Monday, May 1, 2017

Chicks and Flowers

And I mean real chicks.  :-)  We have been growing our 9 chicks in the guest bathroom clawfoot tub for weeks now.  Time to introduce them to the 2 older hens and their new home.  They all huddled in the corner as they're used to being together.  

Kristi put in a lower branch "roost" for them and was trying to show them how to use it.. she put each one on it and not one of them took to it.  Kinda cute how she loves the chicks, she's been taking very good care of them.  They spent their first night in the chicken coop and did fine.  She found them all huddled together in a nest box.  :-)

We set up some chairs and watched the chicks for some time.. those ears are Kristi's dog Shelby's.  She and Bubba lived outside before Bubba passed away, but Shelby was so lonely when he was gone we welcomed her into the house with us.  She immediately tried to fit into Buddy's little bed.  :-)

Back outside.. this wild cherry tree is super laden with blossoms, it will be covered with bright red cherries soon enough.

This is right behind the chicken yard and our garage barn.

I took my camera and did a walkabout in the farmyard.  The dark purple French Lilacs are almost ready to open up! :-)

The white lilac by the deck and kitchen window is starting to open.

Kristi bought these amazing white Hosta for me a few years ago, they've done very well and they're beautiful.  

I noticed this little patch of Bluebells a few years back, I have no idea where they came from, but I love them and each year there are more flowers.  :-)

Our white Azalea is starting to bloom!  I put the white lilac next to it for my "white garden".

The first Rhododendron to bloom each year is this light pink one which has these kind of droopy blooms.  :-) This is our front entry walkway to the front door.  Oops, time to take the xmas lights down.  LOL!

The next 3 images are our big red Azalea that is right at the entry to our circular driveway.  It is so dependable!

I started to walk into the front yard to see what was blooming and was startled by movement just a few feet away.. I stood very still and raised my camera and did a bit of a zoom.. *snap*

This wild hare apparently did not find me very ominous.  :-)

Last fall my blog friend Kathy, that lives just under an hour away, told me she had two of her green Japanese Maples in pots that she wanted to give away.  So, we planned a visit and then brought these home and planted them in our circle of the driveway.  I hoped that our miserable freezing winter did not kill them.. and was so happy to see them leafing out!  Thanks, Kathy!

We've had a plethora of rain, the pasture is lush and green and the 2 pear trees are blooming!

The Japanese Rose aka "Kerria Japonica" is in full bloom.

Even though this plant has infiltrated my big raspberry colored Rhodie, it's still pretty.  

The Oregon Grape, aka Mahonia, is actually in waning bloom.  The purple Lilac beyond.  Our kitchen garden window is there in the photo.

This Rhodie - I don't know the variety - but it's gorgeous, the buds start out pink but when they bloom out they are creamy white.

The Lily-of-the-Valley is starting to bloom!  I have a big patch in the front entry garden but those are behind this one.  I envision a small bouquet very soon.  They smell out this world!

We have a volunteer Lady Fern in a pot on our deck.. don't you love the fronds as they are unfurling?

The Sea Pink (also called Thrift or Armeria Maritima) ground cover we got for Kristi when she admired them when she visited us at the beach the last time we were there - is in bloom.  

The Japanese Painted Fern also is dependable.. pushing it's way up through the thick Creeping Myrtle ground cover to claim it's space in the garden.

Kristi has done some garden grooming and the Hosta are all pushing up and looking glorious!

Another plant that won't take no for an answer pushes the myrtle aside to thrive.  :-)

We have several variety of hosta.. I want each one to be different.  This is a lime green one.

A white tipped one.

Is there anything more heartening than the trees and plants bursting forth in the spring?  It gives me hope.  Which I kind of need right now.  We lost one of our old pond fish and one of the new koi.. I guess we got the new fish too early.  And to be honest we haven't seen the 2nd pond fish or 2nd koi either.  :-(

I love the look of my red Japanese maple in the Spring - it is never so brilliant as when it leafs out.. until fall when it turns colors.

My adorable grandson Caleb loves to find the eggs in the new nests and brought this in to show me.  Awww.. 

Our poor feral cat Simba.  KathyB.. you're the cat lady.. does he look really old or just infirm?  Kristi feeds him well but he never gains an ounce.  

Well.. that was a long post!  I hope you enjoyed hanging out in the Oregon countryside with me.  Have a super week.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How gorgeous all your plants and blossoms look Teresa. I am in awe of your hosta especially the white one..I am amazed how little slug damage you have! The chicks have certainly grown. Poor Simba does looks thin...if he is not unwell then he probably needs worming. We have enjoyed a bank holiday here today. Enjoy your week xxx

  2. That dark purple lilac is gorgeous, they're one of my favourite flowers. Love the hostas too, and so perfect and uneaten. I had to give up on mine, the snails loved them too much. Lovely to see your chicks settling in outside, no doubt they will be happy with you. CJ xx

  3. Wow! Everything is blooming at your house. It's so cold and windy here today. I had a nice walk around the lake this morning and then packed up and came home. The wind is howling now. The chicks look very happy, even if they're a little afraid. I'm sure they'll adjust soon with Kristi's good care. And I had to laugh out loud at Shelby! How funny that a dog that big was trying to get in Buddy's bed. Poor Simba does not look well. I hope you're able to figure out what's going on.
    Blessings always and happy May Day!

  4. Your garden is looking good, I especially like the hostas, the lime green is particularly nice. Sorry to hear about the fish, maybe Simba is just getting old? I hope you have a good week Teresa. Fiona x

  5. I'm happy you found a place in the ground for those Green japanese maples. I gave some babies away this spring to a guy who is gonna try for a bonsai forest. Yeah - he sucked me in - I'm growing my teeny forest too. They are a good plant to 'miniaturize". I'm coming for your clumping bamboo. I have you penciled in for next Monday - god help us on The Daily Drizzle. Thanks for the tour.

  6. Another WOW from me :) Your blossoms are spectacular! Thanks for sharing photos of them with us! We have not seen any rabbits around here recently. I would have preferred to see one instead of the slithery striped garter snake I saw while out pulling down dried flower stalks. Your chicks have grown so much since I saw them last. I hope they continue to thrive. I enjoyed seeing Shelby's ears in the one photo and then her whole big furry self trying to fit in Buddy's little bed. The pretty trees Kathy gave you look happy. I am sorry that you are having fish troubles though. We have been having white wild cherry blossom showers here for a week while the pretty green wild cherry tree leaves unfurl. Happy May to you and yours! xx

  7. The chicks are so precious and so is Shelby! Bless her heart trying to fit in Buddy's bed! You have so many things in bloom and such a great variety. I always love to see the photos. As for the feral cat, have you tried adding some wormer to his food? Might be the problem since he doesn't gain weight.

  8. Gorgeous flowers. All of mine bloomed really early this year. We've had several frosts in just the last few weeks, but I think and hope that everything was far enough along that it doesn't seem to have hurt any of them.

    LOVE THAT WHITE HOSTA!! Have never seen one but will get one if I ever do.

    Thanks for they walk thru your gardens.


  9. Your garden is amazing--and such a variety of plants!

  10. Tricky but I'm also thinking he might need worming, no chance of getting him to the vet I guess as he's feral?

    Gorgeous plants, I gave up on my hosta since the slugs loved it too much!

  11. Oh I loved each and every leaf, flower and bud Teresa!!! I love when all the leaves are fresh and no holes have been chewed!
    As for Simba, I suspect he has worms. IF he can't gain weight as an old relaxed cat that is fed, he may well be full of worms. Wondering if you can sneak a wormer into his food? It can't hurt. I'm not that well versed in feral cat problems. But i'll ask my vet pal!

  12. So many lovely flowers here Teresa! Love the white picket fence!! My lily of the valley flowers have also just come into delicate and pretty! Wishing you a happy month of May!
    Helen xox

  13. This place is so beuatiful!Thanks God!!

  14. I always love seeing your garden it is fantastic ♥ lol big dog in tiny bed so cute and love those little chicks xoxo

  15. I am so jealous of your garden! I am originally from the UK and loved the spring when everything turned such a vibrant green and plants and flowers started blooming. Now I live at 7200ft in Colorado and last Saturday we had 24" snow and 4' drifts. I can't plant anything until Memorial weekend and miss the Spring colors so much, which makes your blog so lovely to read.

  16. Oh those baby chickens have come along nicely - they'll be laying eggs soon !!! Shelby looks sad and I'm so pleased she is allowed in the house now. Your garden is looking pretty - I'm hoping my Rhododendrons flower profusely again this year. The bush was pruned rather drastically a few years ago and its only just starting to look good again. I hope Simba is ok - such a shame he won't allow you to pet him. Kristi is wonderful for taking care of him. Xox

  17. I always love your posts, never too long !!
    And I really enjoy hanging out in the Oregon countryside with you. Have a super week too. Thank you Teresa and all the family.

  18. Gorgeous shots around the farm!! The chicks look good! Mine were roosting in their little brooder coop, so they took to the roosts right away. I am about to do a post on my new coop! Kristi is a good chicken Mama!
    Oh, and what story about the anniversary ring nearly getting tossed away! I know that was to another post, but I just remembered!! Wow...good save!!
    xo Kris

  19. What an enchanting place to live. How I'm hankering to be in the country again. It's been over 30 years since I've lived amongst trees and hills. Sigh. Loved all your beautiful photos.


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