Friday, April 28, 2017

Last Day at the Beach

The last full day at the beach on vacation is always bittersweet.  You want to make the most of it and you are also looking forward to heading home and to sleep in your own bed.  We had our last lunch at Georgie's Grill and this was the view from our table.  They have that walkway and platform there for weddings - the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is off in the distance for photos of the happy couple.  I had the most divine shrimp for lunch!

We then drove down to the Historic Bayfront.. I hopped out of the car to take some photos of the sea lions on the jetties - I wish you could hear them.. they go ORK ORK ORK.. 

Goofy creatures.

Do you see the young ones of the group?

The NOAA ship was across the way.  It's the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  I hope it's not a victim of the current administration's budget cuts.  

I also love this cute little fishing boat, Luna.

I have a favorite place that I go, where they keep stacks and stacks of crab traps, where I snap a photo of Yaquina Bay Bridge behind the fishing fleet.  If you're a longtime reader of my blog you may recognize this.  :-)

Driving back along the bay front where the second Mo's restaurant resides.  Now there are many of them along the coast.

As you round the corner up off the bay front you see on the left the Coast Guard Station, isn't it gorgeous?  I am particularly fond of this image with the dark storm clouds behind it with the sun illuminating the building.  :-)

The next detour off Hwy 101 was to visit the tiny park where I can see my favorite house at the beach.  it's a stone and cedar shake cottage.  I was horrified to see a huge new home being built next to it.. it sure does ruin the view!  

But I can always crop it out.  :-)

 This viewpoint park is at the northern end of Otter Crest Loop.  Here is Dayle and Buddy enjoying the view.. smile!  *click*

After we left the park I drove into the loop where the stone house resides and we found the name of it on this gorgeous stone pillar with a bronze plaque - CRAGGANMORE.  My dream home.

I did some internet sleuthing and this house sold for $49,995 by the last purchasers in 1989!  Oh my.  

And this is the waterfall that tumbles down in front of the house.  So pretty.

One time when I was taking photos of my favorite house there was a man on the porch enjoying the view from one of the Adirondack chairs there.  

I love the paint colors they used.

And the stonework is wonderful.

And so, yesterday we awoke, had our coffee and breakfast, packed up and stowed everything and drove home.  One thing I'm so happy about is that the lilacs did not bloom out while I was gone.. it was too chilly and rainy.. we have some nice weather coming now so I will be able to cut my lilac bouquet soon!  Now.. back to real life.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely last day reprise...sigh. Thanks so much for taking the time to publish the post. I really enjoyed seeing the familiar but ever changing sights, and was particularly appreciative of Buddy's smile! I have a slim tall traveler's art journal that has lined, blank and grid pages. I have some projects on each type of paper so far and am using the first two grid pages to plan an embroidery piece similar to my mom's. Over the last week we have been fending off a virus with various annoying, but not deadly symptoms in our household, and we all want some vitamin D from sunshine! I am looking forward to lilac days, too. Welcome home! 🤗

  2. That is a beautiful house and the view is to die for! Your camping trip here always sounds so nice. I planted a lilac last year and it survived our crazy winter. Currently has a few blooms. Woot!

  3. I have always loved seeing that house as we drive down the highway too. It is very sad that there will be a new house encroaching on that beautiful scene. And $49,000! That is amazing. Thank you for sharing more scenes of my beautiful Oregon coast. I loved it all.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip away with some wonderful food. I loved seeing your favourite little cottage, a real delight. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. Take care.

  5. What a lovely trip you enjoyed Teresa. Enjoy the lilac when you get home xx

  6. Hi Teresa, you have some lovely trips away. We have just returned from a couple of days in Holland, we can go by ferry from Hull. It was a national holiday while we were there, for the Kings birthday. Konings Dag. People wear orange and there are parties, street food, music and market stalls. It was fun!! Love from Kathleen in Yorkshire

  7. All the images are lovely. But the man and his dog top all!

  8. Glad you had a nice trip. I agree it's always hard to leave the Coast. Let's hope you're right about some nice weather; we've had the most rain here since 1895 which is probably about when they started keeping track.

  9. Glad your trip went well. I like going down there on the bay front as well. All the boats and bridge make it picturesque. My lilacs bloomed last week and they are so pretty. Enjoying all my flowers and can't wait to see my peony bloom this year. It didn't last year but it grew up real nice when weather got a bit warmer. I did put some of my plants in the garage, since many of them are in pots that aren't too heavy to move. Our trip was nice but wish we had an extra night ooooohhh well! Happy weekend!

  10. Lovely, last day memories Teresa. Hugs Anne x


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