Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remembering on Memorial Day

We are observing Memorial Day this weekend. It was originally called "Decoration Day" and was established in 1868 and grew out of the Civil War where our losses were worse than all other wars combined.  For Dayle and I - we make the trek across the Columbia River to where my Father lies at rest in Vancouver, WA.  Dayle takes cleaning supplies and I take flowers.  My dad is buried in the military section of the cemetery and there is always a flag by his grave when we arrive.
This is the "before" photo of his marker.  It looks like Dad's girlfriend Betty was there before us with a bouquet of flowers.
Dayle gets busy scrubbing the marker with soap and water while I add our rhodies to the existing bouquet. 
My dad was in the Marines during WWII and was sent to Iwo Jima and went in on the first wave and was there through the entire campaign.  We recently found that his unit was sent to seize the airfield when he first arrived.  It was a costly assault and over 200 in his unit went ashore and at the end, only 17 were not killed or seriously wounded.  
I also honor my husband who was in the Army and flew a helicopter in Vietnam, where he was shot in the thigh while flying a scout mission.  His left leg is an inch and 5/8s shorter as a result of his wounds.  He received a Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, amongst others.  We're proud of him.  He and my Dad had a bond due to their shared war experiences.  Here he is spraying a polish on the marker once it is cleaned and dried.
All fixed up.   
It is very peaceful here.   
Hubby and I -- and dad. 
My sister Roberta and her husband Ted joined us and brought some more decorations to add.  We were over by the car in the shade visiting and I saw Dayle had stayed behind so he could talk to Dad privately.  I love this shot.  
Today we're expecting our two oldest grandsons for an overnight visit while our son and DIL have a coastal getaway together.  If you have anyone in your family that served in the military, please take a few moments to thank them for their service.  It's our soldiers that put their lives on the line to protect our safety and freedom.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. We do indeed owe our freedom to our military Teresa. Thank you for sharing your very poignant photos today and may your Dad rest in peace. Your Dayle did such a great job with the grave as always , he really is a star. I loved seeing the photo of your both together and of Dayle lost in thought;0) x

  2. Your father and Dayle are both heroes and I am thankful to them. You all work very hard to honor your dad and I think that's wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. How sweet that scene where Dayle stayed behind for some quiet words with your dad. In church today all those who served in the military stood up and we applauded them, and watched a short film about their heroism.

  4. Lovely post!

  5. I love this post Teresa. So many seem to have forgotten the purpose of Memorial Day and think it's just a holiday to celebrate the beginning of summer. I saw a survey this week where it was said that 76% of Americans don't know the reason for Memorial Day. If that's true it's very sad.

    Love the photos of you two together and Dayle in the chair. In our church this morning, just like in Terra's, the men and women who served our country stood up. I was very proud that my husband Dennis was one of the few who stood. I'm very proud that he served our country in the waning stages of Vietnam. We am so blessed that he arrived home safely and I'm very thankful for that fact.

    Have a lovely time with your grandson's Teresa. I know you will. We grandma's do love our babies no matter how big they are.


  6. Oh Teresa, a lovely, lovely post today. I love the picture of Dayle spending time with your Dad, that is so special. I thank both your Dad and Dayle for their service to our country. My Dad was in WWII, he was in the Air force stationed in Burma. HE was a gunner at the bottom of the plane, it was a horribly cramped place and a horrible job. He was tall, thin and an excellent shot so he was perfect for it. He still has nightmares and he is 89.
    Thank you for this wonderful reminder of those who have fought for our country.
    Hugs to you and have fun with those boys,

  7. hello Teresa a lovely post and thank you for the explanation. I had seen Memorial Day mentioned on various blogs.
    Anne x

  8. Very moving post Teresa. I think the photo of you and Dayle is beautiful as is the one of Dayle sitting with your Dad. What a peaceful place. xoxox

  9. Such a lovely way to honour your Dad Teresa.


  10. Lovely post Teresa and yes we have a lot to thank them for.
    My grandfather in world war 1 and my dad ww2, now resting.

  11. beautiful way to remember! We shall.. but I also wish there was no war, so that the families could be more happy.

  12. So glad you went and spent some time where your dead rest in peace...beautiful gesture of a loving daughter. I too think Dayle's picture is my favorite. Yes my husband served in the Air Force for 10 years. I think it was a wonderful thing he did for "our" country and although I wasn't born here I'm proud to be in America and proud of my husband for his service. Thank you for honoring all of our military :) have a great Memorial Day !

  13. Hi There, Special time and special memories!!!Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. One of my all time favorite posting. Wonderfully shared and the pictures are memories unto themselves. Hope you had a great weekend of fun too.

  15. A precious post, Teresa. Thanks. And thanks to Dayle and all... who served and serve in our armed forces for the sake of freedom and peace.
    Love with hugs,

  16. You are a treasure Teresa and I thank you for this post and your dad and Dayle. Many thanks and blessings to you both, xoRobin

  17. I say thank you, to every one ! From my heart and my soul (and for France particulary thank you so so much).


  18. Hi Teresa,
    I am here catching up. I have been out of town for a few days. Your post was beautiful. The blooms, and the visit to the cemetery. Dayle sure got your father's headstone polished up beautifully! And that last photo of him sitting there amidst the flags and flowers, was just stunning!!!
    XO Kris


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