Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wild Arts

I met my sister Denise and friends Shirley & John for lunch at Besaws (over 100 years old!) yesterday as a prelude to the 4 of us going to the Wild Arts Festival put on by the Audubon Society.  Our tall good-looking waiter, Sam, used my camera and got a fun shot from above the table for me.  I told him he'd be in my blog -- Hi Sam! :-)  
I can't believe this was my first visit to this great place, I want to take Dayle here soon. 
Sam, our waiter. 
I had their macaroni and cheese with wild mushrooms and bacon. Oh yeah.  Iced tea served in mason jars.  A good time was had by all. 
On to the Wild Arts Festival held in the Montgomery Park building.  Our host!!  Hello, Turkey Vulture! 
And this American Kestrel.  Adorable little hawk!  You can see why he was rescued, he's missing one wing.
My favorite pottery booth.  Wouldn't it be neat to have a whole set of this? 
This is another favorite artist of mine, it's glass with nature patterns on it and petroglyph images from the Columbia River Gorge, they are iridescent, too.  Lewis Creek Glass Works
Last year I got several of these neat little plates.. you can use them for tea bags or coins or jewelry.  
This item below is amazing.. it's a wind chime and the chimes are obsidian and the top is a bunch of dried flowers.. check out their website.. Obsidian Windchimes.
I thought you'd enjoy seeing these felted "stones".   I got the cutest little Sheep ornament from this woman, her website is Reclaimed Wool.
I got this cute little sheep ornament from the lady above.  The wool is from a Wensleydale Sheep from Idaho. :-)
Below is a wonderful jeweler, Lori Presthus. I got a Christmas present from her for someone special.. :-)  She does all kinds of birds in jewelry.
She does flowers and leaves, too. 
I love this artist, he makes rock cairn lamps and makes little candle holders and vases from rocks.  Here's his website, Made In Paradise
I got a vase from him last year, it is made of granite. 
I found wonderful baskets made of cedar bark.. remember the one I made?  Here is her website.. Woven Fire Designs.
The design in this flat basket is divine! 
As we headed out we saw two of the Audubon volunteers that had two owls.. this is a Spotted Owl, which is turning white. 
I went behind to get his face and got a cute photo of my sister Denise and Shirley getting photos of him with their iPhones.  :-)  I guess you have to have your mouth open to take photos.. teehee.
And just look at this Great Horned Owl!  How's that for "the look"? 
See these gorgeously painted and embellished gourds? 
I got this cute little Goldfinch ornament for Dayle as he loves his "little yellow birds" that come to his feeder.  The lady makes each one by hand.. here's her website. Tanya Harvey Designs.  SOMEONE was very interested in the bird that I was "trying" to photograph.

A better photo of the bird ornament "in the wild".
Our daughter-in-law Kristi, brought this gift for us on Friday. :-)  And see the ornamental squash next to it?  Our grandson Hayden saw these growing on the edge of our woods and insisted that Dayle come and see them.  Apparently they grew from some squash we tossed into the woods after Thanksgiving last year.  :-)
Lastly, my older sister Roberta showed me this photo she took of a mushroom she found while out for a walk at her vacation house at Fish Hawk Lake.  It's an "Amanita Muscaria".  Isn't it pretty?  But don't eat them, they are poisonous!
Well, we're off to spend the evening with our sons, DILs and grandsons.. we're helping to make dinner.. our nickname for it is "Dog Food", but it's called "Chinese Noodle Casserole" - maybe I'll get a photo to show you.  It's delish!  This post has gone too long, so I will show you our new appliances next time.. but the stove and microwave are IN.  The dishwasher.. we have to do some plumbing changes first.  Have a good week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a great day of recovery. So much to see and so much to drool over at the table. I love the rock lamps and necklaces...well, I just love all I see. Fun mushroom, amazing red with white polka dots, just like in a fairy tale.

  2. What is the name of the artist who makes the tea-bag dishes? thanks Denise

    1. Hi Denise.. I added their website link above.

  3. What a wondeful post, love those cute birds! And all those crafty creations, quite breathtaking.

    Glad all is getting back to normal at the homestead!


  4. It's always nice to see your lovely pictures and get to enjoy all your adventures. :)

    The show was awesome. Such lovely things by such talented people. I think you should enter your stuff in there next year!

    Blessings always

  5. Thanks for taking me along on your latest explorations, Teresa, and thanks for the links to the great vendors you found! The owls are impressive and Roberta got an amazing photo of the mushroom! I'm so glad you are nearly all sorted out after the fire, and that you're having good times with your family and friends. My older sister and her husband flew back to Burbank last night after a wonderful busy week, and I am listening to Christmas music, catching up on Blog News and want to do some stitching:) Hope to see you soon!!! xx from Gracie

  6. Let's talk more about that amazing mac & cheese!

  7. Hi there Teresa, I loved so many things in your post, BUT especially the owls and mushroom. I have a real love of Owls, I find them so mysterious and awesome at the same time. Great photos too. I can't believe that red and white mushroom, it is so storybook like, what we all see in books and decorative things. I have never seen a real one! Really amazing.
    Thanks for all these great photos, a real treat.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving if I don't post or talk to you again this week.

  8. You find the most interesting places Teresa. Always enjoy reading about your visits to the various places and I must say I adore those owls. Have a great week. Xxxxx

  9. You really do such fun and interesting things!! I thoroughly enjoyed this post.
    Glad you got the new appliances in.
    XO Kris

  10. I liked all those items of Wild Art ! Especially pendants and lamps with rocks! So creative :) Looking forward to see your outing with family :) Anna

  11. Great photos Teresa, I love your "tours". It makes me feel like I also went t the show with you":)
    I'm so glad you got your appliances s hard t be without a kitchen. Hope you had a great time wi your son and family!

  12. Oh wow, I would have LOVED to go to the Wild Arts Festival! I am particularly smitten with Lori Presthus' jewelry, it's gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :-) xxxx

  13. The Wild Arts Festival looked like an amazing trip...there are some amazingly talented people about aren't there? You got some cute things. I love the bird photographs too. I bet you feel much safer with the fire extinguisher. Hope you enjoyed your family Noodles. xxx

  14. Beautiful, amazing owl and many lovely crafts! I am especially fond of the handcrafted baskets (one of my ancestors was a basketmaker for awhile). LOVE the mushroom--we had one that looked very similar several years ago. I thought it was very unique:)
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  15. I remember when you went to this show last year, I think it is even more gorgeous this year. Great gift by your DIL.
    Hugs to you,

  16. That festival looks so wonderful! Glad you had a great time. You're DIL came through for you with that gift!

  17. What fun, Teresa! Thanks for the links to the artists! Our Raptor Center has a booth at our local public market (Thanksgiving weekend!) and I always look forward to seeing the birds up close!

    I have never seen an Amanita in the wild, they are beautiful, but deadly!

    Wonderful post! Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the show Teresa! What beautiful things made by all the vendors and the owls...oh my goodness. They are amazing. I would have loved to be there with you.

    So glad your life is returning to "normal", whatever that may be. :-)



  19. Don't you love days like this??!!
    I did not know there were really mushrooms that look like that???
    I thought they were only whimsical ones. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I loved all the photos you took at the fair!! it was almost like being there... don't you love going to fairs like that? I love that you can see so many interesting things, from very different and tallented people and get inspired by all of it even if you don't get any of it.
    I hope you had a good afternoon with the family!

  21. You sound very happy indeed with the new oven!! I do LOVE the jewelry with the birds. Does this woman have a website? And tose owls are huge. groetjes, Gerda


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