Friday, April 7, 2017

Star Magnolia, White Elephant and Spring Program

My beloved Star Magnolia is one of the earliest trees to bloom here on the farm.  I'm glad I took these photos on Wednesday after swimming as we're in the midst of a wind storm this morning and I have a feeling these pretty white blooms will be a bit bruised now.  Aren't they just lovely and white?

It's kind of funny as the flowers burst open before any leaves are on the tree and to be honest.. the tree looks kind of scraggly.. lol.  So the flowers really do look like stars sprinkled across a dark background.

The tree is right next to the red azalea which is also coming into full bloom.  We planted the magnolia, it's kind of neat to add new things to this old farm place.. giving it our stamp so to speak.

We planted all my pink daffodils at the base of my dark purple French Lilac tree/bush.

Each Spring I see these little patches of a weed in the grass with adorable little purple flowers.. I just googled that very phrase and have identified these as "Corn Speedwell".  :-)

Now.. if we have sunny weather my dear husband usually mows these babies down without a second thought before I can get a photo.  But this year we've had many cold and damp days so these little pretties have managed to escape the ravages of his spinning blades.  The flowers are as tiny as your little fingernail.. made ya look! :-)  But aren't the blooms delightful?

We attended the Portland Women's Forum meeting yesterday - and I found two new treasures on our White Elephant Sales table.  A pot of Shamrocks and a vintage Corningware Saucemaker.

This came with the twist-on handle, too!  

What sold me on this is the measurements inside, this will come in handy around here.

I plan to re-pot my old shamrock and add this into the pot to fill it out a bit.  The green shamrock has white flowers and the red plant has pink flowers.  I adore them.

Then last evening the boys had a Spring concert at their grade school.  Can you find our guys?  LOL!

There's Caleb on the far right.. I think he's spotted me with the camera.  :-)

Here is Hayden mid-song.  The songs were all about rocks and geology.. it was so cute!

Both boys got to play musical instruments during the program, here is Hayden playing a wooden xylophone.  I love the un-posed smile in this photo.. he's just having fun.

Caleb and the boy's good friend Aiden both played the drums during one song.  It was "We will Rock You".. with different lyrics about geology terms.  Very fun.

We have a very exciting day planned.. right now we have a pond maintenance tech here cleaning our pond and power washing the stream and pond beds.  Then we are also expecting the delivery of our new chicken coop!!  I should have some play-by-play photos for you on Monday.  What are your weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Those little purple flowers are so sweet. As you know, I adore purple everything! We still have NO flowers around here. Exciting times for you. Our excitement were kids that took over a foreclosed house on our block for spring break. The police have been here dozens of times this week. We have such a quiet neighborhood that this is a big shock. Fortunately, several of us neighbors banded together and found the details the police needed to be able to take action. They couldn't even kick the kids out of the house. Literally 50-70 kids! We called the news stations and it made the news several times. Then the police decided to come out! About six of us have been playing detective and making lots of phone calls. It's been a crazy week. Now the house has been boarded up and hopefully they'll stay away. Whew! I'm ready for my nice calm, peaceful place back. We're told it's been happening everywhere.

    I hope you have a nice weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing your new coop. Fun times!

  2. So glad you have not been blown away, and that you still have power! Ours flickered off and our indoor fountain has not come back on...have to find some sort of reset button, I guess. I loved seeing your flowers up close, and learning about them. The boys rock concert would have been fun to hear, and you got some great views of them. I look forward to seeing the new hen fortress and the spring cleaned pond. Tomorrow I am taking my 83 year old friend out for a birthday brunch at Elmer's...and the next day she will be 84! Happy Weekend! xx

  3. Love the photos of the boys at their concert. Brilliant finds at the sale, especially the jug, I really like the measurements inside as well. Exciting to have a new chicken coop arriving, I'm very envious! We'll be going out for the afternoon tomorrow, some fresh air, that kind of thing. On Sunday there's some football to be watched. Maybe a walk in the afternoon. Or maybe the skatepark. The weather is absolutely glorious here at the moment. Hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  4. Your blooms are so beautiful. We have some trees blooming right now, but no flowers to speak of, just yet. Frost advisory tonight and a day full of softball tomorrow. No rest for the weary!! lol

  5. Boy! was that a windstorm. We had no power all day from 7am to after 5pm. Unfortunately, while the entire town had no power on/off all day, my workplace kept on trucking.
    I have two Star Magnolias - so pretty. One was crushed to the base when we had several fir trees removed but came back. Very hardy.

  6. A lovely post to come and enjoy ♥ I had my 60th on friday and now it is Monday here and very cold so keeping warm inside lol

  7. I love your corning ware find! Teresa! It is awesome. It is wonderful warm and sunny here today. My first flowers at this new house have come up and are opening! Wheee

  8. Such pretty flowers Teresa....I had such a busy weekend that I'm now playing catch up with my blog reading!! Have a lovely week xxx


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