Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wild Violets & Stargazer's Decks are Swabbed!

I told you about how each Spring our farm yard bursts forth with fields of wild violets?  Today my sweetheart and I went out and took some photos and he got down on the ground with his scissors and cut a whole bowl of these tiny flowers for me to arrange in my tiny vases.  Awww.. isn't he darling?  I just wish you could smell the amazing fragrance of these little precious blossoms.  The colors are pure white, light lavender, lavender and dark purple.  The colors are in this first photo.
Here are the white ones in their natural habitat.. the farm grounds.
Here are some of the white and the purple. 
A close-up of the bowl of flowers hubby brought in while I was washing the vases and filling them with fresh water.
Now I must tell you.. you have to put each and every tiny little flower in one at a time, so making four vases of bouquets took some time.  :-)  The vase below is a favorite of mine, I found it at an antique show in Hood River.  It's a hand holding the flowers molded out of glass and the top rim is milk glass.  Charming!
I put all 4 of my little vases on a vintage jadeite glass plate - my "wild violet vignette".  The littlest vase is a tiny cream bottle that was once used in restaurants and had a tiny waxed cardboard top pushed down into the rim with the name of the dairy on it.  Are you old enough to remember those being used in restaurants?  I am! :-)
While hubby was picking violets I was looking about the yard and saw this branch with lichen on it.. isn't it amazing stuff? 
The daffodils are all open and happy! 
I have added 3 more little crocheted eggs to my basket.  The speckled one in the center, the green one in front and the pink one to the right of the blue one in back.  I plan to do another one or 2 today.  :-) 
::hitting rewind:: to the last few days with hubby and our boat, Stargazer.  She's moored at Portland Yacht Club of which we've been members for many years.  The club is located on Marine Drive not too far from the Interstate I-5 and it's bridge that crosses over the Columbia River to Vancouver, Washington.  He purchased new dock lines, a new sail cover and a new wooden tiller.  On Friday he scrubbed the topsides of the cabin and cockpit and decking.  When going down the companionway ladder into the cabin he slipped and fell onto the cabin floor on his back and hit his head on the ladder.  He laid there stunned for a moment and went.. "Wah wah wah".  :-)  Being a tough old bird, he went back to work and finished the cleaning.  He went back yesterday and fitted the new sailcover and installed it and put the lifeline covers back on that he'd cleaned and put on the new dock lines.  He did this all alone fighting the currents and wind.  Then he installed the new tiller handle.  He also scrubbed the hull down to the water line.  What a guy. The PYC moorage chairman commended him on how nice the boat looks, all set for opening day!
Next he will be tuning up the motor, and then we'll take her out sailing!  The teak on the boat needs to be refinished and that is on his agenda - it has to be done in nice weather.  Here's hoping that we have a better summer than last year!
Isn't she pretty?  I lived aboard her for 4 months in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington state one summer.  I singlehanded her there, it was a memorable experience.
Dayle snapped this photo of Mt. Hood in Alpen glow on his way home after working on her all day.  This is the view from our sailing waters in the Columbia River.  ::sigh::  It's so lovely to sail here on these waters with the mountain looming beyond.
Today we're both taking time to relax and recharge from our busy lives.  We were supposed to go to dinner at our son's house, but his good friend invited he and his family to his birthday party, so we'll hopefully see them next week instead.  I hope you're having a fun and enjoyable weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thank goodness your sweet husband was alright after the tumble, and I say "sweet" because of those darling little flowers he snipped for you to enjoy, lol. The boat looks like a handful, I would have no clue where to start with sailing something like that, and it amazes me when reading that you can do that. Your Easter eggs are so pretty in the basket. Years ago when Leggs Panty hose use to come in those huge plastic eggs they were great for crocheting around, but no more Leggs in eggs, now that is something to wah, wah, wah about, lol. Have a great week.
    Susanne :)

  2. Hi Teresa, I had some trouble trying to post on your blog over the weekend using my ipad. I don't know if they appeared or not. I love the crochet eggs! I loved your historical bit about the pioneers! I love your sailboat! My husband has always loved to sail. What a beauty she is for sure! I am glad your husband's head is okay, and there were no stitches or anything! When is your opening day?
    XO Kris

    1. Opening Day is May 5th. It's a big to-do for all the yacht clubs in the Portland area. At PYC everyone wears navy blue blazers, white pants and even white shoes and there is a big ceremony on the deck at the flag pole, the flag is raised and they shoot off the cannon! Then all the boats decorate up with flags and pennants and go in formation out in a "parade" in the river. There are judges and lots of prizes for different categories. I did it one year with one lady as crew for me. It was very memorable. :-)

  3. So glad the hubbie is OK. That boat sure is a beauty. Can't wait to see you set sail soon. Great pics of the violet. Hey, I know I need to play WWF, I'll get back to it soon after I pop around and check in with everyone.

  4. Everything looks so pretty. Glad Dayle is ok. We've had your rain...all weekend.

  5. Glad your husband is okay! Your boat is a beauty and so much different than ours! lol As for your question about the river boat my husband built...he used a marine based paint for the exterior and also fiberglass on the seams.

  6. Very impressive! That is a beauty of a boat! I have never sailed before but it sounds wonderful and what scenery you have out there! Amazing!~Hugs, Patti

  7. An awesome post, Teresa and Dayle! Thanks so much for sharing!! The violets and vases and lichen and daffodils are so lovely.... *I like your eggs so much I have made one so far and plan to work on some more tonight. Thanks for sharing the pattern. *For a little while we had a motor boat when we lived on the west bank of the Hudson River in NY. It is amazing the size of the wake huge barges make!!! I think you are very brave as well as hard working to venture forth in your beautiful boat, but there is so much that is wonderful about it I am glad you are able to do so. I enjoyed the description of the pageantry surrounding the opening day ceremony, with cannon!!!!* And ohhhhhh another special picture of Mt. Hood. <3

  8. Glad the Mr. is ok! I have a friend who lives on his sailboat year round. That's his home. He loves it!

  9. Pure joy...I love your little grandma always had oooodles in her many fond memories. Maybe that is why I am in love with them and favourite flowers.
    Enjoy your Monday. xoxo

  10. I love violets, I do have 'wild' ones on the front lawn, but they have not appeared yet and there is not enough to indulge and pick them. I took a photograph of lichen a few days ago too, and wondered what sort of strange people go around photographing lichen, isn't it fascinating stuff. It has great potential for natural dyeing too but it seems a shame to pick it! xxx

  11. Hello Teresa the violets are so beautiful. Glad that DH is ok after banging his head. Your boat looks super - hope you have lots of happy sailing times. Anne x

  12. Your wild violets are incredible and I love, love, love them! I cannot believe your trilliums are starting to bloom--now you have me wanting to run outside to look at ours and it is too dark:)
    Your saiboat is beautiful. I have been on the Willamette and I think for a short distance on the Columbia...we have a boat, but I have always found sailboats to be much more captivating (hence my love for the Lady Washington).
    Like the new speckled egg!
    Blessings, Aimee


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