Monday, October 28, 2013

Lighthouse and Trailer Tour

Saturday dawned a perfectly beautiful sunny and cloudless day in Newport, Oregon - our first during our week at the beach.  We don't mind grey days, as we are true Oregonians, but the sunny days are a wonderful gift.  It was our last full day at the beach, so we set out for adventure.  First stop was Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  It was amazing that we hadn't gotten to the lighthouse during the grey days, as this was a perfect day for a photo.  I just love this historic place.

I zoomed in on the Fresnel lens in the lighthouse.. this is a working lighthouse.

Ahhhh.. I love looking at this, it brings me peace.

Then we drove down to Newport's Historic Bay Front which is a working fishing area - I thought it was funny to see the seagulls all along the edge of one of the cannery buildings.

I had googled looking for a good Asian restaurant and we decided to try out a funky little place with a view of the bay for lunch that makes their own noodles.. the name of which is.. "Noodle Cafe".  The menu called it Asian fusion cuisine.  It was so good.. stir fried noodles with fresh veggies and big juicy shrimp and we also had a tempura platter which had more shrimp, red snapper fish and veggies with hoisin sauce for dipping.  YUM!

Then we drove to the northern end of Lincoln City so that I could look around an antique mall I'd been eyeing for years.  Gadzooks... the prices were high.  I found one vaseline glass measuring cup for $12.50 and told the cashier to please get it out of the case for me and he goes.. "You know this is $125.00, don't you?".  ACH.. never mind!  We then headed south and I asked Dayle to pull out at this little park so I could get this shot.  Do you see the late afternoon light with a hint of pink?  This is the Siletz Bay.  In 1700 there was a huge Indian village here and a massive Tsunami came and waves of 50 feet washed it all away, while it was home to many people of all ages, many were lost.  

We then returned to our cozy trailer and relaxed - I snapped this photo of some guys who were surfing off "our" beach.  

I was in awe of the sun streaking through the clouds at sunset.

Yesterday I tidied up the trailer readying for our trip home.  This is our cozy bedroom.  On the left is a wall of mirrored closet doors, there is lots of storage space in our rig. 

The decor in the trailer is all shades of beige and brown, so I crocheted this granny stripe blanket to brighten it up.  

This is the trailer from the bedroom door.. I added crocheted throws to both recliners.

Our kitchen.. which I just love.  I painted the clock in there which says "Home Sweet Home".  

Our living area and TV.

We tried a different spot this time, it was sideways to the ocean and we really enjoyed the better view.  This was looking up the hill from our trailer.  It was nice when the little Airstream Bambi left so we didn't have anyone to spoil our view. :-)

Yesterday we awoke to a rainstorm and we were thinking, oh dear, we're going to have to unhook everything and hook up the truck to the trailer in the rain.  But look, it passed quickly and got sunny/partly cloudy for our packing up time.  

Goodbye Pacific Ocean!

When we got home, look what was waiting for me!  My iPhone 5S - gold 32GB!  

Wow, I love the gold color!  I got it all set up myself and transferred all data myself and it's working great!

I thought I'd take some photos with it to "test drive" it.. here is Caleb with my colorful swim goggles on.  :-)

My miniature rose is still blooming!!  Keep in mind, this bloom is only as big around as a silver dollar!

Our vine maple turns pretty colors.

And my hardy Hibiscus is still blooming!  I think I'll bring this in for the winter.

Well, I'm pretty happy with the camera in this phone!  And the phone in general.  I like to get a new iPhone every few years when my contract is up if only because the batteries wear out so it's a fresh one in the new phone.  Well, sorry it was such a photo heavy post, but hope you enjoyed them.  Have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your trailer is wonderful! You've made it very homey. I love the openness of the main space, you could really have a party in there. Your iPhone gets some excellent pics! That rose is beautiful.

  2. Love that you did get some sunny weather to celebrate your time at the beach! I LOVE the historic bayfront in Newport -- it is such a neat place! Wow, did not realize your trailer was sooo roomy inside--very nice!
    Congrats on your new iPhone:)

  3. Don't apologize for so many photos, I love it that you share with us. The tour of your trailer was fun. I think I have seen it before but not the kitchen. I have envisioned buying one myself, for the kids and I, but heavens, I wouldn't know the first thing about hauling it around and maneuvering it through traffic, hooking it up and all the other things that go along with traveling. I guess that is where a man would come in handy. Anyways, my girls are never off on the same days, and I would never travel alone with something that big. I still have my husband's truck, but maybe it wouldn't be big enough to pull something big, maybe something smaller, oh it costs nothing to dream does it. I need a new phone. I have the ancient flip phone and it is all but completely wore out. When I went to get a new battery Verizon told me that they no longer make the batteries for that phone. That is twice now that has happened to me, so you see I keep my phones a long time. I think cell phones are all a gimmick, they rope you into all those fees and contracts, you pay a fortune. I don't need internet on mine, I just want something to use in an emergency, and my kids don't have land lines so I have to have a cell phone when I babysit, just in case of problems. I am getting so set in my ways I just don't want to start over with a new phone. Some of the instruction books are as big as dictionaries. Have a good week, glad you made it home safely.
    Susanne :)

  4. Looks like a fun trip. The scenery is beautiful and that food looks delicious! I love the floor plan of your RV. We saw one just like that a few months ago when we stopped to look at some new RVs just for fun. I especially love the kitchen. It's so nice. I've never seen a hibiscus quite like that. It's gorgeous! Have a great week!

  5. I looove your pictures my friend and your trailer is so charming. It's funny that I was just thinking about you and if got your new iPhone yet and there you go... You show it to us today. How nice to get some new technology. I'm sure you are having lots of fun!

  6. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos!!! Both the Lumix and the iPhone performed admirably, but I still think it is you, the artist behind the camera who makes the images such wonderful gifts to view, Teresa.
    Gracie xx

  7. I don't even know where to start. Of course I love your coast pictures. You knew that already didn't you? :-). Your trailer is wonderful-especially the kitchen. So much more counter space than ours. I don't know why I thought it was a 5th wheel. Fantastic pictures from your new phone. They are so crisp and clear. Almost worth springing for a new phone. I am eligible for a new phone on our plan. Is that why my battery goes low so fast? Because the phone is a few years old? I've really noticed that since I uploaded the new operating system. I'm glad you're safely home and had such a good time at the beach. There is really nothing like the Oregon coast is there?

  8. The lighthouse is indeed such a gorgeous view Teresa and I'm so glad you got one sunny day. Enjoy your new phone ;0) x

  9. All I can say to WOW! What a beautiful place!

  10. I'll never tire of the Oregon Coast, it's lovely.
    Glad you had a good time.

  11. I loved all the photos. You have an awesome trailer :) The lighthouse pics were beautiful...makes me yearn to return to Cape Cod :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  12. Loving journeying with you ... It all looks so wonderful. I think America is in every way bigger that us here in the Uk. If you tried to navigate Devonshire roads with the van I think you would need a crane to get it out. Great about the phone.x

  13. Teresa the Sporty One wants to see a picyureofthevan on the outside. Ha ha its Mars and Venus !!!

  14. Good morning lovely Teresa...I've just been sipping my morning coffee and catching up with you and first I have to say Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to your Dayle...I hope he has a wonderful year ahead!! I love your little crochet bootees pretty Teresa. You have been so busy as always!
    My goodness your trailer is's fantastic and I'm dreaming of travelling on open roads just seeing where I turn must have so much fun. Love your new iPhone too..I may get one soon..xx
    Happy Tuesday dear lady!
    Susan x
    P.S Your photographs are stunning as always...I love how you photograph your gorgeous scenery.

  15. You could post many more pictures and we sure would not mind a bit. The photos are so gorgeous of your trip and the photos from your new iPhone are really fantastic. So glad you had a good time on the Birthday trip. I bet those boys were sure glad to see you when you got home.

  16. So many lovely photos - I was going to comment on several of them but when I got to the end and read about your new phone .. WOW !!!!! I still haven't had the opportunity to give mine a proper workout but hope to do so soon. I bought a clear plastic cover for mine as I didn't want to cover up the pretty gold but did want to protect it. Enjoy .. xoxox

  17. Hello Teresa, What a wonderful trip. I always enjoy looking at the Oregon coast.. Your Trailer looks very comfy and roomy.. Have fun with your new iphone. Hugs Judy

  18. Looks beautiful there Teresa and how I love your trailer. Glad you had a wonderful trip and I hope that Dayle enjoyed his birthday celebrations. Love and hugs Anne x

  19. Hi Teresa, fabulius photos, what an amazing tip you had. Your trailer is a real home from home, especially with all your lovely crochet blankets.
    I need a new phone, so hard to decide which would be best. Debating between Samsung and an Iphone. Yours certainly takes great photos.
    Carol xx

  20. Your trip looks so wonderful to me! Such beautiful scenery!

  21. I loved seeing the lighthouse and the blue sea! Your trailer looks so comfortable, and your crochet does brighten it up nicely. So glad you had a lovely trip and glad you got your new phone!
    Helen x

  22. Teresa, I don't know how I missed all of these fabulous posts!! Your photos are just beautiful! The lighthouse, the bridge, the walks on the beach. You sure had a good camping spot! And it looks like you had great fun, and good food! Happy belated to Dayle! Your trailer is so cozy looking! I think it is bigger than our first apartment was!!! Those slide outs sure do make all the difference, don't they!
    Enjoy your new phone! And if you get the urge, fire off a text to me.....


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