Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will You Be My Valentine?

I've been noticing a lot of pretty hearts popping up all over the internet on blogs and Facebook so I thought I'd share with you my 2 little felt heart pins I made years ago.  I wear them every year near Valentines Day.  Someone where I worked saw me working on these little hearts and asked me if I wanted some more sequins that had been given to them but they'd never used them.  I said "Sure!" and the next day they brought me in this bag with a massive collection of vintage sequins.  I made Valentine pins, Easter pins and one St. Patrick's pin.  Fun stuff.  These are definitely amateurish but I like them anyway.
I made one for my sister that says "Hug Me" and when she wears it she picks out the most handsome men to show the pin to and gets lots of extra hugs. LOL
On Facebook one of my friends has been obsessing with hearts and is making a Valentine tree, and sewing lots of felt hearts with beads and embroidery.  Her name is Penny Sanford Fikes and she is a porcelain artist and has an Etsy shop.  I noticed that her heart photos are on facebook but not on her website.  
I also have a stained glass piece that I made with 3 hearts in it, must get a photo of that.  I put 3 hearts in it as I have 3 kids and they are my valentines. :-)

I've been sidelined for the last week or so with a sprained ligament in my knee, so I've gotten to work on my never-ending granny stripe blanket and I'm.... ::GASP:: on my last row!!  So, I am about to pick it back up and finish that row and then begin on the border.  I have decided on a very narrow border so I can put this blanket to rest... and be done.. then I will do a TA-DAH photo session and show it to you finished.  Wow, I've been working on it since last summer! LOL

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.. ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Teresa,
    So sorry about your knee, but it makes for good crocheting time. I love your pins, that are just perfect. I bet everyone who sees them wants one for themselves.
    Have a wonderful day and heal quickly,

  2. I'm sorry about your knee!! but I'm excited to see your complete blanket...
    Cute hearts!

  3. Oh no an injury! I know well how frustrating and limiting they can be. Hope it gets better soon. I love your little heart pincushions.

    Teresa I'm sorry about my sniffy comment re Twinkies. I was writing in response to another comment which seemed to be saying 'Because I am American I think your dinner looks disgusting' and I was a bit put out tbh. Haggis really isn't disgusting to eat. It is like a tasty crumbly meatloaf and so nutritious.

  4. Sorry about your knee, hope it feels better soon. Glad you were able to use the time wisely and crochet. I love those hearts, there is nothing amateur about them, they are absolutely adorable. ♥

  5. Hi Teresa, Oh, another injury to one of our blogger friends. I hope you can sit still enough to heal and enjoy your resped. Love the ♥'s. You are the ☆Queen☆ of lovely hearts!!!!!!!!! Take care, xoRobin ❤

  6. Oh! I hope you get better soon! Love those hearts!

  7. So excited to hear you're on your last row, that's such a good feeling isn't it? Hope you're leg gets better soon though but in the meantime enjoy your hooky time!

    Lovely valentines hearts, if you like hearts you should check out this website called Heart & Parcel - everything is hearts! I love it :-D And I noticed you can change between the UK and US site so they should deliver to the states yay!

  8. Your hearts are very sweet. And love the granny stripe. I am about to start a baby granny stripe for one of the teachers at school. I had knee surgery when I was a teenager and have had problems ever since. Take care of that knee! Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  9. Your hearts are gorgeous my lovely, hope the knee heals quickly, ooh a tadahh on the horizon how exciting xxx

  10. The hearts are really sweet Teresa. I hope the knee heals soon.

  11. These are really fun! Your crochet heart is great too. I think the one you made for your sister is my favorite. And who couldn't use some extra hugs. :)

  12. Very pretty hearts. A few years ago, I wanted to leave our tree up and decorate for the different seasons. I hope to do it next year.

    Sorry about the knee, hope it feels better soon.

    Looking forward to seeing your finish afghan.

  13. they are so pretty, Teresa

    you are such an inspiration.

    hope your poor knee heals soon xxx


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