Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oregon Images and Orchids

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by.  I'm an artist and love color.. there is a public art installation in Rockwood, Oregon (Gresham) at the Max light rail stop, which seems to affect people in 2 ways.  What the heck is that!??  And those like me that go.. ohhhh.. wow!  Which are you?  I snapped this as I drove by out of the window of my car and was uber pleased to see it came out great!  We drove by it again last night and it lights up, too!  They look like psychedelic porcupine quills to me.. what do you see?

Cut to something more organic, we volunteered at Multnomah Falls, my sister Denise and I, on Thursday.  It was a quiet, cloudy, cold day and it's amazing how many people still visit this place.  I took this shot from the bridge over the creek, a different perspective for you.  See the Benson Bridge?

I think the Lodge is one of the prettiest buildings.. very nicely designed.  The visitor center is on the bottom left, see the French doors?

I was standing by the old bridge end posts and thought.. hmm.. this is kind of cool.  We are not short of moss here.  Especially at the falls where a cool mist from the crashing waterfall wafts out all year.

What amazes me is how many different varieties of moss share the spaces.

As you turn around on the highway bridge you see the creek flowing on towards the Columbia River.. the foot bridge, the railroad bridge... 

I love this railroad sign.  These are the mileages of all these places from this place.  Incidentally, this sign is backward as the places on the left are actually found on the right and vice versa.  I wonder if this was meant to be on the other side of the bridge?

The stream bed is all clean and ready for the salmon to come in and spawn in a few weeks.  I'll try to get some photos for you.

I always love to look across the river to Washington state.  The green trees are Oregon, the cloud is low and the blue green trees at the top are Washington.

A Tale of Two States and Low Clouds.  :-)

This is the little place between trees on the on ramp to Interstate 84 as I head home.  I love seeing the sun sparkle off the river here.  No sun today.

Dayle and I went to dinner at La Costita on Thursday evening and while he waited in the car I ran in the grocery store to get some muffins.. and fell in love with a very small variety of orchid that they had in the florist area.  It came home with me.

Is this gorgeous or what??

I found a home for my little orchid in my glass hurricane - I nestled the little pot down into the polished agates in the bottom that my mom and stepfather had found and tumbled.

The care instructions are to place one ice cube in the pot once a week for watering.  I can do that!  I know I can keep the plant alive, but I wonder if it will ever bloom again?

Yesterday I met Gracie for our swim workout.  We also met for lunch before.  Lots of chatting to do, you know.  

It was a beautiful sunny day so after swimming I decided to do some mountain chasing.  I was driving in Dayle's Thunderbird sports car so I just drove until I got to Jonsrud Point and I got a nice photo of the "hood".  Well, Mt. Hood to be exact.  The sun was low so it's golden.

I share this mountain with others, of course.  

And then, home by the fire with my sweet little warm Buddy on my lap and working on my crochet shawl.  I've decided that I'm going to add a more lacy edging to this Elise shawl, the same as on my 2 current Ruby shawls.  I just hope it works out.

Buddy is 10 years old and want to know something?  We didn't have any grandchildren when we got him and I chose a breed that was the size of a grand baby.  My brother and his wife had a West Highland White Terrier and I adored him.. when I was researching that breed I found that they are derived from the base breed of the Cairn Terrier.  So I checked that breed and thought that it would be a lot easier to keep a "dirt colored" dog clean than a white one.. so I found a pup that had been born and raised in a family home with just the mom and dad dogs.. I absolutely will not support a puppy mill.  He's been a joy to us.  Well.. I'm off for an adventure tomorrow.. I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday.  I hope you're having a super duper weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I applaud you for not supporting a puppy mill. Few things make me angrier in this world. Buddy looks like a lovely little friend to have around. You've been having a nice time, I love to see photos of the falls and other things where you live. It's one place I definitely plan to visit someday. I think the art looks like porcupine quills too, I was thinking there was something very Native American-style about them too.

  2. That mountain is absolutely sensational. The orchid is really pretty as well. I'm sure it will flower again, but no doubt it will need a long rest, plants are usually exhausted after they're forced into bloom for selling. Your little doggie is adorable, and how clever to buy one that doesn't show the dirt!

  3. It was fun to see some different photos of the area where you live. Love those low clouds looking over into Washington. Your orchid is just gorgeous. I bet you get it to bloom again. You seem to have a green thumb. Buddy looks so pretty laying there on your lap next to that red shawl. Have fun on your adventure tomorrow. I'll be waiting to hear all about it.

  4. Hmmm. What to talk about first? Love the pictures as always. I would probably be one to say, "What is that?" I don't think I've been by the light rail in Gresham so I haven't seen it. Your orchid is amazing. My favorite color you know. :-) I've only had one orchid in my life. I bought a special "orchid" pot for it and promptly killed in within a week. I know you'll do much better than that! An adventure? I can't wait to hear about it. You always have so much fun. We're supposed to get ANOTHER 8-12 inches of snow in the next two days. As I look out the window, snow is falling already. Yuck. Yuck. and Yuck! See you soon my friend. I'm off to crochet on your doily.

  5. Bought my first orchids last year.
    The right window, lots of light but not sunny. Treat like African violets; allow to dry out before watering.
    Use a little African violet/orchid liquid fertilizer when watering.
    Mine rebloomed in late January.
    They want to be ignored.

  6. I reckon the first pic looks like psychedelic eyelashes. No idea what that says about my psyche but what the heck.

    I am totally blown away by your pics and very struck by how like Scotland they are, well at least they are until you come to the perspective shots and it is like Scotland on steroids! The Lodge building looks very Scottish too and it reminds me of some places on the west coast as you head north and the river shot looks so like Loch Lomond. Your photography is beautiful and very atmospheric too.

    Buddy the Westie looks like just the best kind of crochet companion. My cats are wonderful company but the young one's fanaticism for using my wool as dental floss is less than endearing!

  7. I see colored pencils in your first shot. It makes me want to draw! :)

    Oh Buddy is so adorable. He always looks so peaceful. Love that beautiful shawl you are working on, is so lovely.

    Wishing you and yours a most lovely day. :)

  8. Mount Hood was beautiful yesterday. Next time I'm taking my camera with me since I found a place to pull over and take a photo, on 99E, on way to visit my mom. Not sure what to think of the art work at the max. Your orchid is lovely. Have a great weekend.

  9. Fantastic pictures, Teresa. Love your little orchid, I have one too and I did a little research before I added any ice cubes because ice and a tropical plant did not make sense to me. Check out to learn how to properly care for it.

  10. I saw knitting needles :) It is so interesting that you shared a photo of them today. I was out shopping with Elisabeth for a good part of the day and I remarked to her about how I liked the Rockwood art project. We went by the pinwheel near LA Fitness. Thanks for another beautiful post, Teresa. I enjoyed every bit of it! xx

  11. I love that art piece! I see colored pencils also and the point of knitting needles, very colorful, bright pink knitting needles... How fun! Lots of gorgeous pictures again Teresa, I really enjoy the pictures of Mt. hood. Can you believe I will be able to see it from my new house ? Your orchid is just absolutely gorgeous and so is buddy. Your shawl is looking marvelous :) have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  12. You really are very artistic Teresa. I love the colours in the first picture and also your gorgeous orchid and the way you have it displayed. It was also good to see those pics of where the two states meet - actually looked a little spooky with that low cloud. Have a great week. xox

  13. WOW! Where to start. The porcupine quills made me think of Japenese art. They are very cool! I always love you sharing the gorgeous photos of falls and your home. How beautiful are these photos? And those mountains are breath taking xxx

  14. I know I tell say this to you all the time, but...your photos are always so pretty. I truly believe that the majority of them could be paintings!! Stunning. The first photo....I would have to say is....What the heck?? but I like it. It's definitely unique and a eye catcher!
    Glad to hear you and Gracie are still swimming and having lunch fun and Buddy is so lucky to have such a wonderful home.
    Now I am off to do a little catch up on some of the post I've missed. I've been taking care of mom and haven't done much blogging. She is doing much better and now I can relax a little.
    Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!
    Big Hugs....Shari

  15. Your Buddy is so darling! Just wanted to tell you that you won my giveaway. Email me your address {find it on my blog under contact} and I will get the artcards and a little something else out to you this week my friend....Congratulations and thank you for being such a faithful follower. Happy day to you. xoxox

  16. Those spikes remind me of punky Mohican hairdos from the 70s!

    Loved the photo of the mountain, reminded me of the Sierra Nevada.

    Hope you and yours are having a lovely weekend.


  17. I always enjoy your photos so much! When I was in Oregon, I fell in love with your beautiful state! My niece lives in Washington and works in Portland. In fact she just got a new place in Portland, close to her work.
    I thought that orange structure looked like a Mohawk!
    Greg's sister has always has Westies. She had littlenTavi and then McKenzie. Kenny just died recently. And in time, she will get another Westie. However, I must say, our terrier is awful!! But Greg loves him. I will take my Dusty Lab though!!!!!
    What are you up to on Tuesday?????
    XO Kris

  18. Beautiful shot of the mountain!

  19. Mount Hood looking Fabby. I too, like moss. (Creeps back under rock)

  20. I love when you take us along to see the beauty that surrounds you. Love the area you live in, there is so much to see. You are always off for an adventure, I look forward to hearing about it.

  21. Oh Teresa, I too will not support any form of dog breeding. I'm a rescuer from way back. Our Cairn & Scottie are both rescues. Gus (Cairn) is approx 14 yrs old. Rosie (Scottie) is approx. 7 yrs old. They are a joy and a comfort to me & hubby.
    Love the bright art - to me it looks like an array of knitting needles. Beautiful

  22. HI Teresa, Love your photos. The art to me looks like half a sun burst and I love it! Your orchid is beautiful, you will no trouble caring for it! You have a green thumb : )

  23. Hello Teresa, I love seeing All your very lovely Oregon images. I think the light rail Bright Art is fantastic, It would certainly catch your eyes. Your orchid is most lovely.. I wish I could go swimming with you and Gracie.. Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

  24. I love the 'backward' sign!!! Too funny! =)

    What a gorgeous orchid, too. It's so nice to see such pretty color from other parts of the country since we're still pretty gray and white here in Wisconsin. ;-)

    Have a great week!

  25. This is what happens when you read 2 posts, one after the other and you mix up the comments of the 2 posts on the wrong one, excuse, I've had 4 cups of coffee already so maybe that is the reason too. The photo reminds me of knitting needles, or pencils. I agree about puppy mills, they are for profit only with no regard of the animals breed there. far better to buy from a family home where lots of love and caring live there as well as the people. Your shawl is progressing and soon it will be done. Anxious to see what kind of edging you add to it.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  26. Loved seeing all your beautiful images today, Teresa. The top picture is amazingly that pink, orange and blue! It makes me think of pencils, knitting needles.....or that game called pick up sticks!
    I wonder what your next adventure is going to be, and look forward to hearing about it. Have fun!
    Helen xox

  27. Hi Teresa!
    Oh, how beautiful your snaps are! I wish so muchto be there and inhale that air... Love your new orchids, yea, even I am not sure whether they blossom again. Two years a go we bought some flowers in a pot, so they bloomed that time and then died. But who knows...
    Would love to see your adventure!
    Have a great day!

  28. I especially love the images of the low lying clouds. Very cool! Buddy is a sweetie! Jingles will be 10 years old next month. You are always up to something fun over there. Enjoy the week. Tammy

  29. GOrgeous images of your trip. Gorgeous puppy. LOve the lodge you've shown us…..just beautiful.
    We are just back from a fun trip to the Keys…we ate just as well!

  30. I like the sculptures, I thought they were pencils as I was scrolling down, they're very zingy against the blue sky aren't they?

    I'm excited to hear about your adventure, it's Thursday but I guess with the time difference it's a little earlier for you :-D


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