marriage!! Looks like you had a lovely getaway!
    I have seen that photo of your wedding day once before, and it is stunning.
    And new chicks too! So exciting. LOVE, love, love the new coop you got! Greg got me a new one for my birthday last week, and it will be delivered in two weeks. I have a dozen new chickies...just peeping away in the brooder out back. I am so happy to be in the chicken biz again. And I am trying to get myself back into the habit of blogging again as well.
    xo Kris

  17. Happy Anniversary!! What a lovely place to celebrate together. I hope you have many more happy years of marriage and anniversary celebrations together!

  18. Happy Anniversary to you both.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    So much beautifull photos !!
    With affection xx

  19. Happy Anniversary to you both! Congratulations! Such a lovely celebration in a lovely place. The photos are beautiful! Have a great week Teresa.
    Helen xox


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