Sunday, January 1, 2012

Simple Quiet Celebration

We had a lovely New Years weekend, I hope you did too.  Our son Shawn, his wife Beth and our grandsons stopped by with her brother's new wife's sister and husband to show them the farm and meet us.  Then I went on with them to do a bit of sight-seeing in the gorge while Dayle spent the afternoon cleaning up the fallen tree debris.  The image below I just had to use as my first photo as it's so graphic.. it's the ceiling in the dome of Vista House.  It's octagonal but my iPhone would only capture this much of it standing directly under it.
But our first stop was Portland Women's Forum State Viewpoint.  How's this for a cold view of the gorge?  See Vista House?
Then on to Vista House -- here is one of the volunteers at the information desk.  Yes, it was that cold in there. 
Another shot of the ceiling of the dome.. the carved panels each have a different name of an Oregon Pioneer family to which the building was dedicated in 1918.  I virtually lived in this historic building for 15 years while I served as the Executive Director for the Friends of Vista House in the 80s and 90s.  
The building went through a 4 million dollar restoration several years ago.  I love this place.  It was a cold and windy day here today. 
On down the Historic Columbia River Highway to Latourell Falls - here are my grandsons, Gabriel and Michael. 
This is a favorite waterfall of mine.. Wahkeena.. local Native American for "Most Beautiful". 
We then went on to Multnomah Falls where Shawn treated us all to lunch in the warm and cozy Great Hall - I'd called ahead and reserved a table right in front of the crackling fire for the 7 of us.   After lunch I visited with the volunteers in the Visitor Center and ambled up to get a few shots of the falls.. with all the rain we'd had lately the falls were **roaring** and full. 
Misty, cold, roaring, wet... winter at the falls. 
I arranged the new yarn from KnitPicks in one of my African baskets.. I'm mulling over what I want to do with it. 
I've been picking up a few things off eBay for my dollhouse.  Below are a few of them.. two tiny baskets.. the one of the left is sewing.. the one on the right is a knitting basket.  I'll show you the other things soon - we're going to put the dollhouse where the xmas tree was.  I got the cutest tiny spinning wheel and some authentic Williamsburg Stieff pewter things, a pair of candleholders, a chamberstick, a bowl, platter, mugs.. can't wait to show you. 
We kept the boys last night so our son and his wife could go out for New Years.  The boys didn't make it until midnight, but hubby and I did and watched the ball drop in New York City.  This morning hubby made blueberry pancakes for all of us and we watched Looney Tunes cartoons for... way.. toooooooo.. long.  Then we met our son and his wife for dinner at The Country Kitchen and we all had some kind of steak.  Man that place is great.  Yum.  Now we're stuffed and content, sitting by the fire watching Pawn Stars on History Channel.  Ain't life grand!!??  

Thanks for all the fun comments on my 250th post.. you all are **AWESOME**!!  I'm just thrilled to have met you all and wish for you a FABOOOOO 2012!

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! Beautiful pictures! I have not seen Wahkeena in person but would like to do so. I am enjoying touring your doll house and seeing what you are adding to the furnishings....and oh that new Knit Picks catalogue is right beside me. I have spent the first day of the new year
    putting away some decorations and organizing some knitting projects I want to complete. Fun! (:

  2. Brilliant photos what a beautiful part of the world you live in.

    Still loving that yarn - cant wait to see what you make with it!


  3. I am glad you had a peaceful new year celebrations, I love the first photograph and can see it translating nicely into pin cushions or crochet ornaments, complete with a peachy button in the middle. That yarn looks like art in that basket, I would just be looking at it for a while and perhaps giving it the occasional loving stroke. :) xxx

  4. I never tire of seeing that building and waterfall Teresa, really beautiful. It sounds as though you had a restful New Year. Keep snug and welcome to 2012,
    Jane x

  5. I love your posts full of stunning photos! I'm glad you had a fun evening. Happy New Year to you all.

  6. Looks like a perfect day. I would not wait too long to start something with that yarn...or else a little mouse might sneak in a steal a ball or two...he-he...that would be me... Hey, do you know she has a doll house too. Claudia is Mereknits sister in real life. Not that blogland is fake, but you know what I mean. One more day of Scott home and then it's back to normal around here. Litte skiff of snow, 20s and gusty bone chilln' wind this early morn. May just stay jammied up another day.

  7. What a lovely day and a great way to spend the New Year showing people the area you love so much. We had a quiet night at home and I loved it. Happy 2012!
    Hugs to you,

  8. Good Morning to you Teresa in 2012 and hubby too!
    Love your simple celebrations, our's was the same and we loved it. The dome is just grand and I love the color scheme. Lots of yummy food for all of you, seems like it was that kind of weather that comfort food is the best!! I wish much happiness and good health for both of you in this New Year. Thanks for your friendship, xoRobin❤

  9. Oh my goodness, what stunning architecture! When I was in Italy, I took literally thousands of photos of the architecture there. It amazed me. Also in New York City. Such beautiful structures!! I love your finds for your doll house. And one day....I want to come see your neck of the woods. So pretty!!!
    I too am so happy to have met YOU!

  10. TY for sharing photos of Vista House! It has been so long since I visited it--hopefully this new year will bring me back there.
    LOVED your waterfall photos as usual--I never tire of seeing our beautiful PNW waterfalls.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Theresa I have been away again for a few days. Took my Mum home (she had Christmas with my sister and then came to us) and spent New Year's Eve with her. It was quiet - we had a take away chinese meal and enjoyed a DVD together and some sparkly wine to make a toast with. We got home today. Glad you enjoyed your New Years Eve. Love the photos as always and the yarn from your previous post is gorgeous. Happy New Year. Love Anne x

  12. How have I missed your last three posts? I've kind of had my head in the sand, so to speak. Great yarn colors you got the other day. Have you decided what you're going to make yet? I started a round ripple the other day. All of your colors would make a pretty one. Have you ever made one? They seem to go very quickly.

    My favorite pattern is a freebie called Lynn's Round Ripple. Here is the pattern link: It says it's a baby blanket, but you can make it as big as you want. Mine have all been at least 72". They look great laying on top of your bed.

  13. I almost forgot...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  14. Beautiful pics. And, I have to say that yarn is so lovely and I am not even a knitter!

  15. Happy New Year!!! Looks like you had a wonderful one. Hope 2012 continues this way!

  16. Happy New Year to you Teresa. All the very best for 2012 ((hugs)) Joanna

  17. I love that old highway drive and the hidden waterfalls with some more touristy attractions thrown in.
    Cool knowing you were executive director - I used to own an art gallery specializing in airplane art and we used to mat up and sell to Vista House notecards by a local artist featuring an F-15 from the Oregon air guard flying by Crown Point.

  18. Pretty pics. cant wait to see your doll house and hello from down the I-5 here in rainy Eugene


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