Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fancy Cam Shots of the Falls & More

We have a few hummingbirds that have stayed here through the winter, isn't she sweet?  You can tell it's a female as she is all brown, the males are the ones with the brilliant colored throats.  
Thursday was our volunteer day at Multnomah Falls.  My sister, Denise, and I have lunch before our afternoon shift in the "Wahkeena Room".  Today we had the lunch special, a grilled tuna melt on sourdough and a nice crispy green salad with Ranch dressing and bleu cheese crumbles.  My blue Explorer is parked out in behind of the lamp post.  Oh.. and the glass man is there repairing a broken window. :-)
I'm using my new Nikon in these photos.. this is Washington State on the other side of the Columbia River Gorge. 
And this is my first shot of the falls with the new camera.  I'm sure I need to fiddle with some settings or something.. time will tell. 
I used the smaller lens but this zoom up on the Benson Bridge turned out nice. 
The bridge and the lower falls.  The ferns and mosses are brilliant green right now. 
I zoomed up on the very top of the falls.  There is a viewing platform at the top.  It's a bit over a mile hike up, the loop takes about an hour.  See the orange lichen?
The nice baristas in the coffee pavilion made our latte and mocha for us while I hiked up to get my obligatory waterfall photos. :-)  It's pretty neat to have an espresso place right outside the door of the information center. 
Then back into the warmth of the Visitor Center.. here is my sister on duty.   
Below is the stuffed Osprey in the center.. people love seeing him/her!  We have lots of them in the gorge.. it's funny as the adult call sounds like a baby.... it goes "PEEEEEP PEEEEEP". 
We had new displays put in a few years ago and it's really nice. 
Here are some historic photos.  Simon Benson on the left loved the falls and paid for the bridge to be built when the old log bridge was rotting and unsafe.  The photo on the bottom right shows Lewis & Clark as they canoe down the river.  The photo above shows how the pioneers came through, putting their covered wagons on log rafts.  It was risky business and many people drowned on their trip down the river and through the rapids. 
While at lunch I got a call from my older sister who found this pair of hobnail candlesticks in an antique store in the state Capital, Salem.  I told her how to send an email through her new iPhone and attach a photo.. these are going to look great with my collection!   
And here is a photo my son sent to my phone of Hayden and Caleb in Costco.. with these huge stuffed Moose!  Aren't they adorable?   
I just got a text message, our DIL Kristi has invited us to dinner for meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and salad.. and is inviting our older son and his family too.  Cool!  

I'm almost done with my 2nd Teddy Bear and will shoot some photos and show you soon.  I hope you are having a fun weekend.  Sending love from Oregon!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love the photo of your grandsons! They are adorable:) Happy to see you enjoying your new Nikon!

  2. Fabulously fun day at the fall with you. Great shots. Are you not having the best time playing with your new camera. Just look at those Costco bears. Supersize is one thing, but those are crazy big. Hope your dinner was/is yummie good.

  3. You are really getting the hang of the new camera Teresa, great shots especially the humming bird. I always love reading about the falls, such a beautiful place. Enjoy your weekend,
    Jane x

  4. I can really tell the difference with your photographs of the falls. They are much brighter, cleaner and sharper somehow. I do not understand photography at all but I am amazed at the difference with your new camera. I love the hummingbird. we don't get those here at all. xxx

  5. Great pictures, Teresa! I knew you'd get the hang of it. I love seeing pictures of that waterfall. Enjoy your dinner with the kids!

  6. I always love reading your very interesting posts Teresa. You're certainly getting the hang of your new camera - they say the more you play with something the better you get. You're proving that. I loved the vivid colour in the first picture of the little hummingbird and your pictures of the falls are awesome. Look forward to seeing the second bear. xoxox

  7. Sounds like you are having a great time. Love the photos you are taking with your camera, you are definitely getting the hang of it. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday,

  8. Hi Teresa ....the falls photos with your new camera seem so much brighter and clearer. My little parcel arrived this week ....thank you very much, they are lovely.

  9. Beautiful photos Teresa. The area sounds/looks so interesting, I keep telling DH I want to visit Oregon - well a part of it!!! The only thing I wouldn't be able to do would be togo on that bridge. Heights don't bother me but high up over water turns me into a nervous wreck.A colleague and I put on a production at school that was set in Oregon and was about the pioneers. We were following an education TV programme with our respective classes at the time. It really fired their imagination. Sadly you don't get to do things like that anymore. DH would love it though.
    Your grandsons are gorgeous. Dinner menu sounds yummy.

  10. I love the photos from your new camera....but I always love your photos no matter what camera you use. :) Your photos are always works of art!

    Blessings always


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