Sunday, March 16, 2014

Natural Beauty and History

We live in a rural area in the Columbia River Gorge, when we drive to "town", Gresham, Oregon, we cross the Sandy River and drive up a curving road to town.  There is a really pretty little waterfall, no name that I know of, which I make sure and look at each time I go by.  I pulled over and snapped this shot on my way to swimming on Friday.  The sun was shining through the forest, the new leaves just popping out.  Glorious.

Mosses, ferns, new spring leaves and gushing fresh water.. what's not to love?

Yesterday my dear husband and I were up hours earlier than usual to go up to Camp Crestview where I presided over the Friends of Multnomah Falls Interpretive Volunteer Training Workshop.  The manager built a fire for us and the great hall was all set up beautifully for our meeting.  The tables all had tablecloths on, just lovely.

Crestview Manor was completed in 1917 by a wealthy grocer from Portland.  This was his weekend and summer house for his family.  The wood is cherry and fir and the stonework was created on site by Italian stonemasons.

We had 3 presentations, done by our very own board members.  The first one was on the geology of the Columbia River Gorge by Carl, a former teacher, the second on the Native Americans of our area by Flora who is a descendent  of 5 tribes, Quinalt, Chinook, Cree and Sioux - also from the French and English tribes.  :-)  Katie told us of the wildflowers of the area with photos.

Flora brought many items that she received during potlatches - this is a gift to her of a handwoven cedar bark hat, decorated with a shell and an Ermine pelt.  I wish I had one of these!  These were common hats worn by American Indians in our area in days past.

Flora also shared a few of her favorite books.. I just ordered this off of Amazon and will tell you more about it when I read it.

As in the past times we've visited Crestview, they provided a healthful and delicious lunch for us.

Our tables were all set for us with pitchers of apple juice and water..

Broccoli cheese soup.

And this, my friends.. is the view from our table.  The Columbia River as it flows towards Portland, OR and on to the Pacific Ocean.  The Bridge is the Glenn Jackson Bridge, the Interstate 205 that joins Oregon to Washington (on the right).  

We drove up to Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint after the meeting adjourned at 2 pm.  I never miss a chance to see this view of Vista House and the gorge looking East.  See Rooster Rock sticking up down there on the left?

Here's a zoomed in closeup of Rooster Rock.  We found out that this rock did not start here but was part of a landslide during the ice age floods 15,000 years ago.  When they happened, the water was going at 90 mph and you could hear it coming from 1/2 hour before it reached you.  

Those floods formed this gorge.  The water was so high that it was over the cliff where Vista House sits now.

I zoomed in on Vista House, you can see all the cars there, it's a popular place to visit.  Behind it to the left is Beacon Rock and to the right is Bonneville Dam.  

The boys got a Lego set each yesterday when our son and his wife met her sister for lunch.  They had hours of quiet concentration as they put them together themselves.  

We had little pots of primroses to decorate the tables at the workshop.. this one was at the head table and I got to bring it home.  Sweet!

A large bloom of my pink-orange Christmas Cactus.

I've had this African Violet for several years now and I must say, this one has been the best blooming one I've ever had!  Is this color amazing or what?

We are resting up this morning, but this afternoon we prepare to do battle.. we're going to Costco for some shopping.  I will leave in little over a week to visit my daughter and granddaughters in Ohio - we're going on a side trip to visit the Amish country.  My friend Gracie lent me a book to read to prepare for my Amish visit - it's called "Plain and Simple - A Woman's Journey to the Amish" by Sue Bender.  It's a true story and I read 3/4s of the book yesterday.  I highly recommend it.  Thanks, Gracie!  OK, time to bid you adieu.  Have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Really does look like Spring is on its way!

    We had a really interesting series on TV here in the UK about the Amish, it was really fascinating to see how they lived their lives. Loved the family centred-ness of it all.


  2. What beautiful views Teresa and a delicious lunch was laid on for you. How exciting to be off soon to see your darling girls. It's already Sunday evening here, enjoy yours when you get there x

  3. Hi Teresa so entertaining as always. Beautiful views and delish food. I did a major shop on Friday - I hate it. Saw my granddaughters today - so pleased you will soon get to see your gorgeous girls. I know how much you miss them. Love and hugs Anne x

  4. My goodness but you've been busy Teresa! That view of the Sandy is beautiful. Is that where Gracie and I crossed the bridge to come to your house? Your luncheon, the Gorge views, all is beautiful, beautiful. So are your flowers. I think I need to get another African Violet. I gave my mother one for Mother's Day 34 years ago. When she died my Dad gave it to me because he was afraid he would kill it. It just died last fall. I think 33 was a long time for a violet don't you? I miss the beautiful purple flowers though. I think when we get home from Portland next week, I may just get another one. I'm so excited to see you all. Fun times!

  5. You live in such a beautiful area. I would have loved to attend those presentations with you!

  6. That waterfall is just gorgeous!! Such a pretty part of the country. Your day at your workshop sounds like a fun day.


  7. I would really enjoy that book, I think. I will look for it. I love when you go to Crestview, I remember another post about it. It looks like such an interesting and beautiful experience. The boys look so busy with their new Legos. My two can sit for hours with Legos, it's fun to watch them. My daughter is finally able to use the small ones too, for a long time she had trouble with them and only used the Duplos, but now she's off and running with her brother. I hope you survived Costco; I'm headed there this Friday morning, thinking about buying those colorful plastic serving bowls you bought there because they have a coupon for them right now. I hope you have a great week. :)

  8. Such wonderful photos, Teresa, and what an interesting time you had. Your flowers are gorgeous too, and your boys look so happy with their Lego! I am looking forward to hearing about your trip soon, and especially about the Amish......I became interested in them through their beautiful crafts a few years ago. Wishing you a happy sunny week!
    Helen xox

  9. Those workshops in that gorgeous venue would be such a wonderful experience. Lots of good stuff going on where you are. And such beautiful scenery! The green is so green in those first photos. Wow! That's what I miss by living in a desert country. My mom is from Millersburg, OH and I have aunts and an uncle in Wooster, which is not far from Amish Country. Where abouts are you going in Ohio? Have a great week! Tammy

  10. "Gushing fresh water..." I love the way that sounded. Your pictures are all beautiful, as always!

  11. I love fresh waterfalls. How gorgeous.
    Love primrose this time of year too…a harbinger of spring for sure
    Happy ohio Amish trip.. (I loved the Amish in Wisconsin…but they do not use deodorant and it is pretty noticeable in their little shops…oh well.. to each their own

  12. You're welcome, and I'm glad you are enjoying the book, Teresa! This post is among my favorite of yours for both photos and narrative. The Native American book looks very interesting, and the hat is as well! xx

  13. First things first---YEA on your upcoming trip to see the granddaughters and your mom! I am sure you will have an awesome time--and to visit Amish country. I find myself envious :)
    I read Sue's book years ago along with other books about the Amish. I find many aspects of their life appeal to me.
    Beautiful interior (the Manor) to hold a meeting in -- and all the talks sound SO good!
    Love the flowers; love this time of the year! YEA green and sun:)
    Happy St Patrick's Day!
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. Hi Teresa! You live in a truly wonderful and picturesque area! Loved every picture! Gorgeous views!!! I wish so much to visit it once in my life! Also it is so good you study the culture and history of your land - this has to be implemented in all countries.
    Your flowers' colors are amazingly bright! I see you entered the spring there now, here it is getting hot, but yesterday we had a thunderstrom here which brought freshness!
    Hugs and have a nice day! Anna

  15. Doesn't that open fire look inviting? Its starting to get quite cool here now - won't be long and I'll have to turn our heating on for the winter. I can just see you in one of those hats Teresa and knowing what you're like, I bet you find one somewhere. Beautiful flower pics. xox


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