Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pizza Party Kids

Sunday was fun as our middle son brought his family out to visit and they were enjoying archery and some target shooting in the pasture.  I made earrings for my daughter-in-law, a friend of hers from Taiwan that is renting their spare room until she graduates next month, and her son's best friend's sister who had tagged along for the day.  Below is Mikey, our oldest grandson, he turned 11 on Saturday.  This photo was taken at "Flying Pie Pizza", their favorite restaurant.  That cake was delish, it was a banana cake with vanilla pudding and sliced bananas in the center. YUM!
Below is my son's youngest boy, he's a cutie!  Here he is after a hard day of running around the farm and in the woods and shooting arrows.
Here is my daughter's oldest daughter, she's really hesitant at trying something new (food-wise) so we had to talk her into trying ONE bite of the frosting.... after that she tried the cake and deemed it good, as long as her mother ate the pudding and banana center. LOL
Below is the "baby girl".  She is very cuddly, and I was holding her and just managed to get this photo, which I didn't see until I downloaded the pictures and saw how darn cute this pic turned out.  How about those big blue eyes and rosebud mouth?  She told Grandpa.. "Gamma wants gumballs" so they went and got some out of a candy machine.  Of course, Grandma didn't really ask for gumballs. hehe
And here are our "fur kids".  I use my MacBook Pro on my lap and usually have a cat or dog there too, and sometimes, both of them!  Here is Buddy trying to psyche out the cat to make her move so he can assume his rightful place on my lap.  I brought him home as a tiny puppy and put him there and it's been his place ever since.

Yesterday I went swimming, and I'm going tomorrow too.  I am sure enjoying the salt water pool.

Thanks for visiting!  ((hugs)) Teresa

P.S. Please go and comment on the Pioneer Woman’s blog post HERE as she is donating $0.25 to the tornado disaster charities for every comment. There were 19,385 comments just now, so it certainly helps if you comment.  (Thanks, Heather at Little Tin Bird for the idea to post this!)


  1. Beautiful Children :)

  2. Lovely post, Teresa, your grandchildren are absolutely beautiful! Your fur babies as well :-)

  3. Hey Teresa..I read your post twice..I went to Pioneers blog and posted a comment, then I had to come back and look at your beautiful grandchildren to put a smile back on my face. (thanks for sharing this though, my sadness is nothing compared to what they are going through)How sad for all those people...but thank goodness for babys!
    Your blondie is enough to brighten anyones day! Looks like you guys had a great time..as always! Hope you have a great day :)

  4. Holy cow, look at that CAKE! And agreed, that is a table full of beautiful children! Such lovely eyes on each one of them. That clever little gumball-getter made me laugh. :-) You and Grandpa did good!

  5. The grandbabies are adorable! And that cake....wow! I've already been by to visit Ree. I love that she's doing this.

  6. Teresa, your grandchildren are so beautiful. Couldn't take my eyes off them!!!!! xoRobin❤

  7. That looks like a nice Birthday and family reunion Teresa!!!
    And the cake looks fab!

  8. Oh that cake sounded yummy Teresa, banana is one of my favourite flavours. Your grandkids and furry kids are delightful, you are rightly very proud of them,thanks for sharing the photos
    Jane x

  9. Cute grandkids you have there and the fur babies too.

  10. I love gumballs! I also think your little angels are gorgeous. You left a message on my blog regarding the Flag counter, try clicking on it and it should gove you a link to download it as a gadget on your blog. I love mine it is fascinating like stamp collecting Geeky and addictive. I have had visits from 65 countries which amazes me, some I have never heard of! If you click on their flag it gives you a map of where they are and some educational info about them...It will also tell you which country your newest visitor is from...xx

  11. That is some cake! Looks good... Beautiful grandkids you have Teresa!


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