Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day & New Duvet

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.  Let me begin my post today by honoring all the Veterans who've served America in the past, present and future.  My Father served in the US Marines and was on Iwo Jima and then Japan.  My Husband served in the US Army flying a helicopter in Vietnam.  Dayle was shot while flying a mission there, resulting in a loss of an inch and 5/8 in his left leg.  He does so well, he's a tough old bird and doesn't let it hold him back.  I'm proud of them and their service to the USA.  Below is our memory wall where we have Dayle's and my Dad's service medals and some photos.  
On to more mundane things... We needed a new down comforter for our bed as the old one seemed to have lost a lot of it's "pouf".  So, we decided to put our old comforter on the guest bed upstairs, so of course we needed a new duvet cover for our new one.. so I visited Bed, Bath & Beyond before I swam on Friday and this is what came home with me.  Our past covers were all boring, plain ones.. what was I thinking?  But I have a new appreciation for COLOR, thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Lucy at Attic24, and hence all the new virtual friends I've made that also like the color that Lucy introduced to us all.
What I love about this is it reminds me of the 60s when I was a young hippie chick and we loved "Indian bedspreads" and used them on our beds, as curtains, tablecloths and I even had a little tiny dress made of one when I was living in Hawaii when I was 18 years old. :-)
The Indian bedspreads of my youth sported these wonderful swirly Fleur de lis patterns, but none of them had these wonderful bright colors as in this cotton fabric.. I'm in love with this!   
I can see all kinds of opportunities to crochet pillows to decorate the head of the bed.  :-D 
As you can see, the new pouffy bedcover is "Lucy" approved. :-)
While we are in our bedroom, let me share the view outside our windows.  We have these neat French doors that open onto a nice large woodland on our 5 acre property.  We have 60-70 foot tall Cedars and Douglas Fir trees.  It's so fun when it snows to see it all white out there.
Right now the ground is covered with orange pine needles and some fall leaves. 
This shot is out of the window on "my side" of the bed..  
Dayle has mowed this part of the woods after we removed a huge leaning fir tree -- you can just barely see the little red barn of our closest neighbors up on the hill behind our place. 
For fun I shot this leaded glass window in our family room - all the glass is iridescent, we love this piece.  
I'll be showing my progress as I work on my holiday afghan.  I am happy with how this is looking so far!  You can find the pattern on the internet, it's got 2 names, "Flowers in the Snow" and "Square Round Granny" - I'm using KnitPicks "Brava" Worsted acrylic.
Dayle is off to help our younger son and his family move into the lower level of our older son's home.  Due to the downturn in the economy our younger son has endured a string of income cutbacks at his job - so his brother invited them to stay there for a while.  He works at a newspaper and that business is in dire straits due to the fact that people are using free online services to advertise and sell things now.  Our younger son is now taking college classes to retrain for another field that will be more promising.  Now when we go to visit our sons - they will all be in one place!  I will be taking over dinner for everyone later today.   Thanks for visiting and please do give a moment to remember those men and women who serve your country to protect us.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. (((Hugs))) That bed looks good enough to dive in! I feel very sleepy. xxx

    1. I'm sure that Lucy would enjoy having another Lucy take a nap with her. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I'm loving that bed too!
    Draw Something is great, although I fear my drawing isn't a patch on yours! Am I playing Word with Friends with you too?

    CN x

    1. I'd love to play WWF with you! I also play Scrabble on Facebook. Do you? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    2. Oh! You're not Teresa K that I'm playing with then???????
      I'm Clickyneedles on word with friends.

  3. Teresa, give Dayle my special thanks today for all he has done for our Country. I am LOVING the new bedspread, the colors are FAB! Your blanket is looking great. Hugs to you and have a fun dinner with all your boys,

  4. Love your bedroom!! Quilt looks so inviting ☺☺

  5. Love the soft, cushy look of the bed. The colors are so pretty an it looks so warm! I also love the view out your doors and windows. How lovely to wake up to snow falling and just stay cuddly under that new duvet. Gave Dayle my thanks for serving our country. Our men and women of the service never get enough thanks for all the sacrifices they make to keep us safe and free.

    BTW, may I friend you on Facebook? I play WWF and Scrabble also.


  6. The bed just looks so inviting! Love the colors and you have some great views!

  7. We also needed a new comforter/duvet so while I was in Portland I paid a visit to IKEA and bought a whole new set, duvet, cover and pillow shams. We love it although it is a deep chocolate brown color, not the happy colors you have.

    Hubby is also a veteran of the Air Force. They had a nice time in church this morning, honoring all of our veterans, past and present. Then we had an entire Thanksgiving potluck with over 150 people. Yum!

    Have a wonderful Sunday Teresa,


  8. Yes we should indeed remember the service the armed forces, past and present give to us Teresa. What a happy bedspread and good to see your cat approves too ;0) Your new crochet colours are lovely too. Enjoy the week,
    Jane x

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  10. That comforter is gorgeous! LOVE the colors!

  11. Hi Teresa, I'm one of your new followers. I'm an avid life-long crafter and just took up water colors over a year ago, after painting with acrylics for 20 odd years. They certainly are a different animal. I saw your crocheted pot holder and thought, gee, I'd love a pattern for those as my aunt made me some and they are about gone. Then I scrolled down and saw your pattern and I'm so excited, will bring out a needle tonight and practice! Living in So Cal I'm not much a knitter during the summer, but projects are underway now.

  12. My husband is active duty in the Navy and just came back from deployment. We always appreciate these lovely thoughts. And my cousin is in the army, and was injured, so our family definitely knows the sacrifice these men and women make. Thanks for taking the time to mention it!

  13. It is so important to remember, to not forget what can happen, I've learned that to my kids too. Ofcourse here in Holland we have other remembering days, but the message is the same.
    Love your new duvet, nice colours.
    And I do love the vieuws from your room!!!
    groetjes, Gerda

  14. A lovely post. Thank you for sharing .
    Kindest regards Linda

  15. Hi my friend! First of all, a huge thanks to your husband, and father, and my father in law, and all of those who so proudly serve and/or served our great country!
    Second...what a fabulous four poster bed you have!!! I love your new duvet cover, and I would SO love to see a picture of you as a hippy chick, living in Hawaii!!!!
    Your room is so cozy! What a view!!! Love it.
    And as for your older son, God Bless him. Family sticks together and does whatever is necessary to help one another along. It is a rough economy out there. So many have suffered huge cut backs, us included, and so many are without the normal comforts of home because of it. Your family is so wonderful!!!!

  16. God Bless these brave men and women! Let us never have a very brave husband!
    Sending you much love for the week..I know your American Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Enjoy!

  17. Oh my goodness!!! I love your bedroom...that bed...... is gorgeous! Love your new duvet cover and looks like someone else loves it too! Hope you have a wonderful week. Oh, and your blanket is looking VERY PRETTY! can't wait to see it finished.
    Hugs, Shari

  18. Now that's a bed! Nice bedspread. And lovely view! My dad was a helicopter mechanic in Vietnam. Your holiday afghan is looking good. best wishes, Tammy

  19. Hi Teresa!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog an leaving a comment...always good to hear from and meet new friends! The store that was on my blog is called Grandiflora and is located in Lynden, Wa. You should be able to click on the link and get to their website. They have an online store too so be sure to check them out!
    Please give your husband my heartfelt thanks for his service to this amazing country we live in. What a blessing! And to you for being his support!

    Thanks again!


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