Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Luncheon at the Farm

We had such a nice time with my husband's sisters and their husbands today!  We've been cleaning and decorating for weeks now.  Dayle made homemade beef stew for lunch and his honey wheat yeast rolls.  Darlene made a spinach salad with sliced strawberries, honey roasted nuts and raspberry vinaigrette with bleu cheese crumbles.  Eileen brought a homemade lemon cheesecake.  Nummies!
We spent some fun time visiting in front of the fire. 
We got a kick out of my trying to set the camera on timed photos and running around to the end of the table in time for the photo! :-)  Everyone enjoyed the beef stew, rolls and salad.
This is my little sea themed Christmas tree with sailboats and such on it.
Above is the family room where hubby and I spend most of our time watching tv and reading and crafting by the warmth of our pellet stove.
Here is a photo of the little antique oak rocking chair that was Dayle's mother's chair.  Eileen recently gave it to him.  The house is now all ready for my sisters and daughter and granddaughter to come on Friday.  We meet for "girl's lunch" as often as possible.

I hope you're all having loads of fun this holiday season!  

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Teresa, everything looks so beautiful. It's so nice to get together this time of the year.

  2. Hi Teresa i'm loving your sailboat tree very original do you have a close up of it? Great to see you are having soo much fun with family and friends take care my lovely xxx

  3. You have a very lovely home. So cozy.

  4. It all looks deliciously cosy..The warm feeling is transmitting!!(((hugs)))

  5. How homey and lovely!! The house looks perfect for Christmas. I'm glad to see you all having such a good time together. We are pretty good friends with my husband's stepbrother and his little family, and I hope that when we're all your wonderful age, that we'll still be getting together like that!

  6. Everything looks so lovely and cozy! I hope you continue to enjoy all this time with family.


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