Friday, December 27, 2013

Joyful Day

Hello and thanks for stopping by!  I am a day late posting photos of "the big day" because I had to volunteer at Multnomah Falls yesterday with Shirley.  I sure would have rather have stayed home by the fire and relaxed, but it was a fun day there as there were many people out enjoying a sunny brisk day.  200 per hour in the visitor center!

But I wanted to share with you our special day.  This is actually Christmas Eve.  We'd gotten a book called "Santa is coming to Portland" and Travis read it to us while  the boys had cocoa.

The story got serious when it got foggy and Santa could not find Portland.. and it was VERY foggy here!  In the book Santa heard a church bell and found the town.. so I told the boys that when they headed to bed, we'd go out on the deck and they could ring my old schoolteacher's bell I had so Santa could find us.  Dayle even rang the old iron triangle/dinner bell we have hanging by the back door.  The boys went to bed assured that Santa would find us in the fog.

At 7 in the morning, we heard noises and a knock on our door.. time to get up!  When we went into the living room the boys were showing us all the fun stuff Santa left them in their stocking.. and if you look behind them.. Santa brought them 2 shiny new bikes!  (photo a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea)  :-)

Ahem.. the pile of wrapping is a bit.. big?  Kristi got Travis and pellet rifle which he was thrilled with.  

Kristi's mom got the boys two fun hats, when you squeeze the bottoms of the hat the ears flap and the monster hugs you.  Cute stuff!

The boys played nicely with their new toys and we relaxed until 3 pm when our older son Shawn and his family arrived, then we had to get busy and make dinner.  We also watched a movie the kids got for Christmas - "Planes" by the makers of "Cars".  We got the leaves in the table and got it set for dinner.

We got the same ham that his sister Darlene served - a boneless, smoked ham with a red currant glaze.  I highly recommend it.. it's from Costco.  Dayle cooked it on his smoker grill so we could have the oven for the potatoes au gratin that I made, plus the corn casserole and scissor rolls.

And here we are.. see the crackers in everyone's hands?  We started a new tradition which I learned about from a fellow blogger in England, Jane from Jane's Journal.  We pulled the cracker and they popped, and inside was a little gift, a paper hat and a joke to read.  We all had so much fun with that!  We ate our dinner and then afterwards we read the jokes and enjoyed each other's company.

The menu - ham, potatoes au gratin with gruyere cheese, corn casserole, asparagus and scissor rolls.

We got Michael and Gabriel some warm winter coats and they just fit!

This was my gift from Dayle.. an iPad Air.  :-)  

We got the girls each a tablet for their gift and they love them!

And so, it was a good Christmas - full of family and friends and great times.  I'm heading off to spend some time at Gracie's house with Betsy and maybe I'll see Taci.  Then I'm off to the pool to get some exercise.  

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*


((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a wonderful time you had with your family - and I am so relieved that Santa heard the ringing of your school bell and managed to find your house ;)

    Have a great time with the girls, say hi to them from me!


  2. Such lovely family pictures. Our house looked the same piles of wrapping everywhere.
    Such great gifts, everyone looked so happy. And your meal was great. We had crackers but Myself and my daughter don't like the bang so we get my husband and son to pull ours. But we always wear our paper hats while eating our Christmas lunch.

  3. Sounds like the perfect Christmas Day !! The cracker thing has been a tradition here for as long as I can remember and it wouldn't feel 'right' without everyone telling those lame jokes, wearing the silly hats and playing with those cheap little toys that come inside the crackers. What do you think of your new iPad? Is there much of a difference from the iPad 2 or the Mini ? You seem to be back to your normal routine - wish I could get back to mine. Have a lovely, restful weekend. xoxox

  4. What a lovely family Christmas you had Teresa. Such lovely photos. I'm glad to see my crackers have inspired you so much. I really enjoy making them, perhaps next year you could either find some of the fill your own crackers or even have a go from scratch. That way the gifts are really personal too. I'm so glad Santa found his way ;0) Enjoy the rest of the holiday xx

  5. It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas with your family. Your dinner looks delicious. It's nice to see all of your grandchildren, they all look very happy. I hope you enjoyed your visit with Gracie and Taci.

  6. Looks like a fantastic time with your family! I love how the boys rang the bell at night for Santa!

  7. mmmm ham. Your table was lovely. The photo that is in the evening with everyone at the table has a MAGICAL quality to it

  8. The book sounds like a perfect read for this past Christmas Eve! It certainly has been foggy, and I'm glad Santa heard your bells :)
    I am so glad we were all able to gather again today, too. I am looking forward to swimming Monday and hope you had a great swim today.
    Thanks for sharing another special post, Teresa. xx

  9. Hello my dear Teresa! We are up in Big Bear, and Greg has a roaring fire made. I am sitting in front of it, with both doggin's at my feet, enjoying reading all about everyone's Christmas!!! Our granddaughter's got that book from their Uncle Dustin who lives in Portland. I loved seeing your grandboys laying on Dad as he read them the story! So sweet. And your floor with all the wrapping paper! Wow!!!! Bikes too!!! So exciting!! Your gift from Dayle....wonderful! Your table so beautifully set for your family. The meal looked divine!!!
    Hope you ladies had a wonderful time today at Gracie's.
    Love to you,

  10. That book sounds perfect for Christmas in Portland this year. Goodness it's foggy! I hope it's a bit better before our drive home Sunday.
    Your day looks like it was really special Teresa. Thanks for sharing with us. Your new iPad is really something. I couldn't believe how clear the pictures are compared to my iPad. It was great to see you again today and hope to be back before too much time has passed.

  11. What a fun day you all had! I love the monster hats your grandsons got! Cute! It's been cold here as well! You dinner looked delicious! My sis gave us a groupon for lunch at Multnomah Falls lodge! So we'll be going that way again soon, maybe in Feb for my birthday would be fun! Maybe we can connect if you're working that weekend! I like taking photos of all the wrapping paper as well! You have lots! Happy New Year!

  12. What a wonderful day that was... Family and great memories are what make life so worth living! It was sure nice to see you again today my dear friend :)
    Happy New Year to you !

  13. Glad to see the wonderful day you celebrated! happy New Year!

  14. I love the reading part the most! Yes, fog can be very thick. So glad, Santa found you! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Regula

  15. Gracie, a beautiful day full of loving memories made by everyone. I'd say there were four very happy little boys and two very excited girls in Ohio!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas with all of us.

  16. What wonderful pictures of such a. Happy day x

  17. I don't think your day could have been more perfect, unless your little gals from Ohio could have been there then it would have absolutely perfect. My gals got me an Apple iPad and I am smitten with it. I love that I can go anywhere in the house and do my thing. Your meal looks great and quite yummy. I would say you had a picture perfect family Christmas, the only thing missing was Norman Rockwell to paint it.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  18. Hello Teresa, It was lovely reading about your wonderful Christmas Day. It is truly lovely to spend the holiday with our love ones. I wish you and all your family a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Hugs Judy

  19. Hi Teresa, You're all beaming with joy!!! Wonderful pictures and thanks for sharing them with us!!!! Have a fun-fabulous day!!!

  20. Merry Christmas Teresa and! What a fabulous Christmas you all had, it looks like a wonderful time was had by all lol...with that pile of wrapping paper. Hehe.
    Hope all your wishes for the New Year come true for you and yours
    Hugs xx


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