Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vintage Bowls & Around the Farm

I was reading a favorite blog the other day and saw some neat vintage bowls that Koralee at Bluebird Notes blog had been collecting.  She started with a small turquoise Pyrex bowl.  I have one oval "Oven Serve Ware" bowl - it's small, I think it's for making baked custards.  I have several smaller round ones too.  They come in gold, turquoise, pink, ivy green, brown  and pumpkin.  My favorite is the turquoise.  I did a search for them when I left her comment and found 2 listed on Etsy.. a turq and gold one.  So, I bought them.  Now I have 2 blue ones!  At dinners I often put butter in them.  Don't you just love the embossed flower designs?

Today our youngest son Travis came out with his youngest son - he went up on the roof to blow off the pine needles that fall off the large Douglas Fir & Cedar trees in our woods.  He wanted to make sure his Dad didn't go up there!  Wasn't that sweet?
 Caleb came in to visit "gamma" and Grandpa gave him a sucker.  Then Grandpa went out to watch our son.  He finished the first one off and then went to see if there were more where G got that one.. and he found a 2nd one.  Then a 3rd.  And a 4th.  Grandpa is now out of suckers.  :-)  Grandpa should have never let him see where he kept them.  In his key basket by the back door.  The gig is up.  
I adore this child.  He's our youngest and will be forever the baby.  No more children will be coming.   
Nummmm nummmm.....  
I went out to enjoy the sunshine with the guys and caught the sun shining through the red leaves of the Japanese Maple.. they will turn brighter in a day or two. 
I liked seeing the red of the maple reflected in the pond. 
The Birch tree above the pond is yellow...  
This is a *huge* Pin Oak that is at the side of our house.. it turns a brilliant red, and it's half turned now.  It's usually all red by Thanksgiving. 
I saw this moss of the downed maple tree in the driveway and snapped this photo. 
A strawberry leaf is all red. 
The Hydrangea leaves are turning purple and yellow.  The weatherman is predicting nice weather this week.  I can go for that! I hope it's nice where you are and .. thanks for visiting!    ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Yep .. must be grandson day !! Lovely pictures of Caleb and those suckers look very yummy. I love those vintage bowls - I want one! Your garden photos are beautiful as always - that little pond is gorgeous.

  2. What a cutie pie your grandson is Teresa! How wonderful of your sonto come help Dad out!!! And the colors of the flowers and leaves are all so pretty this time of year!!! OH...LOVE the bowls!!!

  3. Yes, I love your bowls! My grandmother had some of those. I remember eating homemade ice cream out of them. Enjoyed all the pics.

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing some of the joys of your day, Teresa. I'm glad that you got to enjoy time with Caleb, and that your son was able to help Dayle forcus on healing. (-: I snapped a bunch of pictures on my daughter's cell phone today while she was driving us down the main street in Wilsonville, OR, because the
    the trees are so spectacular now. And I too enjoyed seeing your pretty bowls and another peek of your ripple blanket, too.

  5. Mrs. Teresa your grandson is adorable. I love seeing the pictures from your "neck of the woods". Enjoy the nice weather for me! We have rain today and then cold, cold, cold and they are even talking about SNOW!!! EEK..I am not ready for that yet!!!!

  6. Where to begin...

    I, too, am a lover of the Teal BBN pyrex pattern. But, these my friend are simple breathe takingly too cute. I'm keeping my peels peeled from here out. You do have one seriously wise son to come over and help out on that roof. He's a keeper. You know your little story about treats in Grandpa key bowl brought back a flood of memories to me. As little tots I so remember it was one of the first places we visited when we walked in the door. He, too always had a treat for us grandkids. It was like a tradition and now I get why he was always gigglin' and smilen' when we walked in. So, glad to see you are having nice weather to keep that garden going. Enjoy it for us here in the midwest. We are heading down from here. Have a great day and week.

  7. Beautiful fall photos and very thoughtful of your son to come over to help out. Have a great day. :-)

  8. Those bowls are cute! It's always a treat to serve things in pretty dishes :) I love your red maple! Something about seeing the vibrant colors of trees in autumn makes my heart happy. Thank you for sharing all of your pretties!

  9. The trees are looking so pretty! Guess it's time to find a new hiding place for the candy :)

  10. Such beautiful fall photos! And, I love, love, love those flower bowls. Very lucky finds!

  11. In our house my kids called 'suckers' lollylops! I love the red ones! Autumn looks very pretty on your farm :) x

  12. This looks like such a happy day, Teresa. Lovely to see those beautiful trees with their autumn colours,and the gorgeous hydrangea. It's so nice that you have your son and grandsons around to help out and have fun with too. I love those pretty bowls, especially the turquoise blue one. Take care, and have a happy rest of the week.
    Helen x

  13. Hi Teresa, I can't believe your still have hydrangea! They are sooooo pretty. What a good son you have and adorable grandsons. We are all so lucky we have great adult children!! Take care, xoRobin❤

  14. As always I love all your pictures. Such a lovely area you live.


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