Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden Day & Bunny Dress Update

Our "Gardening Angel" arrived at 10:30 am yesterday with our 4 grandsons in tow.  The clouds cleared, the sun came out, it was warm and we had a great day.  I visited with Kristi while she pulled weeds, while pointing out the good things and the bad things.  I also kept track and watched the boys.  And the dog.  Who wanted to be digging in the dirt right next to Kristi.  Dayle was cooking more eggs and toasting whole wheat bagels for the boys at lunch time, and he also made our lo-cal lunches.  I enjoyed being outside all day watching the boys run to and fro, into the woods, playing with the Tonka trucks. I snapped some images of our roses - this is my 4th of July rose which is covered with blooms.
At one point I looked up on the hillside of our pasture and saw Gabe leading Hayden and Caleb on a hike through the tall grass.  (Dayle is letting it go to seed before he mows it to keep our pasture healthy.)  Then they all disappeared.. oh wait.. they had sat down and disappeared in the grass!
What a wonderful place for the boys to play. 
After lunch they each got a bubble gum pop... they all wanted the Strawberry one, so I had a guessing game for each pop -- Caleb won the Strawberry one and he was the last guesser!  Gabe has a photo problem - he always over-emotes.. lol!!  I cannot tell you how many photos I cannot show you due to over-"cheesing". :-) 
The boys are all up on a HUGE stump from a HUGE Douglas Fir tree that I had taken down a few years ago, as it was leaning over our house.  In the foreground is Kristi toiling away thinning out the creeping myrtle ground-cover that has thrived a bit TOO much. 
My beloved grandsons. 
Kristi surprised me with bringing a bag of mulch over and spreading it around the newly weeded area, I was so pleased!!  It's never looked better!  We're going to get more. 
My gorgeous purple-y violet-y clematis.
I thought I'd visit the hens.  You would not believe the racket they were making yesterday and then the boys would go check to see if an egg had been laid, and then they'd collect them and take them in to the fridge and add them to the egg carousel.  The black one is Hershey, our Cuckoo Maran who lays dark brown "chocolate" colored eggs, and the one in front is Bella the Ameracauna who lays aqua eggs.  I love the gray tail and feathers on her.
All six of our girls in their predator proof large run.  Dayle had just cleaned and re-filled their water container.  Lacey the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte looks like she's molting as she looks pretty motley compared to the pretty feathers of the others.
Yum yum, Dad just gave us fresh water. 
Our daughter Amy left us with 3 or 4 pots of herbs when she moved to Ohio - this pot of mint is thriving!  Peppermint.  If you don't have a pot of it, you should get one, it's a great herb to have around. 
Sage flowers... Dayle puts the sage leaves under the skin of our Thanksgiving turkey along with rosemary and butter.  YUM! 
My poor little Japanese Lace Leaf Maple has been rescued from being dwarfed by weeds by Kristi.. now we need some bark dust. 
White Clematis. 
The kids headed out in their VW bus and Dayle and I enjoyed the sun lowering in the sky from the deck chairs.. this is our monstrously huge Pin Oak all covered in new green leaves, the sun behind one branch. 
Our back door beckons us inside.  The afternoon sun slants into the windows by the baby grand piano and makes the house glow inside. 
One of my newish roses and I've lost the marker so I can't tell you it's name.  It's extremely fragrant! 
Buddy, guarding us from the koi. 
Lastly, I finished casting off "in pattern" K1 P1, egads.. this morning.  Next, the challenge of double pointed needles on the 2 sleeves.  I've used them doing socks, but never with such a small thing as these sleeves.  I hope the next update with be the finished product.  
We have a nice long sunny warm Sunday ahead of us.  I am sending some weather perfection to you.  Dayle is going to set fire to the burn pile, won't the neighbors love that? :-)  I'm going to do some house tidying.. maybe pick some flowers for the table?  Have a super day and thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a beautiful post. Kristy is such a talented gardener, you're so lucky to have her helping out. The boys are hilarious, I love how they seem to gang up together and play. I think that's wonderful. You must have so much fun with them.

  2. It sure is beautiful there! Enjoy your day!

  3. Boys are so much fun! They make up great games and have adventures everywhere. Your yard is looking magnificent due to Kristi, I bet she is one tired woman today. Love all your pictures Teresa.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Lovely,lovely photos Teresa. I could really use Kristy's help over here :-) Your grandsons are such handsome boys!!! Love and Hugs Anne x

  5. Beautiful pictures Teresa. I remember playing with my cousins every month at Grandma's house when we would drive the 100+ miles to visit her. Such wonderful memories are being made that I'm sure your grandsons will treasure forever.
    Kristy has done a wonderful job for you hasn't she? Your Miss Maggie dress is going well. You'll do fine with the double points. Easy peasy! :-)

  6. Fun post. I'm on the iPhone and can't type very well or fast. Enjoyed reading about your day. Nice of your DIL (daughter?) to play gardener for you. It does look so nice with the new bark. Enjoy your Sunday evening.

  7. What a lovely post today Teresa. I just bet the boys have the most wonderful time every time they visit much room to just be "boys"!
    Kristy is such a blessing...she is doing a great job in your garden! All sounds and looks like the Perfect Sunday!
    xx Shari

  8. You are lucky to have Kristy around! Your place always looks so wonderful and lush.

  9. The bunny dress looks cute just as it is....kind of like a little sweater jumper. Weeding is such an endless chore. You are so lucky to have help with that. It all looks so nice!!!

  10. Wow Teresa how many gorgeous flowers can one have m??? Your yard is absolutely or groups. And your handsome ... Just adorable. ms. Maggie Maria is looking very fashionable also ;)
    Hope you have agood week my friend :)

  11. So much going on there! Love seeing the boys, hamming it up. And how nice of your daughter in law to help you in the yards!! The chickens are looking great!!! I would love to have Cuckoo!!!
    Fun visit!
    xo Kris

  12. Everything seems blooming there at your farm - I love seeing your photos so much,Teresa! :) Have a blessed day!

  13. Hi Teresa What a wonderful plays for the boys to enjoy the outdoors!!!These are memories that they will remember always!!!Their visits to the farm when they were little!!!!Lovely post!!!Cab't wait for the tah-dah of your bunny dress!!!!Have a fab week!!!

  14. Beautiful pictures...Everything is so vibrant. Love the bunny dress came out nice!

  15. How wonderful to have a Garden Angel..In garden has very beautiful blooms. I am sure your Hens feel very protected in the pen. Neat Chooks. And Maggie Dress looks absolutely wonderful. Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

  16. Looks like another fun busy and colorful day at the farm. I just love all your colors here and that dress is "too die for" cute....

  17. Little bunnies dress is looking lovely, good luck with the DPNs!

  18. Just enjoyed this visit with you...out of sequence for me, but lovely none the less :-) Soooo beautiful on your farm, and special blessings on Kristi for helping with the weeding!!! I am happy you and your children and your grands all have good times to remember with you. xx Gracie

  19. Thank you for sending the sun, it has been wonderful. Next can you get Angel Kristi to flap her wings and fly over here to help me with our jungle.
    I really like Applemint, doesn't seem to be quite as rampant as some mints and makes great mint sauce.
    What a great time you have with your beautiful grandchildren.
    Carol xx


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