Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Table, Boys Birthdays and Kokanee

Hello!  Has Spring found you at your home?  We're full into it here in Corbett, Oregon!  My dear husband picked me a bouquet of our daffodils yesterday as rain is predicted and he knew they would not fare well with heavy rain.  Last year I bought a package of "pink" daffodils and this lovely lady was one of them.

I think I need to collect more unusual daffodil bulbs, do you have different ones?  So pretty!

Another of them.. whee!

And the third of the 3 varieties sent to me.  Which one is your favorite?

I put all my Easter treasures out, too.  Two of my figurines are knitting bunnies.  

This is a treasure of mine.. I made it in 7th grade in art class.  We had a great teacher and he taught us how to do ceramics and all the steps.. sanding down the seams, glazing and all.  It's a cotton ball dispenser.. you pull cotton out of it's tail!  LOL!

Can you say "photo bomber"?  The cute little raspberry pink lamb is a gift from a friend from across the country.. he just jumped right in my basket full of my crocheted eggs!

More of my bunny figurines from Royal Doulton.  I adore them.

Another fun Easter thing is the glass bunny.. it's vintage and hollow and originally was filled with jelly beans.  It's very similar to a chocolate mold.

Caleb and Hayden celebrated their birthdays on Friday and Monday - for 4 days each year they are the same age!  They are now 8 and 9.  Such good boys!

At the Mexican restaurant they brought ice cream for the birthday boy, put a giant sombrero on his head and sang Happy Birthday to him.  When the waiter set the ice cream down, he put his finger in the whipped cream and put some on Caleb's nose.. lol!

On Saturday our son Travis took Caleb and his friend Ernie fishing for Kokanee on Lake Merwin in Washington.  Kokanee are land locked salmon!  They did pretty well!

Travis said they are so bright and shiny that they looked gorgeous in the sunlight.

Our little fisherman!

Travis skillfully filleted the 5 fish for our dinner on Sunday night.

Kristi made an herbed honey mustard to brush on the fish and cooked them just to perfection.  She served it with wild rice, broccoli and cole slaw.  What a feast!

Travis took this wonderful sunset over the lake as they headed back to the dock to load our boat up for the trip home.

I'm off to swim soon.  What fun things do you have in store today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh my middle boy would be so envious of that time spent fishing, what fun. Glad those boys had a good birthday, the restaurant sounds brilliant. Those pink daffodils are amazing, never seen anything like them before. I'm not the biggest fan of yellow flowers, but I think I could get quite attached to pink and white ones. I adore that little rabbit that you made in 7th grade, and what an amazing thing to have made when you were so young. It's fantastic. And I love that you've kept it. CJ xx

  2. Happy Birthday Hayden and Caleb🎶 All three of the pink Daffodils are pretty, but I especially like the third one you showed. I am glad you got to enjoy the guys' fishing trip through both pictures and eating the salmon. Your Spring decorations are sweet...I am fond of all your bunnies! See you soon 🏊 XX

  3. I'm with Gracie. My favorite is the third one with the pink that you showed us. I love all your Easter gives me hope that spring is on the way. It's raining here today but that's better than snow! Happy birthday to Hayden and Caleb. The party looks like a good time and the fishing trip looks to have been quite successful . I need to get some of Kristi's recipes, everything always sounds and looks so good.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. All so wonderful Teresa and sure do love your different daffodils so pretty. Happy birthday to Hayden and all your cute decorations always. Here washing clothes as it is a lovely sunny autumn day here xo

  5. All of my daffodils are over 20 years old. I need to get some new ones - loving the pink frilly one. Fresh kokanee...nummers.

  6. Happy birthday to the boys! Those daffodils are so pretty. We usually only associate them with being yellow, so nice to see the different colors and structure of them. I've been enjoying lots of outdoor time with gorgeous weather. But for some reason, every time the weekend rolls around, the weather turns a little iffy. In a little bit I'm off to the hospital to volunteer. Happy Thursday!

  7. I love that first pink daff pretty. Happy birthday to your dear boys and your Easter table looks perfect. What a joyful post! xxx

  8. Happy Birthday to the boys! They look to have enjoyed their fishing a lot. Your bunnies are all adorable!

  9. WOW. THat bunny ceramic brought back a big memory! I made one! I thought the cotton ball butt was the cutest thing ! Haven't thought of it in YEARS. I think I gave it to my mom THANKS TERESA!!!

  10. Precious boys!! Love your rabbit with the cotton tails!! So cute. Those pink daffodils are the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. Love them all. Think I will hunt out some new different ones also,

    Happy Thursday.



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