Thursday, August 23, 2012

Across the Miles & Home Stuff

It was my granddaughter Paige's 4th Birthday yesterday and my daughter set up a Skype call so we could sing Happy Birthday to Paige and talk with her and our GD Jenna.  I did a "screen shot" on my Mac while we talked.. Paige was very pleased with her birthday tiara. :-)
Aren't all 3 of my girls adorable?  Amy, Paige and Jenna.
Paige with her birthday cupcake.. they are having a pool party for her with my daughter's husband's family on Saturday.
This is Jenna ready to head off for her first day of 2nd grade.  They live in Ohio.
Our son Travis and his wife Kristi and our two grandsons came out to help us unload the trailer from our camping trip - wasn't that nice of them?  Kristi also cleaned our chicken coop and put fresh cedar shavings in it.  She also cared for the chickens and watered our plants while we were gone.  We treated them to prime rib that night and here are the 2 boys digging into their Oreo sundae desserts after they polished off all their dinner.
Travis and Kristi came out the next day too - to help Dayle fix the tires on his riding mower.  I gave Kristi the crocheted slouchie hat she asked me to make for her and had her model it for me. :-) 
I was happy that this Stargazer Lily on our back deck was still in glorious bloom when we got back from camping.  I'd have been bummed if I'd missed them.
These are the most beautiful flowers and the aroma is out of this world. 
We had some un-planted plants that Dayle stuck in a tub and left in water to make it while we were gone - this is some variety of Hibiscus. 
My older sister Roberta and younger sister Denise and I went out to "Girl's Lunch" on Tuesday.  We went to "Salty's on the Columbia".  This is the deck dining area and the river. 
The dining room looking up-river. 
My salad was divine - with goat cheese, hazelnuts and blueberries, strawberries and blackberries!  Yum! 
This is the marina to the left of the restaurant. 
We caught up on things from the camping trip and other news and enjoyed each other's company.  We try to do this once a month.  This is the exterior of the restaurant. 
I wanted to thank those of you who enjoyed my camping trip post and left such neat messages.  You are the BEST!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. It was fun to read through all the comments from the last post as well as view the whole post again...Your blog contains many wonderful, beautiful, interesting stories!!!
    So glad your were able to connect with your Ohio family, [yes, your three girls are beautiful!]
    Our oldest son sent us a phone video from NY of our youngest GS B'day with them singing to him August 5, his 5th B'day Precious. :)
    Your flowers are gorgeous!
    The hat you made for Kristi is perfect for her...she is so cute as well as kind and hardworking...and it was great of your son to come help with the unpacking!
    Thanks for sharing your days with us; you and yours bless my life.
    Gracie xxx

  2. Another amazing visit. Isn't the whole skyping thing just too cool. I can't believe you still have such beatiful color and blooms. We are well on our way to being done here, but then is was a dry dry summer. Fall will be early too, the leaves are already changing.

    So, here's the Janelle poop. She had in her contract that she was not going to jury sequestor, so she went home before the 7. This whole coach thing was strange this year. I'm watching Ian too, as I think he may be on the Autism Spectrum, which my family knows all about. But, I think he may win unless he gets caught.

    Off to bed....Kate

  3. Teresa, your grandgirls are precious! So fun to skype with them. They have changed alot in the few short months I have known you. Pretty little girls!!! So is your daughter!
    It was awfully nice of your son and daughter in law to keep the home fires burning for you while you were away. I have never had anyone clean our coop. But my dear friend Jae did has come to lay fresh pine down for me. She even scooped some of the doo out without me asking. Your boys are always so willing to lend a hand, and I think that is wonderful. Your sisters and you, all so close. I wish I had a sister. Salty's looks good! Love the lure's hanging! Your salad looked yummy too. The stargazers are gorgeous! I could almost smell them. And Kristi's slouchy hat is darling. I would love to know the pattern.
    Talk soon.
    XO Kris

  4. Oh your grandbabies are precious! Both of them seemed so happy to see you on Skype. I love visiting with our kids that way too. It would be better to be able to touch them in person but....this is better than nothing right?

    The flowers are absolutely gorgeous and what a wonderful daughter-in-law you have to care for the chickens and even clean out the coop for you! The hat you made her is beautifully done.

    Where is Salty's by the Columbia? I don't remember seeing it on my trips to Portland. We did have fun at Camping World last weekend though. I bought lots of fun things for the trailer.

    Have a wonderful weekend Teresa.



    1. Betsy, are you familiar with Marine Drive along the Columbia River? Salty's is down near the Portland Yacht Club. It's a fun place, for sure. On the spendy side, but a good place for every once in a while. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What a great idea being included in the birthday celebration via skype - I'd never have thought of that. The birthday girl really did look like a little princess - just gorgeous. Kristi's hat looks lovely, the colour suits her and it looks as if it will be nice and warm for winter. As for your Stargazer Lily - absolutely beautiful. Always enjoy your posts. Have a great weekend. xoxox

  6. Isn't skype the best thing ever? I love it. Talk to my mom and sister almost very day. It makes the distance a little easier. I love your flowers and very much enjoyed your camping pictures, they were divine!

  7. I love the scenery in Oregon, the setting of Sally's restaurant is spectacular, I love food photos too. What a great bunch of supportive friends and family you have. Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK)

  8. Happy birthday, Paige!! Your granddaughters are absolutely gorgeous :-) Love Kristi's slouchie, you did a great job! :-) xxxx

  9. Nice post, love the hat, the ice cream looks yummy and I wish Ohio wasn't so far from you. Does that cover it? those flowers are gorgeous too. I love your posts Teresa. XOXO

  10. Yes, your 3 girls are beautiful! I think you miss them sometimes. It's good you get togteher on a regular base with yoyur sisters, when I see you together on photo's it's amazes me how easy one can see you are sisters. groetjes, Gerda

  11. What a great day you had...birthday party, eating out at a beautiful place, spending time with family and friends, beautiful scenery...what could anyone ask for!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Shari

  12. Hi Teresa,
    So great to see your GD's. My have they grown!!! Paige is so cute and those eyes are just so beautiful. Jenna has gotten so tall and looks so pretty going off to 2nd class. It's all so amazing they grow up so fast. I'm seeing the same thing with my GD's. Really so thoughtful and kind of your son and d-i-l to help you out while you were away. Great family bond and love you all have. I'm happy for you that you have had such a great summer! Have a great weekend and enjoy your Lilies! xoRobin❤

  13. I'm so glad you were able to "see" your girls. I know how much you miss them! You are so lucky to have your sisters close by. My sister is closer to you than she is to me :( Have a great weekend!

  14. Teresa, Isn't it great to be surrounded by lovely women, young and old! Thanks to modern day inventions we can always be close to our loved ones no matter how far away they are. Your granddaughters are darling and Happy Birthday to little Miss 4-Year Old. Love the flowers you shared with us, they are so vibrant in color. That is something I miss this year, so dry and hot in Ohio, the flowers were down right pitiful. Your luncheon looks tastey. Great spot for a restaurant. I love the water, even though I can not swim. My one regret. My daughter has an inground pool, my best friend has one too, and it isn't because the offers haven't been made. I hate water in my face. Go figure.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  15. Your three girls are lovely you will soon be on your way to see them all. I love Kristi's hat...very groovy! I am glad she gave the chickens lots of tlc. xxx

  16. Happy Birthday to your dear granddaughter Paige! My youngest granddaughter will be 4 soon too:) I can hardly wait till you get to see them all in person!
    Have a great Friday--love your Stargazer!

  17. I actually think you are the best! Love the photos of the girls, they are growing up. I know you have a visit planned soon, I bet you can't wait.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  18. Hello Teresa another lovely interesting post from you. The girls are so lovely - Paige reminds me so much of my youngest GD Phoebe. Jenna looks so grown up. Ella my GD starts school a week on Tuesday- she can't wait. My grandson's start a new school on 4th September. They have moved house and now live in a village called Hepworth - nr Holmfirth. They are a little closer now it will take about 20 mins off our journey. Have a good weekend. Love Anne x

  19. Great pics of your grandkids. Glad you got to see and visit with the girls too! That looks like a great place to eat, and the picture of your salad made my mouth water. Goat cheese & fruit in a salad = DELISH!

  20. Isn't Skype the greatest?! You grandkids are so cute!

  21. I've really enjoyed catching up with all your happenings Teresa, it looks as if you have had a wonderful few weeks!

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  23. aww so glad to see you skyping along with your gorgeous grand-daughters my haven't they shot up!! loving all your pics and glad you got to see the stargazers xx much love Amanda xx

  24. How your granddaughters have grown Teresa. I am sure you are getting so excited to see them and your daughter. Skype is wonderful..glad you could join the celebrations. Your meal looked yummy. Enjoy your weekend it's a bank holiday here and we are off to see the newly weds on Monday :-) Jane x


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