Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We had a nice Christmas, I hope you did too.  After we had a breakfast of coffee and an apple fritter, I gave Dayle his gifts.. I got him a tool kit on wheels and inside were 3 new Carhartt shirts, a big file for sharpening his mower blades, a new tape measure (he can never find one when we need it :-), a few bags of licorice, and 2 boxes of Whoppers, his favorite.  He was pleased!  Below is the stack of gifts he found for me and wrapped his very own self!!
Next we gave Buddy his gift.  It's a stuffed Hedgehog - he had one as a baby and he kept chewing it up - I would repair it and he'd chew another hole in it and pull out the stuffing until finally there was nothing left to sew up.  It was so funny as when Dayle held it up for him, it's like he instantly knew his old friend from 8 years ago!  I took it and was showing it to him and he smelled it and then picked it up like it was a baby pup and he hauled it off to play (chew) on it.  He pulled out the squeaker and the stuffing already and chewed off it's back feet. I just sewed it back up.  Silly dog. 
And then it was my turn.  I pulled off the red ribbon of the blue box.   
And inside was a Tiffany lock.. a new clasp for my bracelet.  The bracelet is a vintage piece I found on eBay years ago and I wear it 24/7.   
I love it!
Then I opened the things he found at The Real Mother Goose - Fine American Crafts.  I was thrilled with this new ornament, a hand carved Santa face out of a vintage wooden sewing thread spool!
Isn't this wonderful? 
On the bottom was a vintage gold button.   
Next was a new hand inlaid wooden barrette for my hair.. in the shape of a feather, all natural wood and varnished.  I love it! 
And then in the long box was a hand-blown glass ornament.. just beautiful, like a glass candy cane.  My honey did good picking out surprises for me.  :-)
I wanted to show you one of my favorite Christmas decorations - the beaded tree below - it was made by my youngest son's wife, Kristi, and all around the base of the tree are special miniatures that she knew I'd love - especially the Scrabble game.  I'm kind of hooked on playing Scrabble on Facebook - if you'd like to play me, let me know!  The lights on the tree work, but we didn't have them on in this photo. 
We had a pleasant day puttering around getting things ready for our youngest son and his family to arrive.  Dayle put a roast beef in the oven then added carrots and potatoes and made another corn casserole.  I tidied up the table, hung up the last of our cards around the archway to the living room and took some photos with the fire going.  Here is Buddy watching me take photos.. isn't he cute?  He looks like he's waiting for something.
Below is the top of the piano with my 2 trees under glass, the Dept 56 "North Pole Village" and our skating pond that really works.
This is the last photo of the living room for this year.  It was picture perfect - gifts still under the tree -- before the mayhem. :-)
The kids arrived at around 4:30 pm and it got active around the old farmhouse. :-)  I showed the boys the dollhouse, then we put it away in the front entry.  Kristi loved it.  Kristi ordered blanket sleepers for the whole family.  Our son was like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" when his aunt sent him the pink bunny sleeper and couldn't wait to get his off and his jeans and tshirt on.  :-)  He was a good sport and posed for a family photo before changing. teehee
Here are the boys being fascinated by the skating pond. 
Our daughter in Ohio called and wished us a Merry Christmas and she sent me this photo of my granddaughters with their hand knitted bunnies that I found on Etsy for them.  I think they like them! 
And so it is Christmas, Another Year Over, A New One Just Begun.  

We send our love to you all, the world over - thank you for visiting me and my family here on my little corner of the internet.  I am thankful to have met so many new friends here and I look forward to getting to know you all better in the new year.

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a lovely Christmas Post...XXX

  2. Teresa, I am so glad you had nice Christmas. I love your trees under glass. They are so neat. Happy New Year!

  3. I'm glad you and yours had such a good day, yesterday, and SCRABBLE!!! I love playing!!! Let's play, Teresa!!! (:

  4. What fun pictures. Looks like y'all had a sweet
    Christmas. Love the bracelet!!

  5. Teresa, what a lovely Christmas!! You and your husband selected perfect gifts for one another. I ADORE that antique spool with Santa face! Fabulous! The barrette is so pretty too. And so is the hand blown ornament. I loved the beaded tree, with Scrabble underneath!!!! So great. Your son and family in their sleepers is so cute!!! Love the photos. Your home reminds me of mine!!!!

  6. Looks like a wonderful Christmas at your place!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your youngest granddaughter looks just like you. I think I might have said that before.

  8. Love love love your lock (and the bracelet too)and the spool is awesome. Looks like you had a wonderful day with your family. Can you tell me how you get the lights to show in your photos? I've tried with and without flash but I can't get mine to look as if they're alight.

  9. Wonderful post, what a lovely family Christmas you all had.

    I love your house, so cosy!

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!


  10. Teresa,thankyou for sharing your lovely Christmas with us.
    Blessing & hugs
    monica xx

  11. What a lovely christmas you had with the family Teresa. I love your beautiful dolls house, its amazing all the little details. I used to work with a lady who knitted clothes for dolls house dolls, the needles were tiny!! Enjoy the rest of the holidays ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  12. What joy around your Christmas home! I love your sweet gifts and your lovely nice to take a peek inside your world.
    May your Joy continue all week long. xoxoxo
    ps...buddy is super cute..I could so use a buddy around here.

  13. Sounds wonderful!!! my mouth always waters whenever I read what your Hubby cooks!!!
    big hug Teresa!

  14. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas. I'm so glad :) Happy New Year!!

  15. What a sweetie to share all you Christmas joy with us. Your gift were perfect. Great ornament and love the barrette. But, those kid in their jammies are just too cute. Trying to catch up a little while waiting for a call, so off to hop around. Can't wait to begin the new year.


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