Thursday, May 30, 2013

Garden Angel & Littlies

As shown in my last post, the rainy weather and warmish temperatures of late have led to a wild and lush explosion of growth in our untamed farm garden.  Eek... what to do?  Lightbulb moment.. my youngest son's wife Kristi likes to garden and so I asked her if we could hire her to help us get control of this jungle.  She agreed, so yesterday she arrived with our youngest grandsons and began to work.  We got to spend time with our little guys, so we were all happy.  We have an abundance of eggs right now, so grandpa decided to make them scrambled eggs with cheese for lunch.  Here he is with Hayden (5) on the left and Caleb (4) on the right.  Hayden cracked almost all the eggs into the bowl!  10 eggs, to be exact.  Here he is stirring the eggs - Caleb cracked 2 and handed them to grandpa.  Grandpa told them what the yolks were - they took turns stirring.
Hayden found the shell his mom found and gave to me while at the beach - and remembered that I had played with them by using that shell as a "monocle" and put it on his eye.  :-)
Grandpa found a movie on "On Demand" of Xfinity - "BABE" about a little pig in England and here are the boys watching the beginning in our 2 kid chairs.  The rocking chair on the right was Dayle's as a little boy and the one on the left was our children's chair we got while living in Louisiana at "Bob's Used Furniture". 
Caleb asked me if he could "play" on my iPhone.. I said, ask Grandpa if you can play with his... :-D  Here he is playing on Grandpa's phone. 
Of course then Hayden wanted it from Caleb, so I had to relinquish my iPhone to him to be fair.  I started the game "Angry Birds" for him.  Boys and electronics! 
After awhile we went outside to check on Kristi's progress and grandpa had to take a load of her weeds and dirt down to the burn pile in the pasture - and gramps took both the boys on the tractor and Caleb steered the whole way and he let Hayden operate the bucket to dump the yard debris.  Happy boys.
Kristi did fantastic work, it's never looked so civilized!  We hope to get some bark dust on it while it's looking so nice.  She's coming again on Saturday.. things are looking up in our garden!!  
This afternoon we're heading over to the boy's house and will be attending Hayden's preschool graduation.  That should be fun!  Thanks for visiting and I hope you're having a super duper week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Everything looks so nice - and so lush! What a great way to make the day special by including family - it was a winning idea to get your weeds dealt with and have time with your grandsons!

  2. What a coincidence we have just spent the evening at our daughters trying a little bit of garden taming . Yours lookswonderful

  3. Fun time the boys got to have with you both! I can't wait to see what Kristi has done with your gardens.
    I am up in Big Bear. Packed my bag this morning, and off I went. Heading out to the yard store in town in a minute.
    XO Kris

  4. She is a very talented gardener! But I thought it looked pretty good before too. :) I love the movie Babe, so glad it's popular at your place too. :)

  5. How fun, kids sure love to crack the eggs. I love that movie ' Babe' too.

  6. Babe is the screen version one of my favourite childrens' book, The Sheep Pig, Teresa. The illustrations in it are so sweet, I still own a copy. Your DIL has worked really hard and what a bonus to get to see your grandsons at the same, win eh! Enjoy the upcoming weekend and yes I still can't stop smiling about our grandbaby. Milly is coming up to stay with us on Sunday as our SIL has to go up North to work for a few days for early Monday morning.
    Jane x

  7. Where have I been???...I missed the last two post you put up here...never even seen them, (which was strangely odd). Your yard always looks go lovely Teresa, but Kristi sure did a lot of hard work...she is such a sweetheart for doing that for you! I love the fact you are trying to knit a little sweater for your sweet bunny. I so wish I had the patience to learn, it's all so Greek to me!
    Hugs, Shari

  8. My goodness the fun you had with the boys and your garden looks fantastic. Such a wonderful daughter-in-law to do all of that weeding. Tractors and electronics! The boys were in "hog" heaven! Speaking of hogs. We actually have the movie "Babe". It's pretty good.
    I bought a lazy boy recliner for myself today for the trailer. Happy girl!!

  9. You have a great DIL! Nice that you had some time with the boys!

  10. Teresa~
    LOL...a friend helps us out or we would be buried by the weeds and all. It works well for all of us:) Your yard looks fabulous now!
    I have on my list all kinds of mulches too -- tis' the season.
    PS: How's Maggie Maria's dress coming along?

  11. Your garden looks wonderful and what a fun filled day for those boys! They must have loved driving that tractor! What a couple of cuties and quite the little helpers too.

  12. It is so good to read about your family bonding events :) You do fantastic job as grandparents!
    Your plants plants looks so grateful now :) Well done by your DIL :)

  13. Hi There, Such precious time!!!Enjoy your grandsons and have a fantastic weekend!!!

  14. Kristi did a great job on the garden. I sure would love to be surrounded by such greenery. A friend here says I make Kuwait look good when I post pictures of all the trees and flowers and plants. Believe me, I'm only showing the good spots -- it doesn't all look like that unfortunately. We will be having our own graduation over here on Sunday ... not of the preschool variety though. :) Your grandboys sure are cute. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  15. I want a garden angel too! Wow! Chat a sweetie she is to do that for you. And such a beautiful job of it too! Your yard looks amazing! I love the fact that the boys get to participate in the dumping of the weeds. Fun stuff!

  16. I'd love to weed for you, all you would have to do is feed me fresh scrabbled eggs, yum

  17. It looks fabulous! You must be so happy with it. And your grandsons are so cute! X

  18. Hi Teresa. What fun to have those two beautiful pieces in your yard!
    Regarding your question, Yes, I do mix oyster shell into my feed. I am completely perplexed at to why ??
    xo Kris


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