Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

My phone rang early on September 11th, 2001 - I was jolted from sleep - it was my younger sister, Denise, and she said in grave tones... "Have you seen the news?"  "No, I mumbled"  "Something terrible has happened, turn on the tv."  We hung up the phone and I dressed quickly and went to the living room of the houseboat I was living on... turned on the television and was hit smack in the face with the horrific visions and reports of the terrible events taking place in New York City.  I sat there, stunned and in shock at the awful loss and sadness and tragedy that was taking place at that very moment.  

Later that day I had to go to work at The Oregonian newspaper in the Circulation Department.  I took some leather and some beads with me - I worked on the phone and was able to do handwork between calls.  As the other staff and I talked about the terrible events that had taken place, I began stringing beads... I wanted to make something to remember those who'd lost their lives, to remember how America had been hurt, to wear and proclaim my Patriotism to my country... 
My beloved country changed and suffered on that day - actually, the world changed and suffered that day.  But what I am constantly amazed and proud of, is how we banded together, stood proud, dealt with our tragedy together as a nation, and came out the other side of that dark tunnel to the bright light of freedom and unity.
Each bead I strung on the leather, I thought of the loss of those poor innocent people in those buildings.  Every bead, a fireman or policeman that walked towards the danger to help others.  Each stitch of the needle and thread... thinking of my fellow Americans, and really.. my fellow human beings the world over.  For this tragedy is just not for us here, the loss of innocence and the loss of the feeling of safety affects people worldwide.  
The Dalai Lama, "Today, as we mark the tenth anniversary of the September 11th 2001 attacks on New York and Washington DC, let us remember all the innocent lives lost and ponder the continuing impact of that tragic day.  September 11th reminds us of the horror we human beings can unleash on ourselves when we allow our human intelligence and powerful technology to be overtaken by hatred."
Today I will wrap this necklace around my neck and put these earrings in my ears as I head off to spend the day with my 2 beloved granddaughters.  We'll take them shopping for some things for their flight to their new home in Ohio day after tomorrow.  Then to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Red Lobster.  To tell you that this is a hard day for me is an understatement.  
Thank you for visiting me today, and for letting me tell my story...

What were you doing when you heard about these attacks?  How has it changed you?

Love and hugs.. Teresa


  1. My memory is running down our garden crying and shouting to my husband, "quick, quick, they're bombing America". I'd turned on the TV and just couldn't take in what was happening.
    It was a very sad day, those poor people, so sorry for them, their friends and their families. So much bravery too. Hope never to see the like again in my lifetime.
    Carol xx

  2. I remember it all so clearly, I had my eldest son on my knee, he was just a few months old then. We were watching tv and I was rooted to the spot with horror at what I was seeing. I've spent some of the day watching the names being read out at Ground Zero. All those poor families who have had to carry on without a person they love, it's so tragic :-(

    I hope you are enjoying your precious day with your granddaughters Teresa xx

  3. i Was round a friend's house waiting to collect my daughter from school (the school was directly opposite her house) we watched in horror and disbelieve here in the UK so heartbreaking :( It did unite everyone from round the world and today we have also shared the memorial services and remembered all those innocent lives lost xxxxx Thinking of you and everyone else affected by that tragic event, God bless you all Love Amanda xxxx

  4. I heard at the end of a school day. I had dismissed my class of 7-8year olds after a rather trying day. As I went into the playground to check everyone had been met and speak to parents the parents themselves were telling staff. We were in a state of complete shock. My son had also flown to the USA the day before and was due to fly on to South America where he was begiining a backpacking holiday for 5 months. It was a few hours before he contacted us. He was safe and sound and had only just found out what had happened.
    I think that that day made me think about what was most important in life. I cannot imagine what it must have been/still is like for those who lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone tonight.
    Teresa I hope that you are having a wonderful time with your granddaughters and I think I can imagine a little of what you must be feeling. I wissh them all a safe journey to their new home and hope they settle well and that you will be able to ee them before too long. Love Anne x

  5. I found your post very moving. I was a brand new teacher just a few days into term when I heard the news. My husband is in the army and that day certainly changed our lives forever. He was injured in Afghanistan and lost most of the use of his right hand. I do believe that it was as a result of the bombings that he was there doing the dangerous job he did. I am not an American, but I hope the British have stood beside our American friends loyally and I feel very proud of the part my husband and our friends have played in making the world a safer place. It was 9-11 that showed us all how dangerous it could be.

  6. Such a heartfelt post Teresa. I love what you made and wearing it in honor and memory of 9/11 is so special. I hope and pray your day went well and you had a lovely time with those little ones. I will be thinking of you and praying for you to get through these next few days with grace and love.

    On 9/11, I was waiting for my car to be serviced and sitting in the TV waiting area when it all happened. People stood up and hugged and just had their mouths open in horror. It was just a terrible day. Will never forget and don't want to.

  7. Today I am thinking of Americans, and indeed all human beings worldwide, remembering the horrible events that occurred in New York ten years ago. It was 11pm here when that tragic event happened and I'll always remember my (now late) husband saying that from now on the world will change. How right was that statement !! I am especially thinking of you Teresa as the time approaches when your darling granddaughters move to their new home.

  8. Almost an unreal moment ten years ago. I was teaching and a few of us turned on a tv and turned it around so the children couldn't see the events.

  9. Wow....what a story my friend...your necklace and earrings mean so much. Thank you for sharing...let us never ever forget!

  10. How beautiful that in mourning you responded creatively, both ten years ago and today as you anticipate your grand girls moving away. Thank you for sharing, Teresa. A friend called my husband and me and told us to turn on our TV around 9a.m. Pacific time ten years ago. Shock!
    Horror! Fear! Our oldest son trying to get to work from Queens to NY City was eventually able to contact us to let us know that he watched in disbelief seeing the towers disappear while waiting for public transport. I was able to contact someone in my former town of residence 100 miles north of NY City to check on the husband of a former co-worker who had been trapped but rescued in the first bombing of the WTC in 1991. In 2001 he was able to miraculously escape again. Today I put together a scrapbook page that had two pictures taken in 1987 when my husband took his 90+ year old grandfather to see the Statue of Liberty. In one picture the twin towers firmly stand in the background. But today the picture reminds me how very precious life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is. I feel humbled to enjoy all three.

  11. Lots of Love and hugs to you and your family
    A lovely tribute to all who lost their lives and the families who lost loved ones
    A huge change in the world that terrible day
    Hugs x

  12. As a non-American I can tell you that 9/11 had an enormous impact on the entire world. Here in Belgium people were watching the news non-stop, horrified and in shock. I think people all over the world lost a bit of their sense of safety that day, never to be recuperated entirely... I love your necklace and earrings, and their meaning. I am thinking about you and your beloved granddaughters, sending ((hugs)) xxxx

  13. Thank you for sharing your story, Teresa. I was with my two sisters at my house and we were all stitching on different projects, when we heard the news as my younger daughter rang to tell us...she had just moved away to uni and was near a tv when the devastating news came through. I will never forget those terrible images, and will always feel incredibly shocked and saddened that such a thing could happen.
    I feel sad for you too that your precious granddaughters are moving so far away....
    Take care.
    Helen x

  14. That was such a tough day for us all. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Teresa

    I had an appointment at the office of the news paper I worked ten years ago (4 pm local time). I went into the office and noticed that the tv was on. That was the moment they showed the first and then the second plane crashing into the towers. I could not believe what was seeing. I hadn't heard or seen anything before I got to work because I don't have a tv and normally don't listen to the radio.

    A friend of mine (she is American) was in Manhattan when all this happend. We didn't hear from her for quite a while. It was even worse for her close family (husband and children).

  16. I soaked up each and every word here, with each and every bead. Each bead reminds me of the some many many lives lost that day in our great country. Yesterday was a tough one here. Recovering a little bit in quiet today. Thanks for sharing your story.

  17. Beautiful work! Hope you were able to enjoy that time with your granddaughters! Thanks for sharing you memories of the day.

  18. I was at home when I got a call from my husband to turn on the TV. I can't remember much more of that day--did I work? I must have, it was a workday, but I don't remember working I just remember being shocked that this could happen. How could man do this to their fellow man?

    Teresa, my thoughts and prayers are with you today. I know what you are going through and I am sending you lots of hugs and a shoulder to cry on should you feel the need.

  19. Teresa that was such a moving post. I remember being at work, we put the tv on in the boardroom and we stood numb and shocked by what we were seeing. So many lives were affected that day in America and throughout the world and my thoughts and prayers are with all those people.

    Thinking of you Teresa and hope you have a lovely day with your granddaughters. Sending you a massive hug and lots of love Joanna xx

  20. I was at work watching the event unfold on the break room t.v. Shock, horror, disbelief & anger that this could happen in my America. I had just become a grandmother for the first time & cried when I thought of the world that would be awaiting my grandson. Now, I realize that his world can still be good because people are still good. My son is a police officer in our big city of San Antonio & he worked long hours for several days as a result of the tragedy.
    My heart goes out to you as you prepare for the sad goodby to your granddaughters. I pray for you but thank the Lord for vacations when you can see them. Everything will be fine.


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