Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't leave me...

Dayle walked me to the car when I went swimming yesterday.. and I looked over and saw our Cairn Terrier, Buddy, looking at me like... awwww.. can I come too?  Don't leave me here!  He looked so cute that I snapped a photo with my iPhone.  We were on the deck looking for the new Koi in the pond.  They are about half the size of our older pond goldfish.  They've been accepted immediately by the bigger fish.  We think they'll do well as they hide a lot with the other fish.  Survivors of many fishing expeditions by raccoons and Great Blue Heron.. (who I *used* to like).
I wanted to show you part of my jar collection.  The blue Ball is just a small pint size.  I have 2 sets of the little Ball salt & pepper shakers.. and my favorite new vintage acquisition is the small Atlas with a zinc lid with a slit in it... it's a Penny Bank!!  
We're having an absolutely PERFECT day here.. sunny, warm, just lovely.  I opened the kitchen window and set my blooming African Violet there to enjoy some sun.  Do you see my kitchen utensil bucket?  It's enameled tin with a glazed on decoration of veggies.  
A close up of my Violet blooms.. I'm a sucker for variegated flowers and leaves, I loved this one with a classic violet color, but with the extra beauty of the ruffled and white edges on the blooms.  Don't you love the juicy look of the petals?  I noticed today that my Mom's Christmas Cactus has a few buds on it.. :-)
As I walked down the hall I noticed Lucy the cat curled up in the quiet living-room on the back of the sofa.  See the sun in the front yard?  I made the pierced parchment lampshade years ago, with a heart because I love hearts and roses for our farm that I named "Rose Hollow Farm".. and to the side of the roses are Lily of the Valley that bloom here on the farm.  
Just a few snippets of the day... we have a gorgeous day ahead of us to enjoy.  Hubby has requested that I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch.  Sure, honey!

I'm working on a crocheted pumpkin, I will be sure and show you photos when it's done.  I want to make at least 3 in different sizes and shapes for my Autumn table decorations.

By the way, I haven't forgotten about my 3 Pay-it-Forward winners.. I had to get through a vacation and then my daughters move and now I'm thinking of what to send.  A tease is that it will include a hand painted Sumi ink watercolor using ink that I will grind myself.. I will show photos of the process when I do it.  And.. I'm thinking some jewelry using my black bamboo I grow here.  Hmmm.. today would be a perfect day to harvest some bamboo for me to cut into beads!  :-)

I hope you're having a lovely day wherever you are in this world!  Oh... I checked my Flag Counter and I've had visitors to my blog from 97 different countries!  I find that just fascinating and welcome my international and global visitors.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Good Tuesday to you Teresa! LOVE the photo of your little doggie--I am sending him some cyber hugs! Our dogs always have that same look when we leave too BTW:)
    LOVE your kitchen utensil canister-what a great idea! I use my mom's Swedish coffeepot but it isn't quite big enough to hold all the utensils!
    Have a wonderful day--you TOTALLY amaze me with all the creativity you possess:)
    Be blessed,

  2. OK, that pup is just too cute. I, of course had to PIN your Mason Jars right into my Mason Jar Board. I sure wish I had your energy to get my tail to the pool and swim. Good girl.

  3. Hi Teresa,
    Several things about this post interested me. Love your enamelware by the way!! Love the punched parchment shade! Love the sunny window show, with the violets in full bloom! I could never get mine to bloom. I have it in a bathroom with a skylight, so maybe not enough sun? VERY interested in your crochet pumpkins! Very interested by your ink process? Really piqued my interest with the black bamboo and beads?
    Is hubby retired? Lucky for both of you, if he is!
    A nice day is good for the soul!!!
    : ) Kris

  4. Hello Teresa sounds like you will have a perfct day. Love the violets and your shade- you are one very,very talented lady. Anne x

  5. Buddy is darling! So sad looking though. Dogs can be really good at that when the want to manipulate you into doing something for them! At least that's my experience ;) Thanks for sharing your pretty day with us. Mine has been rather gross all the way around so it's good to see that there are sunshine and smiles happening somewhere! Looking forward to seeing your hand painting. The method sounds fascinating!

  6. Wonderful post! I love posts that show just a snippet of the everyday life of the blogger. Love all the photos!

  7. Once again I am behind on blogs and Ihave to say seeing your wonderful post and reading your words make me feel like I have met up with a good friend. Hope you are hanging in there with your daughter and grandbabies away. Can you give us an update on how they are? I think I miss them, too.

  8. I still love, The Blue Heron (that I *used* to like). Ha, ha, that never gets old.

  9. Awwww! and don't they make you feel guilty when you go out too! lol..cute
    Love the jars and one fluffy cat you have there....lots of combing l bet?
    Hawaii sounds like a wonderful idea...on my Bucket list lol...a dream that one may be lol
    Hugs for today x

  10. Aww look at Buddy!!♥ I can't wait to see your crocheted pumpkin, and the handpainting process! I love to draw, but I've never been much of a painter. Have a lovely day! xxx

  11. We have little "nose prints" on the window beside the front door from Smokey and Oreo looking out when we pull up in the drive. It's so adorable, just like Buddy!

  12. Poor Buddy. :o) The babies always think they can come with us don't they? Leo wants to come to work with me every day!

  13. Teresa, thanks again for sharing your life so beautifully. Your creativity continues to encourage, and inspire me to live in joy and gratitude.

  14. Hi Teresa, I am home from sunny Rhodes and I am trying to catch up with my blogging buddies between all the post holiday washing.
    Dear little Buddy, he does look sad there. I am pleased to see you are keeping really busy and I really like the sound of those crochet pumpkins as the weather is turning more autumnal here too. Luckily today is sunny enough to get my washing dry outside! "Speak" soon,
    Take care,
    Jane x

  15. Hi Teresa, just catching up with your blog after a few days away - so much to read about. Buddy is so cute! Beautiful flowers in the previous post too. Look forward to seeing the beads you make from your black bamboo. Enjoy your day Joanna xx

  16. Love your jars and sweet pets. Happy weekend to you. xoxo


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