Monday, March 12, 2012

DAR Meeting at Caples House Museum

Would you like to join me today?  You can be my passenger on a trip to Columbia City, to a DAR meeting (Daughters of the American Revolution) at the Caples House Museum.  The museum complex is one of Oregon State Society DAR museums.  We leave Corbett and drive down the Columbia River towards downtown Portland - cross over the Marquam Bridge, over the Willamette River, and head West through Scappoose and St. Helens to the tiny town of Columbia City where are meeting will be today.  The weather today was grey and rainy and cold.  But I zoom along!
To be eligible to join the DAR, all you have to do is prove your ancestral line back to someone who served in the Revolutionary War.  Many patriots did a lot of other things than fight in the war.  I actually have a female patriot who supported the soldiers. Many housed the soldiers, fed them, cared for them when they were hurt, etc. The society does a LOT of good work, supporting our military and many other great causes - supporting several schools across the country.  My sister served as Regent for 2 years and I served as Regent for 2 years after her term. This is my older sister, Roberta, who is giving an "Indian Minute" - a short report about our local Native Americans.  
The luncheon was prepared and served by one of the local DAR ladies, her daughter, her granddaughter and her mother!!  Below is our adorable "server". :-) 
Our hostess prepared our lunch of "Maloney's Corned Beef", Colcannon Potatoes with Kale and Green Onions, Baked Cabbage with Bacon, Carrot Medallions, Rolls and a dessert of Bread Pudding with Irish Whiskey Sauce.  Of course the theme of the day was St. Patrick's Day! 
Our hostess, Terry Maloney, standing, with our Regent - Lorna, Treasurer - Sandy & Recording Sect'y - Judy. 
Portland Chapter members enjoy lunch. 
So many nice ladies! 
Our little server brings us our dessert. 
This one is a bit fuzzy! 
This is the view of the Columbia River from the Knapp Center - part of the Museum Complex.  It's 1 hour of driving from my house to here. 
Dessert and the Shamrock centerpieces. 
A gorgeous bouquet of Daffodils.. I can't wait until mine bloom!! 
Our wonderful hostesses for the day.  What a lovely family! 
There is an old farm wagon on the property.  And it's green! 
The apple and pear orchard.. no flowers as yet! 
Here is the front of the Caples House Museum.. it's all set up inside as it would have been when the Caples family lived there.  More history can be found on the website.  The small building in the center is a darling little gift shop - called the "Country Store".  There is also a Children's Museum behind the house and it's full of vintage toys for boys and girls.
 I took this shot at the park by the water.  The river is swollen with rain.
And then I raced along back upriver and then to Gresham for my 1 hour of swimming.  I am pretty darn tired!  Thanks for visiting with me... ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa .. thank you for a lovely day out. I enjoyed it very much and as usual, the scenery was spectacular. I need to know about those potatoes though .. never heard of them done like that but they sure do look interesting.

  2. I love when you take us along for your day. I feel like I am right there with you, well except the swimming part. Glad you had such a wonderful time. And your server was adorable.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Thanks for taking us along for the day. What fun ride that was. Glad to see you made it back in time for a few laps in the pool.

  4. Looks like a lovely day! Thanks for sharing. I love those old houses at the museum and your lunch looks delish!

  5. Oh Teresa...what interesting organizations you belong to. What a nice luncheon. I want that green wagon!!!!! Glad you got your swim in! I just finished me workout in my new home gym. Nice to have it all to myself!!!

  6. Hello Teresa it was lovely to go on your journey when I looked in this evening after a bitter/sweet day. You are certainly one interesting lady. The little server was so lovely. I love colcannon potatoes. Thankyou for sharing.Anne x

  7. Hi Friend, What a lovely day you had, beautiful surroundings, delicious food, darling server, pretty museum house and lovely ladies. Then you went swimming, is there nothing that can hold you down. GOOD for you!!! You are an inspiration!

  8. All I saw was that dessert! Was that bread pudding? YUMMY!

  9. What a wonderful day out for you! Great food, great friends, and what a sweet little server.

  10. So do have such a wonderful life...the places you always visit are amazing...I am so glad you always share with us. xoxoxo

  11. Oh Teresa, your little server is just too cute!

  12. I enjoyed joining in with your day Teresa, it looks like lots of fun and very interesting.

  13. You do such a wonderful job of capturing "life". I love to see your photos! And I know the time and effort it takes to create a post like done! My eye caught the St. Patty's Day coffee mugs! Soooo cute! And daffodils...such a welcome relief from the drab winter days! At least you guys can say you HAD a winter...ours was laughable! I guess that makes up for our winter two years ago when we had 28 inches of snow in the season. (Our average is 4!) Life's cycles...they all even one another out, I suppose. You said I was prolific in one of your comments...does that mean I talk too much? LOL I always seem to leave novel-esque comments on your posts. I'm sorry! I'm bad about keeping it short and sweet. This morning, I planted two new Peony bulbs that the husbster gave me for Valentine's Day...Sorbet Pink...can't wait to see a bloom! Have a great day, Teresa! Hugs to you, Annette


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