Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Into Fall!

Yesterday was our first cloudy cool day and I am getting "into" Autumn!  I decided I needed to crochet another little pumpkin like I made last year, so I got started and this is what I came up with!  (I will add the pattern at the bottom of this post)
Then I made a white one!  I used KnitPicks "Simply Cotton Worsted" in the color "Marshmallow" - it's made of 100% organic cotton.  It feels absolutely WONDERFUL in your hands and works up super duper.
Do you like my scarecrow candle holder?  I've had him for years as you can tell from the drips.. he's porcelain and I love him.   
My sunflowers are still looking totally fresh, I wonder how long they will last?  You can see the baskets and next to it the light green glass candle holders that Gracie found for me at an antique store.. wasn't that sweet?
I think I need a 3rd one, but I can't find the one I made last year!  Sheesh!  Wouldn't a grey one look neat? 
I also think I might need to make some crocheted leaves to add on.. hmm... 
I really like the creamy white one. 
Meet Mr. Scarecrow!  I made him years ago, my younger sister and I got the idea to make a scarecrow and spent the afternoon working on them at her house.  We made the "skeleton" with crunched and rolled aluminum foil, then made the clothes and pushed stuffing inside using unbleached muslin for the face, hands and feet and an old pair of jeans for his pants and checkered cloth for his shirt, some ripped fabric for his scarf and red flannel for his hat.  We tied things together with raffia.  Isn't he cute?  Unfortunately one of my candles dripped on his head and face, but it kinda looks like a bird perched on him.. :-D
And so.. I must dash.. I am going to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival today and you will not believe what is there!  TONS of fiber to spin, spinning wheels a whirring, animals such as sheep, Angora goats, llamas and alpaca.  I will take photos and share with you tomorrow.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Little Pumpkin Crochet Pattern 

Materials - I used Knit Picks Dishie cotton yarn & stuffing
I used an F hook, American crochet terms are used in this project
Work in continuous rounds, using a stitch marker to keep track of the beginning of each row.

Rnd 1 - in Orange, make "magic ring" and sc 6
Rnd 2 - 2sc in each st - 12 sts
Rnd 3 - (sc1, 3sc in next st) x6 - 24sts
Rnd 4 - sc2tog, (2sc in next st) twice x6 - 30 sts
Rnd 5 - sc around
Rnd 6 - (sc2tog, 2sc in next st, sc1, 2sc in next st) x6 - 36sts
Rnd 7 - sc around
Rnd 8 - (sc2tog, 2sc in next st, sc2, 2sc in next st) x6 - 42 sts
Rnds 9-12 - sc around (BE SURE AND DO THE 4 ROWS HERE)
Rnd 13 - (sc2tog, sc 5) x6 - 36sts
Rnd 14 - (sc2tog, sc 4) x6 - 30sts
Rnd 15 - (sc2tog, sc3) x6 - 24sts
Rnd 16 - (sc2tog, sc2) x6 - 18sts
Rnd 17 - change to green - (sc2tog, sc1) x6 - 12 sts, stuff head
Rnd 18 - (sc2tog) x6 - 6sts
Rnd 19-21 - sc around
Rnd 22 - sc2tog, sc4 - 5 sts

Cut yarn, tie knot, run your crochet hook up from the bottom to the top of the stem, grab yarn and pull it down through the stem and pull tight, cut yarn off where you bring it out.  Makes a nice tight and flat top.  Have fun!


  1. So many lovely autumn things - i love them all!

    Hope you have had a wonderful first day of autumn.


  2. Lovely Autumn things Teresa I just love them. When out today I noticed the first trees starting to change colour- so beautiful. Can't wait to hear about the Oregon Flock and Fibre Festival. Love Anne x

  3. I do love your pumpkins but got lost at round 4...doh! Am I being silly? xxx

  4. How do you do it Teresa! I so love Mr. Scarecrow...he's cute. I really love the stems on your pumpkins much better than mine....thanks for sharing your pattern with us today and can't wait until tomorrows pictures! Shari

  5. Oh how fun!!! I love the pumpkins! And I love the scarecrow!!!! I am so envious of your cool weather! Have a ball at the festival!!!
    And thank you for including the pattern to make the pumpkins!!! May give it a go!

  6. Your crocheted pumpkin is really cute but I love your scarecrow even more! I love how our American friends really get into autumn/fall.
    Hen x

  7. Very cute crochet pumkin!! Love your candle holder scarecrow, I love burning
    candles but don't have a holder as cute as that ☺☺ I have dragons and skeleton's lol.

  8. Oh me oh my...these are soooo adorable!!!!
    Happy first day of was the perfect day here. The weather was amazing and we went pumpkin picking...what more could you want! Sooo many blessings. Hugs

  9. It is fun to celebrate autumn, isn't it! I love the colors of the season and how you are reflecting them in your decorations. My kids came home from shopping today with bouquets of dahlias and I wondered if they came from the field across the street from you, Teresa. I am eager to see your pictures of the OFFF and am excited that I get to go tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your pattern. It is on my want to try list :) xxx from Gracie

  10. Thank you for sharing the pattern, Teresa! I am slowly getting into Autumn as well, it is starting to get quite cold here in Belgium. One of the things I regret is the lack of sunlight here, Autumn means mostly grey skies and quite a bit of rain here (as does Winter and Spring, come to think of it, lol)
    Have a lovely day xxxx

  11. Teresa,
    Really cute Fall decor! Love your pumpkins!!


  12. Hi Teresa, your autumn decorations are so cute. The pumpkins look good enough to eat and I agree your scarecrow candle holder is gorgeous and obviously so well loved. It is turning cooler here too although yesterday was glorious sunshine. Enjoy the week,
    Jane x

  13. Hi Teresa, I love it how you decorate for each of the seasons. Your table looks great and those little pumpkins are cute. The sunflowers are lasting well aren't they? I've been having trouble trying to leave a comment here today - its now midnight and I'm off to bed but thought I'd give it a go now - perhaps blobspot isn't so busy ?? Have a nice week. xoxox

  14. I love those pumpkins! Can't wait to try some out this weekend!

  15. I have not made pumkins in 15 years and have no idea what ever happend to them. (probablly hiding with my sanity). hmmm may have to make some more hehehe.

  16. Love, love, love your pumpkins! Thank you for the pattern, they look like they will be really fun to make. :)

    Blessings always

  17. Love the scare crow! You'll find the missing pumpkin when you get your Christmas decorations out. That's how it works around here ;)


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