Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bunnies are Multiplying!

You know that if there is one bunny, soon there will be more, right?  WELL.. first I got "Mrs. Rabbit and Bunnies", but she seemed a bit lonely.  So.. I found her some friends on eBay.. "Mrs. Flopsy Bunny" and "Fierce Bad Rabbit" - all Royal Albert made in England in 1989.  
You can't have too many bunnies this time of year, can you? 
I've got the whole collection of Beatrix Potter but haven't read the one yet about why this guy is called "Fierce Bad Rabbit".. do you know why?  (I just googled it and found out he stole a carrot from a good rabbit and a hunter shot off his whiskers and tail!) 
Mrs. Flopsy Bunny with a pretty blue dress and a pink bag. 
We are having our boys and their families here for Easter, we have some chocolate egg buying to do!   
 We got up early yesterday and headed a short distance to Crestview Manor for our annual Friends of Multnomah Falls Volunteer Training Workshop.  As President of the group in my 3rd term, I led the meeting from the head table and snapped this shot of the great hall of our volunteers all ready to learn new things.  This wonderful place was built as a private family home in the early 1900s and is now owned by the Foursquare Church and operated as a youth camp and conference center - it's just east of Corbett in the Columbia River Gorge.
Our USFS presenter dressed one of our volunteers up as an eagle while telling us all about them.. that was fun!
We treated our volunteers to lunch which was wonderful - this moose presides over the dining hall. :-)
It was a nice day and this was our view west towards Portland, Oregon from the dining hall.
It was a wonderful lunch of turkey croissant sandwiches with cream cheese and orange marmalade, broccoli cheese soup, veggies and dip, lemonade and brownies with mocha frosting. :-P
They even had fresh flowers on the buffet table and a yellow rose on each table!
We are recuperating today from the early and busy day yesterday.  I am so in love with my violet that lives next to the sink in the kitchen - it's bloomed very well with just a few rests since it came to our home.  This is my bread box with some of my collection of Shawnee corn pottery on top.  
Pretty flowers! 
On friday we did some grocery shopping and both of us saw this pretty ranunculus in the plant display outside and brought it home.  :-) 
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Soon we are heading off on an adventure!  We've learned that the smelt are running in the Sandy River not far from us and we want to see them!  I will tell you more about them if we see them and get some photos.  I hope you are having or have had a great weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh, that ranunculus is gorgeous! Your bunnies are so sweet. My mother has some bunny figurines called Bunnykins, I think, and they look a little like yours.

  2. What a grand setting for your meeting Teresa. Those bunnies are reproducing rapidly..your table is looking very festive. Enjoy your visit x

  3. Teresa, your rabbits are a delight, as are all your lovely Easter decorations. I made more of your Easter Eggs for a friend, she loved them. Thanks for posting the pattern. I think it would be fun to see the smelt running, have a lovely Sunday.

  4. Busy indeed!!! I have heard of Crestview Manor, but have never been there or seen pictures before. Thanks for the pictures. It looks beautiful and a lovely place to learn about eagles :)
    Guess what, Teresa!!! I made it to Tad's last night for dinner!!! I loved it!!! Post coming :)
    Hope you get to see and show the smelt to us...interesting!

  5. Love your bunny collection. I'm hoping my African Violet blooms again soon. They're so happy in the kitchen.

  6. I love your posts. Have a wonderful Easter. Talk to you soon.

  7. I love your bunnies and that bread box.

  8. Your Easter display looks wonderful - such pretty colours. As always, I love your photos of beautiful flowers. The bunnies are pretty cute too. Have a great week. xoxox

  9. Those sandwiches look yummy and the ranunculus is stunning!!! What a pretty flower! The views in Oregon are breath taking. What a beautiful place to live!

  10. Fierce Bad Rabbit doesn't look too fierce. He looks quite happy there with the female rabbits. (Oh no, maybe you shouldn't let him too close!) The ranunculus is just lovely and coordinates with your violet very nicely too.

  11. My mom has an "Easter Tree" very similar to yours...and tons of bunny stuff. I love when spring rolls around and we get to watch your farm come alive!

  12. I love the Fierce Bad Rabbit! And his friends are wonderful as well.

    Your violet is so pretty with the white edging. I have never been to Crestview Manor. What a beautiful place. It looks like a fun place to explore. And of course the view is stunning.

    Lovely post, Teresa! Thanks!

  13. Oh the bunnies! They are SO cute! And they are, indeed, multiplying at your house. Your violet is beautiful and so is the ranunculus. I've never heard that name before but I just love the pretty colors. As you know by now, lavendar is my favorite color of all. I just lost the violet that I bought my mom 28 years ago for Mother's Day. When she died by Dad gave it back to me. I was 29 years old. I've kept it alive all these years, but about 3 months ago it just shriveled up and died. I have no idea what happened, but I'm happy I had it all this time.

    What a gorgeous place for your meeting. The flowers, food and scenery were all beautiful and how creative to dress up someone as an eagle. :-)

    Thanks for the shout out for my blog. I can't wait to see who wins!

  14. Nice collection. I'm hoping to get some more crocheted bunnies done as well as trying your egg pattern but during the week things just get so hectic and a friend will be visiting from out of country this weekend so won't have much time then. You always seem to have something fun going on over there. Have a great week. Tammy

  15. Hi Teresa, You sure do have active bunnies, if you know what I mean!!! Love all of them and the newest are great. I do love the mommy with the two babies best I think.
    Your kitchen looks so pretty with the violets and I love your bread box.
    I would love to see the smelts run too, I know you will take pics!!!!
    Enjoy, xoRobin

  16. Love all the bunnies...can't have too many!! I used to read all the Beatrix Potter books to my children but they were never very keen on the Fierce Bad Rabbit...they thought it was too scary when they were little! Lovely photos today of your fun times and sweet flowers! Have a great week!
    Helen x

  17. I seemed to miss this post Teresa. Your bunnies are so lovely. The meeting place is truly magnificent and the lunch sounded delicious - yum yum. Beautiful flowers and I do like you bread bin!! You have so many lovely things in your home. love and hugs Anne x

  18. You can never have too many bunnies. Funny thing is my Dad for some reason has always thought I collected bunnies. No, I really don't, but truly should start a collection as he has gotten me quite a few over the years. Any who, still cold down here in Florida at the beach. It's crazy cold with frost warnings out for tonight. I'm really really ready for some warmer weather. But, at least I got to shop for some more new clothes, sweatshirt jackets from Nepal. They so remind me of Portland/Seattle. I'll try and take a picture soon.


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