Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lemon Cake & Easter Egg Hunt

Did you have a good Easter?  We sure did!  Our son Shawn had us and our other son over for an Easter dinner of marinated tri-tip steak, 4 cheese mashed potatoes, corn on the cob - and we brought a fresh baked cake to celebrate not only the day but Shawn's wife Beth's birthday tomorrow!  Dayle baked the lemon cake (Beth's favorite is lemon cake) and I made the cream cheese frosting.  It turned out very well!
See the flecks of freshly grated lemon peel in the frosting?  It's so easy to make cream cheese frosting.  1 cube of room temp butter and 1 8 oz. brick of room temp cream cheese - beat together and then add 1 box (or 5 cups) of powdered sugar.  For lemon frosting add fresh lemon juice and some grated lemon peel.  For vanilla, add some pure vanilla extract, for chocolate add some unsweetened cocoa powder.  You can flavor it to suit your needs.  
My violet plant is blooming beautifully!
All of my Christmas cacti are blooming, too!  This is my "Mom" one. 
I had to take this photo to prove that it really got this warm yesterday. :-) 
We put together these Easter "buckets" for the boys.. when we shopped yesterday there wasn't a basket to be found.   
Our eldest grandson hid eggs in the yard for the 3 younger boys.. they had so much fun! 
The little guys showing grandpa their eggs.. and Gabe had found a lot too! 
The VW is our son's bus.   
 Then the boys went to the back yard and were racing to the fence and back.  
We then sang happy birthday to Beth and all had cake.. and it was good!
Then we gave the boys our buckets and I asked them to say cheese and they did and I took 9 photographs and not one of them was good.  Here is the best one. :-)
 Each bucket had a gold foil wrapped Lindt chocolate bunny.. as you can see, they like that!  LOL!
I then gave Beth her birthday gift... 
It's a sterling silver snake chain bracelet that you can put those large hole beads on.. I will be able to give her beads for many gift occasions in the future until the bracelet is full.  Her wedding ring has a blue sapphire in it, so I picked this bead to match it.
So, we had a great day.  How was your weekend?  I hope it was wonderful!  Thanks for visiting and have a super duper week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. My girls had a great Easter Egg hunt as well, though we had to do it indoors because it was raining so hard. I think buckets will be useful for the boys to play with as the Summer comes!
    Yummy cake, it makes me hungry.

  2. Our Easter day was a bit unconventional, but my hubby and I spent it at Norfolk Botanical Gardens (a couple of hours from us and our first time visiting). The azaleas were in spectacular bloom and the grounds are gorgeous there. Our 23 year old daughter stayed home to study. These are her last few weeks of college before graduation and the workload is heavy...she needed the day off from her job to pound the books. We will all share a special meal tomorrow night as my hubby's birthday is Wednesday - so we'll be with her then! That cake you made looks SO yummy! Love cream cheese frosting! And I loved the photos of all the young ones and their buckets and hunting for times! Have a good week, Teresa! Hugs, Annette

  3. Caça aos ovos, que diversão da garotada.
    Deve ter ficado uma delicia essa torta.
    Muito linda a pulseira.
    Maravilhosa semana.

  4. Well you had a lovely time! That cake...holy cow! It looks divine. By the way - you can never get a good picture of kids if there is candy around.

  5. Oh your day sounds wonderful and all the boys are so happy. We had a quiet day I am still recovering from this nasty cold. Yuck!
    Happy Monday,

  6. You had a wonderful time!! Mine was very quiet. I repotted Christmas cactus, did some laundry and of course some hooky! That lemon cake looks soooo good.

  7. I meant to ask you, what is a 'cube' of butter? I don't know if we have cubes here.

  8. Oh that cake looks so tasty! My gram would always make a white layer cake with while icing and a coconut crust with jelly beans on top. I made one last year for my mom, but didn't get around to it this year.

  9. Well I want a piece of that cake.....mmmmmmm.
    I love Lindt bunnies too.
    You had a great Easter.

    i too. Someone had to!

  10. Scott just heard me gasp when I read LEMON fav, but the way.... asking me what's wrong. Boy did you and Kris down south there go all out for the holiday. Too much fun looked to be had. I so have gone into full vaca mode. Need to get back home this Sunday to reality.... or maybe not. It's been the perfect break. But, I need to get back in the swing. Off to see what else I've been missing here.

  11. Looks like such a wonderful day with your family. And, I adore that bracelet. Just beautiful.

  12. I'm still having occasional problems trying to leave a comment - couldn't do it last night but today it seems ok. Anyway, glad to hear you had a lovely Easter with your family Teresa. I like the idea of the Easter buckets - something a bit different. Oh that cake looks delish - bet it tasted delish too. xoxox

  13. My grand girls were looking at the computer screen as I was reading your post. They loved the cake and flowers and especially the jelly beans. But even though I agreed with her, I had to giggle when the youngest grand girl said as she looked at your grandsons. "Awww they're so cute!"[She will be 3 in June!]<3

  14. Looks like a great day with family Teresa! The boys sure do look excited with their Easter goodies! Love Beth's new jewels!!!!!

  15. Lovely colourful post, Teresa! The egg hunt looks such fun....and I love the jelly beans on the cake, I will have to try that too!
    Helen x

  16. What fun.....and that cake looks amazing...I am so craving something sweet tonight...nothing but chocolate chips in our cupboards but they may just have to do. xoxoxo


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