Thursday, June 14, 2012

America's Capitol

We are home from our 9 day trip to Washington DC!  My oh my, did we see a lot and learn a lot!  A story.. we passed through security at the Portland International Airport and met up with my 2 sisters and 2 brothers-in-law and I looked in my purse for something and pulled out my camera bag and..... and..... it was empty.  The new Lumix camera I got with a super fab zoom lens JUST FOR THIS TRIP.. was at home on the charger in the kitchen.  I was more than crushed.  After arriving in DC, getting checked in to the hotel, and we were having dinner I thought, hmmm.. I wonder if we could have it mailed to us overnight? I called my son Travis and told him the story and he and his wife Kristi leapt into action and drove out here to the farm, found the camera and it's box, went to the post office and mailed it to me!!  It arrived on Wednesday.  So, all the photos from the first 2 days were taken with my iPhone 4S.  :-)  This photo is a favorite of mine of the capitol building.  They are working on *everything* in DC, and as you can see they have some covered scaffolding at the base of the dome.  Kinda ruins the photos but what can you do?
We stayed in a hotel 30 minutes from downtown DC and used Metro to get downtown.  It's a train that goes above ground and then goes underground like a subway.  That was an experience in itself!  
We got into town that first day and walked out onto the Washington Mall grassy area between the capitol building and the Washington Monument to look around.  I snapped this photo of the Washington Monument.  We were treated to wonderfully cool and shady weather, which suited us Oregonians to a T!
First museum on our schedule was the one below.  Kudos goes to my sister Denise and her husband Steve who had been to DC several times and coordinated our touring.  
I looked around the main level and then went up to the First Ladies display area where they have all the dresses from all the First Ladies over the years that they wore during their Inaugurations.  This one was beautiful. 
I was very excited to see the dress worn by Michelle Obama as I remember so well watching her wear this at the inauguration of our president Barack Obama not that long ago. 
They also had china from many of the Presidencies - I was thrilled to be this close to dishes used by Abraham Lincoln! 
In another area they had a whole section with fun items from movies, these are Dorothy's "Ruby Slippers" that Judy Garland wore in the movie the "Wizard of Oz"!  
We were thrilled to see the famous flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the "Star Spangled Banner" - our National Anthem!  Find out more by clicking HERE.  The flag was flown during the War of 1812.  There was also a dollhouse there that was amazing with many rooms and amazing vintage pieces - but I don't want to "over post" with too many photos so I won't show those.  We then headed to the US Capitol Building for a tour set up by my sister and BIL.  Below is the ceiling inside the dome... isn't it gorgeous!?  More info HERE.
The dome room was absolutely wonderful, with paintings all around the circle of important events of American history by artists such as John Trumbull, and others
It was such an honor to be able to visit this building which is so important to the American people, and it was full of beautiful art, statues and architecture. 
This painting is "The Surrender of General Burgoyne" by John Trumbull.  You can see it better and all the other paintings HERE
Below is just one of the many statues in the rotunda - this one is Alexander Hamilton. 
Another vantage point of the US Capitol Building.   
This trip involves a LOT of walking.  After all the touring we made our way back to the Metro station, boarded the train, rode it back to where we had parked our rented van, drove through traffic to the hotel and rested a bit then went out to a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill.  Our tour leader Steve gave us our "marching orders" for the next morning - up at 6 am, breakfast in the lobby, departure at 7:15 and head back to DC.  I hope you've enjoyed going along with us on our visit to DC.  I will share more in my next installment. :-)  Now, I'm off to volunteer at Multnomah Falls!  Oh my!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love it, Teresa! Great photos. And, oh, the camera story...that sounds like something that would happen to ME! So glad you were able to receive it by overnight delivery!

  2. Welcome back! The whole camera thing - that is so something that I would do. Glad your son and DIL were able to help. Enjoying the trip so far...can't wait to see the rest!

  3. I'm loving "touring" with you. I've never been to D.C. So it's all wonderful to me. Never too many pictures! And, I, too, love the camera story. It's completely something I would do. So glad you're home safely.

  4. The dresses are beautiful, I've seen them in real. Oh so beatuiful. And also the ruby slippers. And I had to watch the Wizard of Oz afterwards. My homestay family made me. ;-)

  5. Ohhh...I am enjoying this trip so far! So glad you were able to get the camera sent to you, thanks to your loving son and DIL, but you take amazing photos with your iPhone 4S! Hope you enjoy sun at the Falls today:) I am going to review this post and click on the links this time through. [I am listening to marching music thanks to my oldest grand girl...appropriate for your post:)]
    Joy to you and yours!
    Gracie <3

  6. It sounds like you had a lovely time :) Your pictures turned out much better than mine did when I went! It was raining buckets when I was there. It's so neat to see the clothing and other items from the families of presidents past! That first dress is positively beautiful :)

  7. What a fantastic trip, I am glad you had a fantastic time but I am even more glad you are back :) x

  8. Thank you for sharing your photos that were taken on your trip to DC They are amazing as I know they would be. I have never seen those things in person, and now since I have seen your photos I feel as if I had! Glad you had a safe return home and your still going!!!! How do you do it?? Shari :)

  9. Glad you had a fabulous time. I love you showed some photo's of the inside of the museum, those dresses!!

  10. Totally cool. Totally a great trip. I can't believe you were that close to Dorothy's shoes. You know I have a personal attachment to those Ruby Slippers and that tale. So glad to see you are back home safely. Please please send some of that rain over here to the Midwest. We are leaving in the land of Grapes of Wrath here. Quite the dust bowl if I do say so myself. Can't wait to see more pics.

  11. Welcome home!! My heart just went THUD, when I read that you left your camera at home!!! Isn't the US Mail a wonderful thing!!!! Nice of your son to rush it off to you! Your pics are fab as always! And I am learning so much through your visit. I have not ever been to DC, and would love to go one day. Can't wait for more!!!
    XO Kris

  12. Sounds like you had a great time. So glad that you enjoyed the trip AND that you got the camera situation worked out! Looking forward to some more pictures!

  13. Wonderful pictures Teresa, I am so glad you had a great time and saw so many amazing things. Michelle Obama looked gorgeous in that dress, I would love to see it. Sorry about the camera, but it all ended well. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.
    hugs to you,

  14. What a wonderful trip. I am surprised that you had a picture of the Metro. When I was in D.C. summer before last, I took a picture of the Metro and was immediately surrounded by security telling me in no uncertain terms "NO PICTURES OF THE METRO." Maybe they have lightened up some in the past year. Another time I was in D.C., I made the mistake of putting my hands in the pocket of my "hoodie" on a cold February morning as I walked near the Pentagon. I was approached by a security officer who told me to immediately take my hands out of my pockets and show them. It was kind of shocking to me, but I did it. Maybe I just look suspicious....Glad you had a great trip and especially that you were able to get your camera mailed out to you. Thanks for sharing your vacation!

  15. Welcome back! See the nice weather we are having?
    LOVE the photos; I especially like the one of Metro (cool ceiling) and of the Washington monument (nice sky & lighting).
    I had to smile (not out of meanness though) when I saw you had to have your camera overnighted to you; I had to have my camera charger sent to me also when we went to the Olympic Peninsula--as you said, yea for the US Mail:)
    Have an awesome weekend...

  16. Welcome back Teresa, fantastic photo's. Glad you got your camera for the trip too.

  17. What a great trip Teresa. Brilliant photos - The ceiling in the dome room is beautiful! Glad you were able to get your camera posted to you :-) Have a great weekend Joanna xx

  18. I was reading along while enjoying your beautiful pictures and noticed your reference to the Presidents in the Rotunda and naming Hamilton. I'm certain that you know that Hamilton was the first Sec. of the Treasury and did not serve as President. It just reads as a named President, I think. Glad you're enjoying your trip!



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