Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Littlies

I showed you a photo of the big boys not long ago by our fire.  We spent Sunday evening with our youngest son's family and I told you of the "cute face" of the youngest grandson and promised to show you.  SO... below is the "normal" face of Caleb, 2.  He will turn 3 soon.  He's *such* a character!  I adore his curly hair.  
And below is what happens when you ask him to show you his "cute face".  :-)  It's fuzzy as they never totally stop moving.  ::grin::
Here is his older brother's "normal" face.  This is Hayden, he is 3, going on 4.  He's a happy boy. 
This is HIS "cute face".  LOL!  
Today our daughter posted photos of our 2 granddaughters getting to know their new house in Ohio.  They have a big backyard and they are happy to see daffodils coming up.  This is Jenna and she loves flowers and being outside.  They've been enjoying 80 degree days in their new home.
Here is Paige enjoying her new Schwinn tricycle on her new driveway.  How cute is she? 
Dayle is cooking up some lunch for us and then I'm heading off to the pool.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you all are having a great week!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What cute grandkids you have Teresa. They are all so very sweet, they must bring you great delight. Enjoy your swim,
    Jane x

  2. Four incredibly cute faces. (((Hugs))) xxx

  3. Sweet grandkids! I love those "cute" faces!

  4. What cute grandkids you have! Adorable:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  5. Teresa, Your little ones are soooooo cute. I just loved seeing them and their "CUTE" faces. AND those curly, oh how I wish had them! Thanks for sharing your beautiful grands.

  6. Oh Teresa, your grandchildren are so beautiful - love the 'cute' faces too. What a lovely big yard the girls have to play in - they look happy.

  7. Those cute faces made me giggle! :-) How lovely to see pictures of Jenna and Paige (with her very pretty dress) too! I hope you had a good swim, we're enjoying some glorious sunshine and warmer wheather here in Belgium! xxxx

  8. You're grandchildren have you wrapped around their little finger....as they should. They are adorable!

  9. The girls are growing up quick! I love my grands, just wish I was closer to them.


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