Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Gift for Baby Rose

My blog friend Gracie just welcomed her 4th little granddaughter!  So, I went shopping for pink cotton yarn in my craft studio and found this pretty pale pink KnitPicks yarn in the color "Flamingo".  They are done now!  Gracie, when might I be able to come visit and bring baby Rosie her booties?  :-)

You know when I told you that I was in love with these little scissors made in France?  Well, I hadn't shown my husband as I knew they were extravagant.  But the other day I showed them to him and he said.. "You should get them."  Oh my.. ok.. and my finger hit the "buy" button with lightning speed.. BOING and they were mine.  They arrived a few days ago and I happily snipped the yarn on these booties with my new scissors.

Each pair is handmade and takes a "dozen qualified people" to make each pair.

Oh, and do they ever cut nice! :-)  Story time -- I had lost my sewing kit and wasn't able to find it and the worst part was I'd dropped my sterling silver yarn needle and was bereft at it's loss.  We'd turned my recliner over several times looking into it's dark recesses all to no avail.  While I was at my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting on Monday I got a text from Kristi with a photo of my sewing kit attached!  Woohoo.. thanks Kristi.. and she also found my silver needle underneath the baseboard heater under my plant bench.  I'm so happy to have it back!  I sewed in all the yarn tails on the blanket I'm making and the booties too.

The handles on my Sajou scissors are faux mother-of-pearl and are beautiful!  They also make them with faux tortoise shell handles and faux ivory, among other designs such as plaid!  I am not sure why, but I just love using lovely tools for my crochet work.  

I wanted to share with you something wonderful that happened at our DAR meeting - one of our members, Jerry, helped to swear her mother into the group.  Her mom is Carolyn and is 96 years old!  She is an Army Veteran and told us about how she joined, her training and that she worked in the Mechanics Dept, and did some bomb defusing during WW II.  She was bright and funny and I just loved her.  What a neat thing to happen on Veterans Day!  Our Regent, Carol, is also a veteran.  One of my patriots for DAR is also a woman.  Very cool.

When I was driving home from Portland on Interstate 84 I admired Mt. Hood in the distance. Pretty neat view from a freeway, isn't it?  I live near the base of Larch Mt. which is in the foothills of Mt. Hood.  

Yesterday Kristi was working away in the kitchen on a "surprise" - she then gave Caleb this adorable apple sculpture for his afternoon snack!  Isn't it clever?  It's a bird.

We donated to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the Typhoon.  Will you join us in helping these poor people?  Please click HERE to help out.  If I can encourage one person to help out in this way, it will make me so heartened.  If you donate, can you let me know in your comment?  

OK, I'll be off to swimming -- after Young and Restless. :-)  What plans do you have for this wonderful day?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your scissors are beautiful and I am so glad you got your needle back. The booties are darling, and I am sure Gracie and family will be very appreciative.

  2. Lovely bootees and gorgeous scissors- I like lovely tools as well Teresa. Kristi is obviously very talented the apple sculpture is fabulous. So glad you found your special needle.
    I am donating to the appeal for the victims of the Typhoon via an appeal here. It's so heartbreaking.
    Your new member of your group looks delightful. Hugs Anne x

  3. I can see why you love the new scissors, they are lovely. Now where did I see a shadow box with a collection of vintage and new embroidery scissors? I wish I could remember, but it was one of those shadow boxes with the glass door in the front. I'm so glad you finally broke down and got them. My guy would have said the same thing, "if it is what you want and it makes you happy, then go ahead and get them." I have lost my needles in the chair, on the carpet and else where. One doesn't usually rest until they are found. The last thing you want is to step on it, sit on it, or take a chance that the kids or family pet will hurt themselves. I hate it when I have to get down on all fours and search. The booties are so sweet. I have done several things recently to help the homeless, the needy and the poor. I was on Face Book awhile ago and the American Red Cross has a spot at the top of the page asking for donations starting at $10. I did donate, and back when Katrina damaged our Gulf states I donated to that too. I can not remember if I donated for Sandy, but those people also still need our help. I know everyone also needs our prayers, and that is free.
    Susanne :)

  4. Awww, how sweet Teresa! I just love pink baby booties! They look so soft!! How sweet of you to make them for Gracie new grandbaby, she is going to love them!!
    I really love your new scissors. I agree with you always wanting pretty little things to work with when crocheting. Speaking of crochet.....what is that the baby booties are sitting on? Is that a blanket or a table's soooo pretty! It also looks like it's made out of my favorite yarn.....cotton!!!!
    Billy's work has started a collection to send off to the Red Cross so I put two of my blankets in there and he made a little donation. I know it wasn't much but I am sure every little bit counts.
    xoxo, Shari

    1. Shari, the lace item I used for a backdrop for the photos of the booties is a octagonal crocheted tablecloth. Unfortunately, it's ruined, hubby's coffee cup sat in the same spot over the years and the drips down the side over time actually ate a hole in the tablecloth! But I got it from a 100 year old friend of mine.. so I can't throw it away. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hi Teresa, Lovely mother of pearl scissors!!! What a joy to use, I'm sure. Clever Kristi and the apple sculpture. It looks to nice to eat. Congrats to the that lovely women at your DAR meeting, perfect event for V-day.
    Happy swimming to you, xoRobin

  6. oops, love the booties and I will be donating also to the Phillipines.

  7. The scissors are amazingly beautiful. I lost a very sharp sewing needle next to my bed. I have yet to find it. With my luck I will find it with my bare feet (ouch). LOL. Again loved the pictures and the DAR story :)

  8. What sweet booties Teresa and such lovely scizzors to cut the ribbons with. The disaster in the Phillipines is just dreadful and I am glad to see everyone trying to do their bit to help x

  9. How beautiful! You are such a sweetie, Teresa:) Thanks for making the pretty pink booties for Rose! We have been passing around some sort of feverish cold-cough misery. Mary said you can come over if you have a haz-mat suit :) Would it be possible for you to come on Sunday 3pm assuming we are without the plague?

    Your DAR meeting sounded great! Kristi's creation was lovely and her finds of your sewing equipment along with your new purchase are reasons to celebrate for sure :)

    Friends who live just north of the worst destruction in the Philippines are ok, but said folks are struggling to find family members and friends. So much is needed to help the area recover. Thanks for encouraging us to help!
    Gracie xx

    1. We might need to wait a bit until you are all well... we'll be in touch. :-)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful baby booties! I bet they are soft too. Hope Gracie and family are back to good health soon so you can have a nice visit.
    Love that apple bird--pretty edible art:)
    PS: Very, very sad about the Philippines.

  11. glad you got your scissors and your lost items found! The booties are so cute! Sometimes I wish I could crochet. I like to knit though. Who can join the DAR? just wondered.

    1. Anyone who can trace their lineage back to a family member who served in the Revolutionary War can join. It's a nice, patriotic group. :-)

  12. The baby booties are darling! Your new scissors are beautiful!! And I think my husband would have said the same thing!! Love the art Kristi made!!!
    I am so behind in my friend's blogs...but I am trying to catch up!!
    xo Kris

  13. Oh so awsome for Gracie!! Love the booties Teresa and those siccors are gorgeous lucky lady.
    Still away with limited internett but trying to catch up and post a little xoxo

  14. The booties are so precious. Congratulations Gracie!

    Wow! Those scissors are absolutely gorgeous. So glad Kristi found your sewing kit and needle. She is one great DIL. :)

    Lovely to see Carolyn sworn in at 96. Absolutely fantastic. I bet she had some great stories to share. I met my mom's neighbor this summer in Mississippi who turned 94 in September and she was sharp as a tack and wonderful to listen to hear her tell stories of the past.

    Best wishes, Tammy

  15. The little booties for Gracie's new grandbaby are adorable, Teresa, what a lovely gift! I love your pretty new scissors too, the mother or pearl handles are beautiful. Your daughter in law made an amazing scultpure!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    Helen x

  16. Hi Teresa, Love the booties. And the scissors are so nice. Nothing like a great pair of scissors regardless if you're an avid seamstress or not, always nice to have for knitting and crocheting projects! I love your grandson's adorable hair, he is too cute. I donated money already to the Philippines, but love you put this link on your blog. They do need a lot of help. Happy crafting, Annette

  17. Love the little booties for Gracie's new little one. I also love your new scissors. I donated a few days ago to the Red Cross and I am so glad I did.

  18. Oh the booties are adorable Teresa! I'm glad Kristie found your sewing kit and needle, I absolutely hate loosing things so I know where you're coming from! Love the little scissors too, if crocheting is something you have a passion for why not spend a bit more on the things you love eh? They'll be a joy to snip with, just don't loose them ;-) x


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