Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Farm Flowers & Bunting

Hi there and thanks for dropping by for a visit.  I've been having *more* fun with the new lens and film in my Hipstamatic App on my iPhone.  Film is "Big UP" and the lens is "Ben Watts".  Below is my first iris to bloom, in front of my pure white azalea.  
Below is just one bloom in a Rhododendron cluster - the flower is cream colored with maroon markings.
Below is my favorite of my Rhododendrons.. but I must apologize as this is an eye-bleeding photo.  But this flower is one reason that magenta is one of my favorite flowers.  The shrub this is on is a whopping 25 feet tall!!
This yellow flower below is naughty, as it's woven itself all through the rhodie above - and I never knew what it was, but finally saw it at a plant nursery we went to last week, and it's a "Double Flowered Kerria".
Below is the one flower we bought at that nursery, Alstroemeria.  My sister grew these with great results so I thought I'd try them.  You see them in floral bouquets a lot.
And finally, I finished my attempt at making my own crocheted "bunting" - or banner or flags, pennants, or whatever.  I don't know where I'm going to use them as this "ain't it".  But I hung them here to show them to you.
Thanks for stopping in.  It's turned out to be a lovely day - I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, just a blood pressure check.  I hope my swimming 3 times a week for the past few months will be a positive factor.  I hope you have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Your "bunting" looks great...I love it under the sailboat! :)

    Those flowers are so pretty. It was like a burst of happy across my screen...thank you. :)

    I love coming to your blog!

  2. Lovely garden colours there Teresa. I hope your swimming has paid off...it's really good to do regular exercise, high blood pressure or not! Well done you keeping it up 3 times a week.
    Have a great week,
    Jane x

  3. Love your flowers Teresa. I love all the brilliant colors. I really like the alstroemeria's because they last soooo long. I often buy them at the food store. (never thought of growing them)
    Good luck with your doctor's appointment, hope you get good news. xoRobin❤

  4. Teresa .. if an anonymous comment came through, its me ! I seem to have trouble posting comments to your blog. Hugs, Dorothy

  5. seems things are ok now. I was saying what stunning photos !! You must have a beautiful garden. Fingers crossed that the swimming was worth it.

  6. Hello, my name is Doris and I found you on Pammy Sue's blog - I just wanted to say hello and that I enjoyed your photos of your beautiful flowers...those colors are magnificent...I too love to crochet and have a shop on Etsy, but I end up blogging more about my dog or nature around me because I'm a big nature enthusiast myself...I will come back again. Now that it's getting hot, I will have more time for blogging.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Hi dear Teresa - wonderful flower photos! I very much enjoyed them!

  8. Hi Teresa, thanks for faithfully commenting on my blog, I so like to hear from you! Beautiful pictures. You have a wonderful farm garden.

  9. I am soooo envious of your garden! Just beautiful!

  10. Bunting looks fab and l hope the blood pressure is ok
    Wondeful flower photos
    Hugs x

  11. Hi Teresa tried to comment yesterday but for some reason it would not let me. Kept coming up as anonymous but then wouldn't post anyway. Hope it does this time. The photos are stunning. I am hoping to make some bunting- sewing though , to decorate a cupcake stall I am going to run with my DIL. Anne x

  12. Hi teresa, Hope your doctor appointment went well, we want you to be nice and healthy. I love your flowers, such a beautiful garden you have, and the bunting is terrific. Lots of them out there in blog land, I'll have to give one a try.
    Have a wonderful day,

  13. Love the bunting! It looks great with the sailing ship too. Your flower pix are so bright and exotic, you have an amazing garden. Hope all is well.
    Helen x

  14. Testing 1,2,3
    Boo-Hoo.... this blogger keep signing me out. So let me try to comment as Anonymous...but you know me over at www.thegardenbell.blogspot.com

    Thanks so much for the linkie today.

    Hey, what's that I just saw fly out my window. Oh, that was The G.B. throw her computer. Three days of not posting is going to put me in a very bad mood. I love to comment and do have some fun words to say every once and a while.

    Ok, I'll stop now and not waste another letter in case this doesn't go through. Looks like I'm not the only one have problems...


  15. Today I got my first 'Blog Award' part of it involves passing it on to others, you are one of my chosen few x Inthesky


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