Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adventure Day at the Coast

Tuesday was adventure day.  But we began the day cozy in our caravan having our coffee and muffins.  I looked to my right and this is what I saw.  Is this dog spoiled, or what?
We had decided to drive south to see what we could see, so I googled "best place to eat in Waldport" and something came up that caught my eye - "Floating Diner".  I read the reviews and they were all good, so we drove south and then headed up the Alsea River for 7 miles to find "Jamie's Dockside Diner at Taylor's Landing".  We walked down the ramp to the dock and were greeted warmly by Jamie and "Chef".  What a fun place! Fishermen and women can pull up to the dock and either come in or Jamie will deliver your box lunch to you while you're in your boat!  Here is the view from our table. 
We put in our order and then I went outside to get a few photos. Upriver shot.  I imagine how fun it would be to dine here in the summer on the dock.
Looking back at the diner. 
Stepping back in, Chef is working on our lunch and Dayle tells me there is a seal looking at him from the river. :-) 
 He looks kind of like the Loch Ness monster.  I see you!
We ordered the bacon cheeseburger and a salad, and some fries to share.  It was great!  It was fun to watch Chef work on these, there were flames shooting up from the pan and he was tossing the burgers in the air to flip them. Dinner theater? :-)
Jamie and Chef - if you ever want to have a fun lunch, this is the place!  While we were there several patrons came in and were greeted by name.  A fun time. 
We drove up a road next to the Alsea River and saw these trees completely covered with moss.   
We headed back to the coast and Waldport, then headed North to our "agate" beach.  This is Seal Rock. 
Dayle and the dog braved the rainy, windy weather to see if there were any agates on the beach and he didn't find one.  A few years ago we found this beach completely by accident and people were carrying around jars and bags completely full of agates and we found several, too.  Not this trip! 
The dog doesn't care about agates!  After this we went to our favorite ice cream store in Seal Rock and got a waffle cone of "Espresso Madness". Yum. Dayle got strawberry.
On our drive South I spied a beautiful bridge and a beautiful stone house and a road down to them.. so when we were heading North I requested a detour to see if we could get closer to this little gem I've seen as we were zooming by for years now.  How cool is this house!!!
A closer view.. this is my dream house - a wonderful cedar shake bungalow with a rock clad front porch with a view "to die for".  
The house also has a view of this beautiful bridge - the Rocky Creek Bridge designed by Ben Jones, built in 1927.  It has just been restored and is gorgeous.
Ohhhh my goodness... can you imagine living here? 
It does get some weather, though! 
Well.. I must dash!  We have company arriving soon - Shirley, my best friend from 7th grade, and her husband John are coming down to visit!  And my younger sister, Denise is also coming down this afternoon.  They have hotel rooms for the night.  We have reservations for dinner at our favorite place, Tidal Raves.  And tomorrow we'll have birthday cake that Travis and Kristi brought for Dayle.  I hope you're enjoying this trip, too.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy Birthday to looks like you are all having a lovely time...but Buddy appears to be having the best time of all...ahhh tis a dog's life. xxx

  2. Wow...I am speechless at just how beautiful this place is. I think I want to retire right there in that house...might have to have add a little stone storage shed for all my yarn stash, but wow, that view is breathtaking. You always take such beautiful pictures. :)

    I love the little place you ate at, how cool would that be to just sail up to the dock and have lunch waiting on you.

    I hope you two have lots of more fun adventures....if you need someone to carry your bags next time, always remember I am available! I don't eat much...but I might need to stop at a few yarn stores along the way, just saying! :)

    Hey, what's on your hook lately?

    Blessing always and safe travels my friend. :)


  3. You have the most fantastic places to visit. So beautiful. That restraunt looks like fun. So different. But that house! WOW! I can't imagine living there. hat a sight to wake up to every day! But I can imagine the weather some times. But it would be worth it.

  4. Wow, I think that's my dream house, too! Gorgeous. The diner looks like fun, and the burger looks yummy! I am quite a burger eater. Looks like a wonderful trip all 'round.

  5. First of all....LOVE that house! GORGEOUS! I have found that little hole in the wall diners usually have the best food. Glad you are enjoying your trip!

  6. Another burger. Seriously looking great. You will do me in on this trip. What a fun place. I just love your part of the country.

  7. Querida Teresa, venha ver como fazer uma caminha para cães.

  8. Well, I used to tell Louis that my dream house is a cabin on a cliff overlooking the ocean...the house you found may not be a cabin but I think I just changed my dream :) Buddy isn't really spoiled, he is just appreciative of your artistry, Teresa. And yes I am enjoying your trip, and am glad you are, too:) xxx from Gracie

  9. I agree wholeheartedly with Gracie. I love the house and the view too. I'll have to try to remember the diner for our next visit to the coast.

    I drove home today. 370 miles of heavy rain and once I entered Washington the temperatures dipped into the middle and low 30's. Thankfully the rain stayed rain and not snow or freezing "stuff". Hubby and I are planning to drive back to Portland next weekend. Amazing what a draw a new granddaughter is! :-) He want's a chance to spoil her too!

    Have a wonderful week at my favorite spot and tell Dayle Happy Birthday for me.



  10. What a view from that house!!! I love the diner. It also had a great view!

  11. What a wonderful and relaxing trip you all are having.

    Great house. I think anyone would love to live there. Husband said he'd love to setup his computer facing that view and write another book. I don't know how much he'd get done before being mesmerized by the waves.

    Big time birthday wished to Dayle. Enjoy your day and save a slice of cake for me.

  12. Fabulous pics.. and that little dog sure knows a good thing.. keeping warm on a crocheted cushion well done :))

  13. Once again playing catch-up with your posts and seeing such lovely photos of the beach and the scenery, amazing! The food looks yummy too. that cliff home is awesome, I agree, it would be a wonderful place to live. Thanks for sharing, be safe and have more fun!!!
    Susanne :)

  14. You wouldn't want to sleepwalk would you? That diner looks wonderful - great idea to serve the passing boats. I love those pics of Dayle and the dog on the beach and how clever are you to think of using google to find good places? Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Xxxx


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