Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Heart You!!

You are all the most wonderful friends!!  I really appreciate all the encouragement and great suggestions regarding my experimentation with my new camera!  Hubby found a class for Nikon users at our local Community College that I hope to get into.  We also will be watching the video on how to use the camera as soon as we can.  For now, it's good old experimenting.  I do hope you don't mind traveling down the curving road of learning with me.  I grabbed my Valentine tablecloth and laid out 3 of my handmade hearts to experiment with a bit ago.  This is the first thing I don't understand... the crocheted heart in the middle is in focus.. but the 2 felt and embellished hearts on each side are fuzzy!  Why isn't the whole tableau clear?
And then.. this one.. why in the world would the heart on the far right be focused and the one in the middle be fuzzy?  LOL!
Center clear, sides fuzzy.. hmmm... 
This one really confuzzles me.. center of the heart fuzzy, beads on the outside focused, heart on the left clear.  OMGosh.. mysterious! 
Success?  Target heart is focused.. heart on the right is fuzzy. 
More side fuzz.. do I need to shave?   
Target item fuzzy.. ::sigh::   
Do you like my hearts?  You should make one!!  Just cut out a felt heart, hand sew it together, stuff it, sew on some beads and sequins and sew on a pin on the back.. and if you do one that says "Hug Me".. anyone you show it to will hug you.  :-D

We're off soon to spend time with our sons and grandsons and one DIL.  Our son has informed us that he emptied his pantry of assorted cans into the crockpot and is making "experimental" chili for dinner.  This should be interesting!!  

Happy Sunday to you and thanks for visiting me and keep those wonderful comments a'coming!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love the pictures - I will certainly be having a go at making one of those hearts!

    We had a crockpot dinner tonight too - lots of veggies. We have a lot of snow here and went out for a long walk this afternoon so it was lovely to arrive back home and tuck into a hearty meal!


  2. Teresa, you are going to have so much fun! My daughter is a great photographer and has taken several classes. You should visit her blog and ask her. I know she would be happy to help if she could. Have fun!

  3. I love your photography, I have a feeling I may be learning from your experimentation with your new camera. My little point and shoot confuses me. Your love hearts are very pretty, your crochet one is a particular favourite of mine. I bet the chili was great!

  4. Are you using the zoom feature on your camera? I think you may be too close to your subject which is causing the fuzziness. Have fun experimenting. Love the beaded to try one for myself.

  5. I love the hearts and you are being way too hard on yourself. I think the fuzz is creative genius and artistic.
    Have a fun time tonight,

  6. Hi Teresa this is my second visit to you today. I have spent far too much time on the laptop today!!! Love the hearts, I made one with Ella last week but I forgot to take a photo before it went home.
    Sorry can't help re the technical side of your camera/photographs but I think the photos are brilliant. Hope you have a great time at your son's sure you will. I made a chilli last week when my DIL was here with the boys. Did it in slowcooker - but had not used recipe before and i turned out well. Tonight we had a chicken and leek pie - made that last weekend as well for first time- it was scrummy. Anne x

  7. Photography is so great. Such a creative outlet!

  8. No worries, you will work out the unintended fuzziness, but wow - look at those gorgeous colours! I hope you had a great time with your family and the experimental chili! :-) xxxx

  9. Teresa, Love your hearts ((hugs)) to you. I think the pictures are great! Sorry I'm not a critic on photos, I love them all! Keep up the good work and experimenting.

  10. I think it may have to do with aperture, but what do I know? :o) I never could understand all of that myself. I had a Pentax...think I still do...years ago. but that's so outdated now it's not funny. I don't even know if you can buy the canisters of film for it now or not.

  11. Your photos look wonderful...just keep experimenting Teresa and having fun finding new things...I love my camera although I'm not very technical really....The hearts are so pretty too...
    Enjoy your family day and the 'experimental' sounds very interesting!!!
    Susan x

  12. So beautiful...I love your hearts...I love this month!!! It is fun to play with the camera. I am still learning new things all the time too xoxxo

  13. Your hearts are gorgeous Teresa, and I've just spotted your dolls house in your previous post, WOW! It's amazing! It's good you're going on a course for your camera, all will be explained there! Vanessa xxx


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