Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to Build a Snowman *<[]:{D

Many years ago I bought a fabric snowman somewhere.. and of course.. as you who are craftspeople would understand.. I thought.. I could make that!  So, I got some white cotton material, buttons, small amounts of red and green plaid, orange pipe cleaners and some red and green cotton knit.  I cut out cardboard circles in 3 sizes, and cut out the white fabric circles, basted around the edge, pulled it up, stuffed it with batting (after placing a small cardboard circle in the bottom so the snowman would stand up) and tightened up the thread to make 3 "snow balls".  
Then I used my hot glue gun to glue them into a 3 part snowman. 
I found some twigs outside and poked a hole in the side and glued the "arms" in, glued the buttons on, cut a little pipecleaner "nose" and poked a hole and glued it in, ripped a little plaid scarf and frayed the edges, made a hat out of the knit, and used a waterproof marker to make the coal eyes and nose.. and a little bit of pink to make the cheeks.. and "VOILA!".. my own snowmen.  I made some for gifts too.  I still love my snowmen. 
A few years ago I went to the Pittock Mansion in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon.. and they had a lovely gift shop - the house was decorated for Christmas and it was gorgeous.  In the shop I found this wonderful pair of Fenton, frosted glass, Mr. & Mrs. Snow people. 
On the table now is my gift from Dayle.  I do know what it is, as I found it and ordered it -- but he paid for it.. :-)  But he thinks I should wait until Christmas day to open it.  What do you think?
Here is a close up of the face of one of my snowmen. 
And the other. 
I want to tell you about my last two days.. yesterday I joined my 2 sisters for lunch at a small independent restaurant called "The Country Cat" - they specialize in food using local produce and meats.  After lunch we exchanged gifts!  I gave both sisters a Cath Kidston chamber candlestick and a polka dotted candle!  My older sister gave me a garden banner with a K on it.  My younger sister gave me a wonderful scented candle and 3 different Christmas fabrics and a yo-yo maker!!  I'll show you what they are after I make some.  Then we went on to a nice theater and watched the new "Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows".  Do click on that link to see the trailer.. it was a GREAT movie!!
Today I met my "best friend from 7th grade", Shirley, for lunch.  We exchanged gifts and had a nice time catching up.  She was a half hour late as her GPS gave her some bad directions.. and wow, it was not a good day to be out and about - the Saturday before Christmas weekend?  I was glad to make it home and settle in.  On my drive home in the sunshine, I stopped to snap this photo of my beloved Sandy River.  This is the Stark Street Bridge.  I love where I live!

I hope you're enjoying your holidays.  Take time to relax and appreciate all the little details.  

 *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your snowmen are charming!! They make me smile as does your photo of the gorgeous Sandy River!
    As for your present...if I am naughty and tell you to open it, 'Santa' might find out and bring me a piece of coal for Christmas, instead of the Swedish tablecloth I want:)
    Glad this month has been such a good one for you!
    Advent Blessings,

  2. Now I am just itching to make Jolly little know when you see some ideas and you think 'I could do that' I also think 'Why didn't I think of that?' They are cute. It sounds as if you are getting out and about and having a great time...but also you are glad to get home again. PS What is a Yoyo maker? xxx

  3. Your snowmen are gorgeous, I just love them! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I'm glad you had a great time with your best friend, and the picture of Sandy River in sunset is just adorable! I really enjoy your photos of where you are living! How lucky you are!
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Your snow couple is so cute! I've been debating whether or not I want to make a crochet snowman. I still may do it. I think making the scarf and hat would be the fun part.

    Now, now, must wait for Christmas Eve at the earliest to open your pressie! Hee-hee.

  5. What adorable snow people...don't you just love this time of year to get caught up with dear friends. I am doing that this week too.
    Have a very blessed Sunday. xoxo

  6. Your snow people are really cute. Looking forward to finding out what more about the yoyo maker! ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  7. You should always leave present until Christmas Day Teresa!

    Lovely to be part of your preparations.

    CN x

  8. Pop Over to my Blog, I have nominated you for a 'Blog Award' :) x

  9. I would...well, I would wait until the eve of Christmas. What cute snowman you have there. Popping around in the few I have to get caught up, but then back at it. Lots going on behind the scene in order to get out of here Thursday am.

  10. Lovely snow people Teresa. I have decorated the tree today so feel thaqt christmas really is here now. DH is still not completely well but better than he was. So hope he is much better by the big day. Anne x

  11. Thanks for sharing directions to make your happy snow people! I want to try to make some. I am eager to learn more about your yo-yo maker. Did you ever see the old Golden Book about making Jingle Bell Jack? I think his arms, legs and body are made out of yo-yos. Oh, and did you see the Oregonian article in the garden section about using tomato cages to make all sorts of creative *trees*? FUN! and it might be more fun to wait to open your gift from Dayle...I'm just saying. <3

  12. The snowmen look adorable!!!Thank you for the instructions. I also love the porcelain ones.Wishing you and your family A Very Very Merry Christmas!!

  13. The faces of your little snowmen are so sweet! I think you should wait till Christmas to open your gift Teresa! Vanessa xxx

  14. I love your litle crafty snowmen, Teresa. They are really cute!! And yes, you really should wait to open your present until Christmas Day!
    Have a wonderful week enjoying the countdown.
    Helen x

  15. Hi Teresa,
    Love your snowmen. Of course we crafters think we can make anything.........I always then say to myself BUT do I have the time! So nice to think you have such fun with your sisters and a movie too. A friend from 7th grade how special is that!! About presents from husbands, we like to open on Christmas eve at night when we are alone. Have a wonderful time this week before the Big Day. xoRobin❤

  16. Very cute Snowmen Teresa
    I vote for Christmas day let the excitement build lol
    hugs to all x

  17. These snowmen are absolutely fabulous! So happy and joy inducing.

    Bring on the Christmas festivities!

    Happy, happy last days of Advent.


  18. Your snow people are so cute! Wait on the pressie! The anticipation is part of the fun :)

  19. I love your little snowmen Teresa...they have so much character...their faces are adorable....and you really must save your pretty gift until Christmas day...although I am curious about its contents!
    Your Sandy river is stunning...I so love to look at your photographs..
    Best wishes for a lovely Christmas Teresa,
    Susan x


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